Top 10 American Beaches for Families

We’re counting down our picks for the top ten American beaches for families. Are you a fan of our posts? Be sure to comment to travel and Ring the bell to be notified about our latest posts. For this list, we’re looking at seaside getaways across America that are ideal for the whole family.

10 Coney Island, New York

top 10 american beaches for families

NY’s towering skyscrapers sometimes over shadow its other features. Although Coney Island stands out from most New York landmarks, it still encompasses the city’s urban charm and bustling activity. Located on Brooklyn South West Shore, the beach is just one of the many family friendly attractions. It’s equal parts beach and amusement park with historic rides like the Wonder Wheel and Coney Island cyclone. With some of the attractions operating since the 1920s. Coney Island feels untouched by time. While the neighborhood has an old-fashioned aesthetic, it’s not without modern editions like the new and improved Thunderbolt Roller coaster. Whether you’re walking across the shoreline or boardwalk, every corner of Coney Island beams with personality, we couldn’t expect anything less from a New York treasure.

Number nine why Kiki Beach Hawaii

top 10 american beaches for families 1

If you’re planning a family vacation to Hawaii, chances are your trip will revolve around the beaches. Those visiting Honolulu, HI’s largest city are inclined to spend most of their days in the neighborhood of Kiki , this South Shore Paradise not only offers phenomenal views of the ocean, but also the Diamond Head cone. While there are six beaches overall, Waikiki Beach is imbued with the most history and atmosphere there you’ll find. A 9 foot statue dedicated to Duke Kahanamoku who played a key role in turning surfing into a hallmark of Hawaii. For anyone looking to take surfing lessons. This is the beach to become one with the waves. Of course, surfing can also be a thrilling spectator sport for those chilling on the shore.

8 Siesta Beach, Florida

top 10 american beaches for families 2

Florida is another premier beach state. The barrier Island Siesta Key has multiple dip worthy destinations including. The more low key Turtle Beach, Siesta Beach is the area’s crown jewel. However, Speaking of precious stones, the beach’s sand is 99% quartz. As such, Siesta beach glistens like a diamond in the sun. One could spend all day basking on the white sand, gazing upon the Gulf of Mexico views in the distance, while the adults kick back. The kids can enjoy the shallow shore waters and playgrounds. There’s also kite surfing and parasailing for the thrill, seeking teen crowd. Families in search of marine wildlife should head to the southern section known as Crescent Beach, which includes a popular spot for snorkeling called Point of Rocks.

Number Seven Coast Guard Beach Massachusetts.

top 10 american beaches for families 3

You haven’t experienced summer until you visited Cape Cod. This hook shaped peninsula is prime territory for beachgoers of all ages. For a trip that’s fun and educational, there is much to learn at Coast Guard Beach. After a 65 day voyage, the pilgrims made landfall at this site on November 9th, 1620, shortly after the Mayflower would make its historic landing at Plymouth Rock to spot animals. The family should keep their eyes. Peeled for seals. If there are any literary buffs in the family, you may want to bring your copy of the outermost house to read by the sea. This is where author Henry Beston did his research. Although Bestens Cottage got swept away, you’ll find other historic structures like the Coast Guard station.

6, Myrtle Beach, SC,

top 10 american beaches for families 4

South Carolina’s top coastal city is distinguished by 60 acres of shoreline called the Grand Strand, providing a continuous view of the Atlantic Ocean. As is the case with Coney Island, the Sand Sea and the sun are just three reasons to visit Myrtle Beach. The main attraction is Family Kingdom amusement park with the giant wheel serving as a beacon of universal funds from its three roller coasters to its Kitty rides. There’s something here for everyone with so much land to cover. Myrtle Beach is also a prime destination for camping and hiking. Pier 14 is an especially hot spot for fishing. Even if the fish aren’t biting. You can always grab a bite even if the fish aren’t biting. You can always grab a bite at the restaurant and lounge.

5 Long Beach Peninsula, Washington

top 10 american beaches for families

If you need a break from the busy Seattle scene, head out of the city to the southern coast stretching for 28 miles. The Long Beach Peninsula provides no shortage of family-friendly escapism. We mean that figuratively and literally, as this is claimed to be America’s longest beach, although Long Beach lives up to. Its name, we assure you that the peninsula’s Cape disappointment won’t let you down, defined by its legendary lighthouse, this park regularly attracts campers and sightseers with its elegant Pacific Ocean views. As for the beach, families can build sandcastles, have a picnic and go horseback riding. The most cherished event is the Washington State International Kite Festival, which has attracted over 100,000 beachgoers in the past.

4 Carmel beach, California

top 10 american beaches for families 5

Like Florida and Hawaii, California ranks among the country’s most prominent beach states. Narrowing down your options is no easy task, but if there is a dog in the family, Carmel Beach may be the way to go. Your four legged family member isn’t required to wear a leash, assuming that they’ve been properly trained, everyone including canines will enjoy a brisk run down the shore and a stroll through the scenic bluff path. Of course, some activities are. Strictly for human family members such as surfing and the yearly Sandcastle contest, whether it’s sunny or foggy, there’s no such thing as a gloomy day at Carmel Beach. There’s even more fun to be had as you head into the city of Carmel by the sea.

3 Hanalei Bay Hawaii

top 10 american beaches for families 6

Shaped like a Crescent, Hanalei Bay is almost 2 miles of golden sand and turquoise waters surrounded by lush Green Mountains. The area is technically made up of multiple beaches, the most family oriented of which is Black Pot beach near the mouth of Hanalei River. This spot gets its name from a type of black iron pot that was used for serving up fish. Black Pot Beach is still a gathering spot for eating and fishing. Although jumping off the pier is the highlight for kids, Hannalee Bay is also a laid back location for those learning to surf as well as seasoned surfers or maybe your family would prefer renting paddle boards. In any case, just be sure to stick around for the majestic sunset.

2 Cannon Beach

top 10 american beaches for families 7

OR of all the coastal cities in the EU. S few, provide a more glamorous backdrop than Cannon Beach. This can be largely attributed to Haystack. Rock, A 235 foot sea stack that rests not too far offshore for the ultimate family vacation. Photo. This monolithic rock will surely become your new profile pic. While Haystack Rock is the centerpiece, you’ll make plenty of other memories along the Pacific Coast. There are multiple nearby states. Parks provide vantage points for even greater views. Hug Point, most notably has a quaint waterfall and caves to explore every June. Cannon Beach also holds its Sandcastle building contest if The Goonies is a beloved film of your family, the kids may be interested to learn that Cannon Beach was one of its shooting locations.

1 Clearwater Beach, FL

top 10 american beaches for families 8

It is 2 1/2 miles of white sand. Clearwater Beach takes our top spot for the sheer amount of activities it offers for the whole family. Pier 60 in particular, appeals to all ages with live entertainment, play areas and souvenirs galore for an immersive experience. Book a cruise aboard a pirate ship. Families with older kids can crank up the excitement with jet skiing and parasailing. Even if you were to strip away. All the public festivities, Clearwater Beach is a natural Nirvana that captures the Gulf of Mexico at its most glorious. Not every moment can be planned in advance, but if you’re lucky enough to spot a dolphin, you’ll understand why Clearwater Beach has been making memories for generations.

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