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Hey guys day number two here in Cambodia.

But really like day was. Because it’s our first full day morning them Oh ready for us yep a sizable wake up. So you’re here a full day before me yeah.

We’ve already seen up here yeah really – we’re exactly gonna get some nice drone shop off here. So here is the hotel’s rooftop pool, and this is a great way to give you an idea of what you’re looking at this is phenom 10. I can hear jackhammers from like every little side of the city.

I can hear the microphone from the temple there’s like a weird misty haze over the city just over here. I guess you can order breakfast oh-ho-ho slippery sister. I was ate it, and just in here is a gym pretty nice gym.

So fast. So a little surprised that. I haven’t told you about is that there’s actually a third person who.

I think is been traveling with us for like most of Cambodia maybe the whole Cambodia we’ll find out. But he is just arriving in the lobby down here. But let me just eat you oh wait.

Map of Phnom Penh Photo Gallery

So what happened yesterday you were supposed to meet us yesterday yeah yes, and what samples can apply some the guy at the consignee said okay your plot isn’t much instead of Febraury wrong mama that’s. So gay yeah it’s like an antenna yeah did you get your money back to that plate no oh well you can go for a flight to Cambodia in March yes sir oh yeah take something up for you in the airport charms top in the morning to you lad cheers buddy appreciate that no bother all right guys it’s been a very slow start today. But we’re set up.

So I’ve got an SMS to rocking with a road mic Pro this is actually Benj mic. So choose the better bringing that, and then then is going to be shooting cinematics with here’s a 7f2 we got the 70 to 200 genes carried by Ben got the GoPro karma gimbal with a karma the karma stayed at home. But the gimbals here.

We’ve got the hero 5 set up on there. So that is the Manfrotto bag. But us staying here today.

I’ve been able to pack everything. I need. We’ve got the Mavic the 5b the stabilizer for the a7 SQ, and that’s pretty much today pack there we go guys we get started in Cambodia we going.

I don’t know where are we going we’re going we’re going to walk down that way. So we don’t need a scope. So this is the chaos of jump in this is the road crossing you just kind of make your way through everyone seems to stop then is the most knowledgeable in the area yeah.

I got in 12 hours ahead of Kristin. So I had a little wander Ryan. I went in here looking for an adopter only to get back to my hotel, and realize that it takes the plug that.

I was looking for classic how would you compare this to Bangkok completely different. I guess it’s completely different. But it’s a lot crazier you had oppression yeah we’re going into this tight little market here how much do you know how much hey you got ha ha 3 a lot okay.

So right now we’re heading to the Royal Palace it’s going to be a $3 us ride to get there everything is pretty much in US dollars. But you’re likely to get your change back in Cambodian currency. Because basically if they don’t really want their own currency they want to have US dollars it holds the value a whole lot better.

So Ronnie tell me a little bit about what you do for those people who don’t know you. I’m mainly making drone posts check out my page for Heroes. And I just looking wicked suspects Asia yes posts will be sold for Philip insisted yeah Ronnie.

I went to school together in Bangkok. So pretty awesome. I’m human quite a while, and now we’re going to continue the adventures our last post we did together call the Maldives of the Philippines did 1.

1 million views on my blog, and Counting. So we got to find something that’s even better you got to top it we’re going to the beach of cambodia we’re going to go explore Cambodia’s beautiful tropical side. So hopefully we can pull them together there who just got dropped off right near the Royal Palace here in phenom Finn when you least expect it one u.

S. dollar is for thousands of the Cambodian whatever it is. I don’t know what it’s called here we’ll find out pretty electrical work what do you think like Charlotte’s Web wants to be an electrician yeah.

So this here is one 72nd Street, and this is where. I stayed when I was here last time.

I’m pretty sure. I stayed like one of the hospitals down here there’s a lot of restaurants there’s hospitals bars. So right here is the Museum of pnom pen just a little further down here is the Royal Palace.

Because I made making oh it’s close it as well you have a shooting range yeah yeah do one. I show the picture one minutes to open the tunnel lock it in a bazooka wait. So that is logical how much is it to shoot a k a k focus rent hold magazines $55, and the bazooka surprisal bazooka let me go $300 one bullet yeah yes.

