Best Places and Gyms in Thailand

One of the readers of the first edition of the my blog asked about a few obscure, random gyms that I’ve never been to. Here are my responses for everyone’s reference. Emerald Gym in Krabi – I can’t speak of the gym itself as I haven’t trained there but the area is very good. I really like Krabi – as it’s less touristy than Phuket by far – but it’s still easily accessible.

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The tourists there are more families and older couples than young backpacker types. You are a short boat ride away from Railey beach, though, which is famous for young backpackers that come to rock climb, smoke weed and chill on the beach. KYN in Koh Yao Noi is on a Muslim Island, so there will be very little partying and drinking – which may be a good thing! It’ll be nice to be on an island that isn’t popular yet but it may be boring. I haven’t heard anything about the training.

The new Rawai in Khao Lak should be good though, at the time of writing they haven’t finished construction yet and sometimes it’s bad to go before all the bugs are fixed. There likely won’t be many sparring partners in the start, and things like accommodation may have problems. However, Khao Lak is a great area north of Phuket, with quite a nice beach and great scuba diving as it is close to the Similan Islands.

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