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So many cool things to see on the road to get here too. But be careful if you’re not a good rider do not take that that path you will either fall over or end up off a cliff, and neither are good outcomes an amazing ride, and it’s an amazing Beach it’s a little over counts right now though. So let’s do slow motion everyone jump.

I’m gonna count three two one, and then you’ll jump if let’s get to clapping, and this is how we happy we found the local circus Olay act this is my way everyone’s migrating you’re looking at that mountain don’t light it on it looks pretty nice think we’re gonna go climb it where we going now literally what parents say like we used to play with Tiger stick wow that’s incredible alright Stockholm up hellhole plane. I used to play with tires stick. So we were right back where.

I was lying the drone if you look down here that little peak is where we were standing but. Because the sun’s not out it doesn’t show off how beautiful it is. But you can kind of see oh the sun’s already fading here when the Sun lights up it like really glows you can actually see the rain coming down just over there climb this mountain.

Map of Palawan Photo Gallery

We’ve never send this down. I love the new program will fine we are. I have to give you guys a 360 what’s going on right now Jackson’s flying the drone there’s a freaking rainbow over there storm clouds this beautiful Sun there’s amazing grounded hills like this is probably one of the coolest things.

I’ve ever seen in one place what do you think guys do you recommend Senator Ted would recommend, I’ll have to convince you you guys will just have seen all the footage on the Osmo the DJI phantom 4 K like. I just got some of my best shots of my entire trip all in one spot. So really stoked today’s hike is brought to you by pata built for rugged men, and women who like to do cool things that’s right look at this tree guys it looks like it’s like oh well she tried its best doing its best, and that’s why we stopped the bike.

So your nephew hang on ready is that. So green here like we went from it being really arid, and dry till Sun greenness like this is in the top three things. I’ve done in this trip.

I highly recommend coming here. But coming up was not like it wasn’t like a bike ride it was like being on a snowmobile. Because all the rocks are like spinning from underneath you.

So unless you’re comfortable with your back tire constantly fishtailing like maybe think of another way of getting here. But it’s definitely worth coming there. I love are you going yeah home posts do you like we have done enough filming today.

But there’s so much we did not show you like the road here this has been my favorite bike ride of my entire life. So it’s more like dirt biking than it is biking.

But it’s so exhilarating the views are some of the best, and right now. We’ve just arrived at one of three salt springs in the world guys run has been my favorite this has been my highlight date of my entire two months.

But maybe my best day ever. I’m hoping we get a bit more power out of the drone. Because I’d love to get a shot or through here this is the actual natural spring, and they converted it into some sort of little pool area – gosh it’s hot tub water, and literally is hotter the hot tub Oh what an amazing day guys we just got back turned our bikes the sky was like cotton candy color there was like all these exaggerated clouds.

And I didn’t blog it like she wasn’t walking everything all day all right I’d like to introduce you to our pilot of the day hello how much you want today was an amazing day like one of the best days. I’ve ever had traveling, and one of the best of my life we said find a Heidi, and Jackson for the night, and we’ll be seeing them early tomorrow morning got a nice little fire going on at the resort. I feel like.

I was proposing to someone today cause look government oh it’s definitely looks like proposals going down Abby are you have you been organizing a little something wasn’t we well guys we were back at Sophia’s garden resort. And I’m excited to go shower the end of the night here also going to end off the blog here today was amazing like one of the best travel days. I’ve ever had all the weather was fantastic we had storm we had Sun we had clouds day could not have gotten any better, and tomorrow is gonna be just as good for now that’s the end of the blog.

So have a good night you guys, and let’s get lost again tomorrow Christian keys train end off the blog bitches not how I can’t end the blog yet. I have a new collection this is going in addition to the shells a bracelet if you’re new to my blog make sure to hit that subscribe button guys.

Because I can guarantee you there’s more awesome posts just like this one coming. I love you guys you guys rock, and that’s a little off. So how we gonna you guys, and let’s get lost again tomorrow you.

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