So normally. I don’t say yes to these kind of things but I like him.

So we’re going to go ahead, and he’s gonna give us a tour that’s my damn self you know right now we’re going on a quick little tour like a one-hour tour through some key points of interest according to sock, and sock is a guy we literally just met on the side of the road. But he seems like he knows this stuff, and you speak pretty good English stuff right now he’s dropped us off at a Buddhist temple here in phenom penh. I believe most of Cambodia is Buddhist.

So I can when I I can win another hi what’s the name of this one what am. I gonna go to.

So you have what with so much thing. So I try to ask what the name of this temple is.

And I I don’t know what’s the one thing. I honestly. I couldn’t refuse what he said.

But you’re saying it’s not exactly like one of the most popular temples there’s bigger ones. But this is kind of the stuff you can expect to see if you go through the temples around chrome fence crimp it my ride yeah. Because my random voice oh look.

So blue hue is the Independence Monument, and our drivers talk was the thing that became basically when Cambodia separated from their King, and became an independent country. I’m sure the coordinates we do it you honey wisely called diamond island he doesn’t know like a beautiful place alright this Tamika Lila Mekong River have to go to WM Lau carpaccio. So right now we’re in diamond island, and it looks to me like it’s basically an area that they’re developing right now.

So we pacify really high-end casino we went by what looks like a big mall. So quite a bit of money looks like it’s being invested in this area hence the diamonds, and right in front of me here is the mekong river what do you guys think diamond yup definitely down there that that’s that they’re the diamond there’s garbage pretty much everywhere in Cambodia there’s no looking past that the Mekong River is also known to be a bit of a dirty River yes we just saw that smart smart is the internet provider here. So if you’re getting your phone setup smart too good options.

I’ve made three US dollars for the SIM card, and then. I’ve made two u.s.

Dollars per little scrap thing you scratch off the code put in the code, and then you get three gigabytes of data that will last you up to 15 days 50 cents a beer during happy hour which is like 4 to 8 p.m., and it’s currently 3.

So we got another hour till hoppy are you know this comes this place yeah fucking impalas yeah plugging in salads here we are you just live in life make my oh honey. So I spin it hard like. I’m just living life.

So right now we’re here at the Royal Palace in penelon pen right behind you is the river this is kind of like the happening place when I was here last time families came down here there was kids like eating ice cream, and hanging out with their families apparently people see the pigeons here. So you can actually buy some bird food, and right now we’re going to get some like slow-motion of the birds flapping away.

I actually have this like GoPro grip which stabilizes the camera. I’ve barely used it. So we fun play with this, and then we’re also going to set up the a7s2 on a gimbal to get those really nice shots you.

So there’s a bit of a domestic dispute going on over here they’re fighting over who’s allowed to pigeons here what’s going on here there’s a pigeon food parcel, and the two cartels are colliding they’re fighting over the same territories, and you know it really just comes down people in love with pigeons, and fortunately there can’t get hot to dispute what do you read on the situation. I think useful for having it no. I’m very stringent yeah yeah look at this shot right here this is a beautiful truck.

So we are going to the rooftop which what do you think of this view amazing man like. I just saw some guy’s head from above the roof. And I’m like oh.

I wonder if we’re allowed up there my house one of the staff took us right up no questions out no managers involved anyway. I go ahead. So today was an awesome date just like kind of check out a phenomena, and explore around a little bit, and tomorrow we’re actually going to give you a little bit of history on the area go through some of the iconic sites some of them actually don’t have exactly the brightest history.

But will tell you more about that tomorrow. I hope you guys enjoyed the very first cambodian blog you’re seeing a lot of these guys for the next three weeks, and yeah basically we’re just winging it like that’s a series of Cambodia’s like no idea what we’re doing that can’t really afford to plot anything in a city like this that you just go with the flow exactly, and guys definitely go, and check out Ben’s stuff he is a very counted creator, and then Ronnie as well grown heroes yeah taking to the skies. So awesome to have you three here well.

I guess there’s three of us including me yeah. So awesome having the two guys here, and we’ll see you tomorrow. So leave a thumbs up if you’ve made it this far in the post hit the subscribe button, and let’s get lost again tomorrow.

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