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So this is the view from outside of my hostel, and that’s where the big party happens every night they were playing music pretty late. But actually. I didn’t even notice.

I fell asleep probably by like 11:00, and feel pretty well rested today but I feel dehydrated. So I’m gonna get some water.

And I’m gonna rent this scooter, and yeah. I’m staying at the good times hostel. So I recommend it it’s really really cool, and it’s perfect location this is actually one of the rules in the hostel they said no assholes.

I guess no stupid people is an extension every morning starts off with the trip to 7-Eleven. I’m gonna get some water, and a toasty mission for the morning get my post edited, and posted that might be difficult. I heard Wi-Fi here is horrible.

And I also want to run to the scooter should only be about 200 baht which is like 7 US dollars trying to find a scooter right now. But everything’s closed like there’s literally no one out here in Qatar guess everyone either partied last night or they’re up going scuba diving right now. I’ve seen a few boats carrying like 3040 people out to the ocean right now hotel is huge on scuba diving tons of people get their patties here including myself.

I got my paddy certification for like 350 US dollars when I was here last year the second cheapest place to do it in the world behind Honduras. And I don’t think many people are going to Honduras.

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I found one guy. But he wanted my passport, and like you basically want to avoid giving up your passport at all cost when you’re renting a scooter even if you did scratch your scooter a little bit that gives them all the bargaining power in the entire world. So let’s say you had a slight Nick on the side they could try to charge you the full value of the scooter, and you can’t really do anything about it.

Because I have your passport my number one tip is to talk to multiple vendors until you finally find someone that’s willing to take a secondary piece alright. So I just found a really nice coffee shop. And I just latte.

I’m going to do my editing here should be here for the next couple hours maybe three hours at most there’s is your face. I can yeah. I can see you just about finished my blog now the problem is.

I need to figure out a place to upload it, and the upload speed is not going to work here at the coffee shop it’s like basically thousands of minutes. So for 200 baht. I have now rented myself a scooter.

I was actually told that co-towel is known for pizza. So I’m going to check out this pizzeria here alright this by any standards is a delicious pizza. I cannot wait to just finish editing my blog it’s like 2 p.

M. get up start figuring out a way to manage my workflow. Because I didn’t come to Thailand to edit all day, and then not have anything to share.

I’m thinking what. I’m going to start doing is actually being two days behind in my blogs. Because at least in the morning when.

I’m editing my blog you know cutting it up in Final Cut Pro, and putting on the music that takes me like two hours, and it probably takes about two hours to upload. So what. I might have to do is.

I might have to upload while. I edit rather than having everything done the same day taking my scooter. And I’m going to go to the viewing point in hotel.

And I don’t have anyone to do it with because. I’ve been editing all morning. I haven’t met anyone.

But that’s where. I’m heading, and hopefully, I’ll meet them with a view point. So I’m just exploring hotel right now with the bike, and right now it looks like.

I’m more on the resort side. So people who are here with their families, and basically older people with money. I’m not gonna stick around here too much longer.

But it is. So beautiful out the Sun has finally burned off all the clouds or. I haven’t been sure if it’s been like smog or cloud cover.

But either way it was a bit hazy yesterday, and today it is beautiful, and clear. I was halfway off the lookout point here in Kotel, and then. I realized.

I forgot my camera, and my phone in my scooter. So I ran back down the hill hence why. I am.

So sweaty you have to see this it is stunning one of the most beautiful local points. I’ve ever seen give me a sec. I got a head back up the mountain alright.

So you have to walk past a man who’s guarding there, and he’s charging 50 baht to get up whatever it’s like a dollar fifty nothing especially when you see this view almost beautiful yeah. I don’t know like the views are just kind of whatever. I’ve seen a lot better.

I guess it could be worse all right. So we’re getting a little higher up pretty average still however JEP best oh my gosh it’s crawl between these rocks. But we’re almost there that looks like the top.

I think we go 250 bucks worth look at this you Cambridge to Boston this is world she’s allowed. I’ve come Oh she’s in what you in he is girl that fungi Hey thought. I lost my lens cap had to take my bag apart it was in here this is the annoying part of traveling with.

So much stuff. I got a ton of footage up there, and the viewpoint was definitely worth the 50 baht. I look like a crazy person.

I run up there is like taking a phone on their cellphone then there’s me with like three cameras looking for my lens cap pulling apart my bag. I was kind of worried. Because that’s actually how.

I lost my GoPro last time. I don’t know if you guys remember that blog but I actually broke a GoPro just over there at the island it’s called : onion it’s like a two minute ride from here two minute boat ride, and my buddy dropped his cell phone off of cliff.

So I went to go get it, and in the process. I scratched the lens on my GoPro. So I was worried that.

I was going to have a repeat of that. But with a much more expensive camera this time luckily there are no casualties today just some great footage, and great shots going back down the viewpoints up there. But to be honest.

I think this is the most beautiful part the palm trees with the blue water behind feels good to be in koh tao alright got all the shots I needed going back to Syre beach, and i’m gonna get ready for the pub crawl tonight this is actually where. I had dinner yesterday just right there. And I wanted to come back here get a couple shots of the Sun.

Because it looks. So good take my nice camera ah Oh the Sun is setting, and everyone’s out taking their photos welcome to koh tao this guy is in desperate need to pimp my ride alright just park my bike out here, and my hostel is right over there gonna go get showered feeling really sticky right now. And I’ve got sand in my pants.

I’m super itchy too much information anyways. I’m going to get ready Wendy got showered ready heading over to the pub crawl have a good night tonight all right. So we’re at the pool party the GoPro it goes out, and this is Larry from Vancouver.

I need also a my blog blog he’s a blogger. I will make him stop down below this is Zoe Zoe watches my posts, and she got my plate, and you can tell illegalities she showed me the photos for breakfast tea pot, and it wasn’t a woman we went to our first pub, and then we went to the pool party, and now we’re going to a cabaret ladyboy show. I’m scared ouch was really cool just got home from the pub crawl, and it was actually such an amazing night the Pope curls like one of the best way to meet people.

Because like half the people there are on their own looking to meet people themselves. So it was a really really good night. I’m going to bed now, and that’s in the block tonight.

I will see you guys tomorrow good.

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