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It’s day number two here in Ottawa there’s my little scrumptious how you doing yeah are you come to the gym no. I’m a scrumptious mark. And I are go to the gym right now you didn’t see yesterday’s blog this happened.

So I’ve been hobbling around on one foot everywhere. I go. I’m gonna keep all my weight off of this foot for two days, and we checked it up this morning it’s actually sealed shut.

But it’s like really gross, and puffy. And I’m not gonna get into details. So I don’t want to stand on it yet.

Because it could reopen. So far doesn’t look like, I’ll need stitches the stitches are for snitches off to the gym the peg leg we’re good pretty surprised again your membership she seemed a little skeptical when I tripped on the entry madam all right really light workout for me but.

I was confined the bench press it is 35 degrees out right now like that’s like extremely hot that’s like Thailand kind of temperature. So today we’re going to be taking out them Abby. And I are also going to be doing a snapchat Q&A.

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So if you guys have any questions send them to me on snapchat at los LeBlanc like all the rest of my social medias hello you can ask us literally anything send the question we will answer it. I need your help hi lazy bum did. I come to the gym this morning no.

I didn’t she wanted to tan. I did ok let me put your arm around me she’s my support unit it’s important to find someone that supports you in any case isn’t that right all right fully packed going on the boat. I’m all packed up.

I’ve got my drone my cameras gonna get some awesome footage, and show you guys the Ottawa River you ready let’s go Oh sad that. I’m giving friction work yeah. I want attention see it to the blog haha.

I got stung by a hey tell me what you just told me about this the reason why this is called Clamato is. Because it has clam juice in it, and people around the world don’t drink it. Because I think that’s weird that’s special Navy, and specialty clam juice, and tomato juice no matter kinda gross.

But it tastes me. So this is the beach that last year at Abby went into she was seen like right over there, and when she got out she had a couple things sitting on her here Alicia’s on her bum what do you enjoy that there were tiny. So you just like pulling off lettuce no key can’t put its foot the water.

I can get out no babe you look like a travel person like you look like you belong in the Amazon Thanks the years 1990 we have no electricity, and we are fending for our lives to stay alive having to live off the land with nothing. But salmon, and leeches for dinner mark what’s the catch of the day are we gonna be able to eat today Oh God. I like to party oh.

I know how to do his party he’s the party tribe leader. I am resource scavenger today we are gonna have green leaf salad hopefully that’s not poison ivy this poison ivy. I wasn’t supposed to touch one of them poison ivy.

So if you ever touch it it gets super itchy what’s going on here very well we are off to our next location where are we going to mark Paradise Beach baby Tanya he tell me something interesting by the side well this is Quebec they speak French. But this part of Quebec they speak English thank you. I hope you are glad my padding there he’s.

So social, and low chuckle Oh there’s a snake there’s a snake right there snake. I can see the tongue sticking out. So what’s really cool is that we were just on the Ontario side.

So Ontario is the most populated province in all Canada, and now we are on the Quebec side which is the french-speaking part of Canada, and it’s actually where my dad’s side of the family’s from they live mostly in Montreal. So Abby. And I will be going to Montreal in about a week, and a half or.

So, and yeah it’s pretty cool. Because you can within 15 minutes take the boat across, and you’re on the French side there’s really no difference there’s no border even this side of Quebec they don’t really speak French. Because it’s mainly English, and Elle is pretty good who let the dog down put the dogs out oh really yeah what a mess we’re not mark your blog new blog coming are three Gonder coming at us Jeff tours STS tours they hit over 100 subs now big deal mark, and when your blogs hit almost 2,000 views to favela slums of Rio link down below link right there today is Wednesday, and Wednesday is our big deal here we’re going into town for wing Wednesday every year we go celebrate Wednesdays at the prior, and basically they have really cheap wings Spears whatever else.

And So we’re gonna go get ready. I’m gonna take a shower, and get my Wang on it’s out of focus right there is a little tiny chipmunk, and if it’s the one with no tail his name is stumpy Abby’s dad named him cuz he’s got no tail did he move no that’s stumpy then he’s not perfect. But no one is isn’t that right Abby yeah he’s got no tail oh look at him he’s got no – he looks like a little hamster Abby’s dad was saying that he’s like almost domesticated.

So he’ll had come up to you if you got food like he’ll be within like five feet of you. So he’s really really calm especially for a chipmunk 3:81 good genetics hey what a beautiful day last night we slept in that thing great sleep we’re off we’re here, and my foot has made a speech speaking too quickly okay no my foots much better. I can walk on it which is really nice hey anything she looked oh thank you thank you guys this is where it takes place wing Wednesday at the prior just right there good how are you here we are at a wing Wednesday bar getting one.

Because we are classy like that juice. We’ve got all the hometown hockey swag the big team here is the Ottawa Senators, and that’s the NHL National Hockey League it’s really big here. So mark has his own little camera setup here he’s actually got the g7x mark too which is really dope it’s got this extra little hand grip, and he’s got this like miniature gorilla pod it actually works really well though.

I like your style we got some mozzarella sticks basically cheese deep-fried deliciousness two pounds of the legendary hot wings absolute carnage mark how many pounds did you eat four pounds it is. So excruciating ly hot in the bars we came outside are you babe thank you please fix my hair. And So there’s like a sign right here, and it literally tells you the temperature inside of the bar which.

I’ve never seen before does thirty point three degrees Celsius inside the bar which is extremely hot likewise the 30 degrees inside the bar it is. So hot in there, and it kind of looks like there could be like some sort of like a storm rolling in. Because it gets pretty humid out here mm-hmm storms a-brewin it’s really humid out here there’s lots of good thunderstorm.

So I’m hoping for a good one tonight would be good. I would like that we’re gonna go watch movie, and maybe a nice tonight. I had a really sudden realization just as Abby was wiping the sweat off her lips.

And I was trying to get the hot sauce from my cuticles it struck me that Abby was eating the wings while. I was eating the drumsticks, and that’s what relationships are about you need to find someone who eats the chicken wings when you eat the drumsticks okay yeah cuz she liked she liked the wings. And I liked the drumsticks, and that’s why we get along.

So well definitely reason earlier anyways guys that’s just a thought to end the blog for the night thing to think about. I hope you liked the post guys if you did please leave it a big thumbs up it means a whole lot more than you think, and it is time for us to go to bed. So have a good night guys let’s get lost again tomorrow umm of the day everyone’s saying.

I should get stitches. I’m like. I don’t want stitches.

I I got stitches once my thumb is located was the worst thing.

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