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If you’ve decided to spend your holidays in Barcelona you’ve probably made a very wise decision. This Mediterranean city is just the right destination for some relaxing and interesting holidays. You can chill on the beach, enjoy the great gastronomy or participate in one of the many cultural activities that happen everyday in the Catalan capital.

Depending on where you come from, it can seem an expensive or cheap city. Comparing to the rest of Spain it’s quite expensive, but if we compare it to other European metropolis we will find it offers quite reasonable prices. Anyway, there is a big difference between the prices of local establishments and tourist areas.

In this post we are going to give you 5 tips to enjoy your holidays in Barcelona the cheapest way possible, so that you have no excuse to visit this Mediterranean city.

Find the cheapest tickets

In order to find the cheapest tickets among the low cost companies you can use online comparators. Remember that Ryanair also flies to Girona and Reus, which are one hour and a half away from Barcelona, offering much lower prices than those flights that arrive directly to El Prat, Barcelona’s airport.

Rent an apartment

When looking for accommodation we’ve got two main options; booking a hotel or renting an apartment in Barcelona. If you want to save money you better rent an apartment, you will get a better price and moreover you will be able to divide the expenses between all those who are staying in the apartment. At the same time, you will be getting access to many more amenities like a kitchen, washing machine and so on, so you’ll enjoy the city as if you were at home.

Avoid tourist areas

Another good tip to keep your expenses under control is to avoid tourist areas. You can obviously walk around Rambla or Barceloneta beach but when you are going to choose a bar or a restaurant just go a couple streets further. The price between a terrace in La Rambla and a terrace inside the neighborhood of Raval (just two streets away) can be huge.

Rent a bike

Another good idea for moving around could be renting a bike. This way you will avoid paying the subway fares or even taxis. You can rent a bike by days so that you know from the beginning how much you will be expending on transportation. Moreover, by bike you will probably get to know some spots of the city you would never come across otherwise.

Prepare your meals at home

Preparing your meals in the morning before leaving your apartment is another good way to safe money. Instead of eating everyday on a restaurant you can prepare sandwiches and take them with you so that you make sure you cut your expenses on food. Obviously someday you can (actually you should) go to some restaurant to try the amazing local food of Barcelona.

So once you note these 5 tips there are no excuses for visiting Barcelona. Just get ready for the summer of your life in this unique and amazing Mediterranean city.

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