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Some impressions before starting my tour. IMHO, Soneva Kiri is the most stunning beach resort in the world. Some impressions before starting my mv tour. The post includes a tour of the 6 bedroom reserve This is one of the largest holiday villas in the world (AMAZING!!!). This is Soneva Kiri’s arrival jetty. The jetty offers a good view of the resort’s spectacular natural surroundings. Soneva Kiri has 36 enormous pool villas. They are located along the idyllic bay or in the untamed rainforest. Every arrival at the resort is a magical moment. A raised wood walkway leads from the jetty to the stunning resort piazza up the hill.

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Soneva Kiri represents barefoot luxury at its best No news, no shoes, Thai style . SLOW LIFE is an anagram that stands for: Sustainable Local Organic Wellness Learning Inspiring Fun Experiences. Sustainable Local Organic Wellness Learning Inspiring Fun Experiences. Koh Kood is Thailand as it was years ago:. Untamed jungle, pristine beaches, and picturesque fishing villages. Soneva Kiri is set on the northwestern tip of KoFTRood. The resort occupies a massive, 41 hectare (102 acre) site in a remote location. Have you ever stayed at Soneva Kiri?. If so, what was your experience? Leave a comment.

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Have you ever stayed in Soneva? The resort’s main pavilion sits atop the piaz;. It features several lounge and dining areas eva Kirint, expert asi. The Dining Room is one of Soneva Kiri‘s three restaurants (shown later)in every child’s dream of never-ending chocolate is an incredible playgro. The resort’s kids club childcare experts. They can take part in Soneva’s activities of social and environmental responsibility. The 36 villas are scattered in the jungle along Guests get buggy and bicycles to get around. I stayed in this PHENOMENON/ Villa category: 6 bedroom sunset ocean view.

This is one of the largest hoik. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have stayed here. The villa sits atop the cliffs. It affords spectacular views of the ocean and the sunset. An enormous swimming pool wraps around the villa. I’ll take a dip in the pool later in this clip. A few words on the history of Soneva as we tour. In 1995, Sonu Shivdasani – an Indian-British hotelier – launched a hotel . The hotel was named Soneva Fushi. Soneva is an acronym for Sonu and his wife, Eva Malmstrom, a Swedish fashion model. Soneva Fushi instantly became world-famous. The game-changing private island resort put the Maldives on the travel map. In 2009, Soneva Kiri was opened in Thailand. At the time of the launch, it was the second property of the Soneva group.

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In 2015, Soneva wrote a new chapter in its history. It launched Soneva In Aqua, a new boat concept (‘floating villa’) in the Maldives. In 2016, Soneva made headlines again. The group opened the most spectacular resort in the Maldives, Soneva Jani. You can find these clips in my YouTube folder ‘Soneva’. This is the master bedroom. This magnificent room occupies its own pavilion. All villas at Soneva Kiri feature a similar bedroom. The bedroom is decorated in Soneva’s trademark rustic & eco-chic design. Soneva Kiri s motto is no news, no shoes. Nonetheless, a TV is hidden in the suitcases at the bed’s foot end. The room features plenty of storage space. The staff can assist guests with packing & unpacking luggage upon request and also has an indoor area.

The bathroom is equipped with two vintage sinks and mirrors. A small stair leads to the children’s bedroom. Mimicking a tree house, this is the most playful bedroom within the reserve. Kids will love this room. It comes with two child-cheering bunk beds and its own bathroom. A slide snakes its way down to the sprawling lagoon-style swimming pool. The room’s terrace features every child’s dream. A slide snakes its way down to the sprawling lagoon-style swimming pool. Let’s go upstairs. The TV room doubles as a playroom. It’s a great place to spend some fun family moments on a rare rainy evening. Soneva now focuses on resorts with private residences. The group’s strategy is ‘One Owner, One Operator, One Philosophy, One Brand’.

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Soneva will launch new properties in the near future. This includes a new resort in the Maldives and an island reserve in Japan. Soneva is the most exclusive hotel brand in the world. IMHO, while Soneva has many imitators, it has no equals. The reserve’s other bedrooms are located on the ground floor. A private spa deck is located at the villa’s far end. Spa treatments can be enjoyed within the privacy of the reserve. I publish 3 newsletters per week about luxury travel. Top 10 travel lists, reviews of hotels & flights, contests, news and tips. Each Saturday, I publish a new YouTube clip.

It features either a hotel review or a flight trip report in Business or First. Soneva Kiri features a stunningly beautiful beach. The beach – called North Beach – is reached via a 5 min boat ride from the resort’s jetty. The white, sandy beach is fringed with palm trees. The sea is warm, clear and crystal clear. Let’s take a walk on the private beach. The beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Asia. Sunbeds and umbrellas are available to all guests. Let’s return to the main resort. The resort’s shores are lined by hundreds of palm trees. Relaxation at the beach is followed by a spa. The spa is set in the jungle and operated by Six Senses. This is the spa’s reception area. The spa’s holistic treatments are the key to a truly rejuvenating stay.

The spa has its own alchemy bar. Here, guests can use natural ingredients to create home & beauty products. This is the resort’s stunning ‘The View’ complex. The View comprises a sunset bar, private dining room, and a fine dining restaurant. Next to the bar is the restaurant. The View takes its name from its lovely lookout over the sea and the sunset. The View features an open kitchen. The restaurant serves delicious Western Cuisine with an Asian twist.

Cinema Paradise is located next to The View. Films screen nightly in this open air theater. Occasionally, buffets are also offered at Cinema Paradiso. The jungle-enshrouded theater of cascading cushioned terraces is built over a lagoon. Benz is Soneva Kiri’s signature dining experience. Benz is an open-air, lantern lit eatery on stilts set along mangroves (reached by boat). The kitchen uses ingredients grown on Koh Kood and neighboring Koh Chang. The next morning Breakfast is served at The Dining Room. Their brand Tierra is a sustainability project launched by Lavazza in 3 coffee growing communities in Honduras.

Colombia and Peru. Through this project. Lavazza assists impoverished communities in improving their living standards and finding ways to sell their coffee on more advantageous terms; thus, achieving greater financial independence for the growers. lavazza is also involved with Save the Children, which aims to protect disadvantaged children from exploitation by creating educational and recreational facilities, and by aiding in the renovation and construction of homes, schools and clinics. Sweetener Our sweetener is made from 100% pure and natural sweet leaves from the Stevia Rebaudiana plant. Stevia has a negligible effect on blood glucose and may even enhance glucose tolerance It is useful as a natural sweetener for diabetics and others on carbohydrate controlled diets.

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