Map of Qingdao–Jimo

When planning your vacation the answer to the question of accommodation is key to the success of your holiday. So when deciding on picking a hotel over a vacation rental consider the following reasons why you should not:

• Loads and loads of space – generally a vacation home gives you more than three thousand square feet of space. This free space allows you to stretch, dance, unwind and enjoy. While hotels generally give an average of three hundred and twenty five square feet of space to its guests (pretty much staying in a shoe box).

• It is all about the money – vacation homes are almost always more affordable than hotels and can have up to a one hundred dollars saving if comparisons are made. Vacation homes also prove affordable in terms of three meals a day, where hotels charge high pricing for food served in their restaurants, vacation homes come fully equipped with a kitchen, dishes etc. and gives more value for money.

Map of Qingdao–Jimo Photo Gallery

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