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For golf enthusiasts and those keen to tee off every weekend, there is nothing like a golf holiday. With Budget travel options, a lot of people invest on international golfing destinations as a part of their holiday plans. With online booking, people can directly book their golf tours at sites like and take advantage of great prices
Along with affordability, another advantage that online booking offers is the ability to get the entire family to look for great deals and destinations together. They can then discuss the prices, packages and the travel options associated with the destination they’re considering.

They can also research smaller details like the golf course, the amenities provided, and more. Being able to pre-book everything is a great advantage as it frees up time to do more as soon as you land.

Here are some of the most popular destinations in the world to tee off at.

France is globally renowned as a travel and holiday destination. Not many know that France also offers a golf experience that is pretty affordable. It is possible to drop into France, play a day or two at the numerous scenic golf courses, and leave. Along with driving, one can visit golf courses on the various ferries and trains available.

Many local golf courses provide special rates for people visiting France for the holidays. If you’re coming with family, you can also reserve a day to have them explore the rich culture, heritage and beauty that France is known for.


Spain has many golf courses located across the country. These include San Roque, Sotogrande, Valderrama, and Alcaidesa. Spain also sees many famous golf tournaments. Spain is a great golfing destination because of the weather that lets people throughout the year. The Costa del Sol is one of the many popular destinations for golfing. Once a series of fishing settlement, today it is a world renowned golf destination.


Bordering Spain, Portugal is also a favored golf destination known for its great weather. The Portuguese climate is an enjoyable one, with moderate summers and cool breezes. Many families visit Portugal for its scenic beauty and are tempted to give the local golf courses a try.


Cyprus is famed for the great Mediterranean climate that bestows it with a moderate temperature and great natural beauty. Along with some stunning beaches, it is the presence of six great golf courses that make it a good destination for holidays. The scenic coastal town of Paphos is much beloved by golfers, who also love its blend of history and hospitality.


It is no surprise that Dubai, known for its status as a luxury destination, is also home to some of the finest golf courses in the world. In fact, first time travelers often marvel at how, after travelling through miles of sand, they suddenly chance upon an immaculate golf course featuring the finest facilities. These include flood lighting, which gives people 24 hour accessibility.

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