Why I‘ve Never Paid More Than 5,000 Baht A Month For Training in Thailand

Before I switched over to the 10 sessions at a time method I would try to get discounts on unlimited training. The only ways to get a discount on training are to either, add some type of value to the gym or go when they desperately need to fill spots. Different ways to add value include: being a pro-fighter and fighting for the gym or being so famous that just the fact you’re there promotes the gym. If you’re not famous, you can have a popular blog or website like I do – it helps promote the gym whenever you write about your experiences there.

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Other ways include being a decent videographer or photographer and helping film the gym’s fights or making promo videos. If you have web skills you can help update (or create) their website. By adding value to the gym, most owners are happy to give you a discount on training. Every gym that I trained at offered me half off of unlimited training – saving 5,000 baht ($166US) because of my blog, website, and video making skills. Honestly, I would have promoted the gyms regardless of if they gave me a discount or not, since my blog was a personal hobby anyway. Even the gym tours and promo videos I made were all just for fun and because I wanted to help out not because I was ever required to.

Not until writing this my blog did I even consider making a living from my website; however, because of my videos, Phuket Top Team has gotten 38,662 views on YouTube so far, showing potential students what the gym looks like and what the training is like. Tiger Muay Thai has gotten thousands of potential students from reading about my experiences at the gym on my blog, and guys that decided to go to TMT because of it. KC Muay Thai got their gym name promoted to the 10,542 who have watched Mirkko’s fight and saw that he’s training here. Basically, I train at a gym because I like it there; if I think a gym sucks I go somewhere else. Therefore, if I’m somewhere for 3 months, and it’s good, I recommend it to others which I always happily did for free. Then I discovered that – even with the 50% discount – it was still often cheaper for me to pay for 10 classes at a time. Plus, I get to be a paying student and have no financial ties to any gym which is a good thing.

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