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Don’t think of luggage delivery services as a holiday luxury.

Investigate and you’ll soon see that using UK luggage couriers to transport your items from home to your cruise ship’s cabin is something that you should take full advantage of.

You’re on holiday so travel light, relax, kick back and feel sorry for the throngs of luggage draggers that you see at railway stations and ports.

Do you want to relax on your cruise or recover from back breaking luggage hauling?

If you have struggled with luggage for years and would love to hand over the responsibility to a reputable specialist, then you really should consider unaccompanied baggage service providers as a peace of mind alternative to back ache and unceasing irritation as you and your cases battle through crowds of travelers en route to your cruise ship.

UK luggage couriers are not as expensive as you may think.

On average door to cruise ship one way carriage fees cost approximately £40-£45 per item of luggage.

A return cabin to door service will cost exactly the same but many cruise ship luggage delivery service providers offer discounts when the outward and return journeys are booked at the same time.

What’s new this year?

Tefra-bag, the premier mainland European unaccompanied baggage couriers (particularly in Germany, Austria and France) has expanded in to the UK luggage logistics market.

They’re in keen competition with the UK based luggage delivery services providers and they can already boast a service network of over 2000 drivers and 180 stations. They serve every cruise port around the UK through their Tefra-bag Luggage Heroes service.

Incidentally, they have been partnered with every leading cruise company in Germany for a long time so to achieve this they must be offering excellence.

Would you enter in to a partnership with a lackluster or cavalier luggage delivery services firm? No, nor did these cruise companies.

UK luggage couriers services are available to/from cruise ports.

Your holiday can start from your home and not at that gratifying moment when you settle your cases in your cabin after a frustrating laden down journey.

Whilst many of the luggage delivery services firms deliver and collect onboard ship there are others, like Tefra-bag’s Luggage Heroes that deliver and collect from your cabin which makes life even simpler for clients.

Think of UK luggage couriers as reassuringly effective professionals who allow you to relax from the earliest opportunity. Haven’t you worked hard enough to deserve this helpful addition to your precious time away from the office, shop or depot?

Hire the best, check reviews.

Technology has made checking whether a firm is excellent or mediocre a lot easier for potential clients. Don’t pick a company because they’re first alphabetically or local to you and be wary of excessively inexpensive UK luggage couriers. Cheap and cheerful doesn’t necessarily deliver.

Your holiday can become a greater pleasure as your unaccompanied baggage travels with experts to your cruise ship. No effort required by you.

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