Things you must know before traveling to Las Vegas

Garnering the reputation of a sin city, the saying “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas” is rightly justified. Home to a plethora of places and activities condemned by the Bible, including the likes of casinos, whore houses, strip clubs and more Las Vegas tempts to do what you should not be doing. To give into these guilty pleasures, and embark several other experiences that befit all age groups, Las Vegas sees millions of visitors all year around. Here is a lowdown on some things you must know while planning an itinerary for attractions in Las Vegas.

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Fun Facts about Las Vegas

⦁You most definitely must have heard about the Strip, which is home to some of the city’s most happening avenues. However, it does not lie exactly in the city, but cuts between the two townships of Paradise and Winchester.

⦁Neon lights, that add to all the quintessential glitz of the city are estimated to be around 15,000 miles of tubing.

⦁ As a matter of fact, prostitution is Vegas is not legal.

Best Food in Las Vegas

If food can be counted in the list of sinful indulgences this city bequeaths you with, rest assured, a stint with LA’s eclectic food scene is going to have you guilty as charged! From cheap eats, romantic hideouts and funky bars, Las Vegas’ list does not cease. Locals swear by the following restaurants that retain their position as some of the best places to eat in Las Vegas.

⦁ PinkBox – donuts

⦁ Honey Salt – farm-to-table food

⦁ Other Mama – seafood, cocktails

⦁ Andiron Steak & Sea – brunch

⦁ The Caviar Room

⦁ Lotus of Siam – Thai food

⦁ Ferraro’s – Italian food

⦁ Le Pho – cheap Asian food

⦁ Yui Edomae – Sushi

⦁ La Comida – Mexican food

Best Places to Stay in Las Vegas

With fifteen of the world’s best twenty-five hotels located in Las Vegas itself, combined with a gamut of other starred-hotels as well as B&Bs, Las Vegas has plenty of room to accommodate its visitors. As per statistics there are a whopping 130,000 rooms in Las Vegas, and these are just the big hotels; you get the idea! The city is divided into two main places considered to be the best places to stay – the strip and everything else! That’s right. Most of the biggies you have heard or read of lie on the strip. Depending on your budget and requirement, following are some of the best places to stay in Las Vegas –

⦁ Aria

⦁ Bellagio

⦁ The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas

⦁ The Palazzo

⦁ The Venetian

⦁ Wynn Las Vegas & Encore

⦁ Paris Las Vegas

⦁ Caesars Palace

⦁ Luxor

⦁ Excalibur

⦁ Hard Rock Hotel

Best Things to Do in Las Vegas

One can never run out of things to do in Las Vegas. From kids to adults, Vegas makes sure no one’s disappointed. Plan a vacation to this sin city ensuring you cover all aspects of this city covering everything about nature, food, nightlife and entertainment. Below are the top ten things to do in Las Vegas-

Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area

⦁ High Roller

⦁ Bellagio Conservatory & Botanical Garden

⦁ The Strip

⦁ Wynn Las Vegas Casino

⦁ Wayne Newton’s Casa de Shenandoah

⦁ Hoover Dam Bypass

⦁ The Mob Museum

⦁ Pinball Hall of Fame

⦁ Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition

Most Ideal Transport in Las Vegas

If your objective to explore las vegas is to get the most of the city’s sights, then the Hop-On Hop-Off Las Vegas Bus Tours are your best bet. One ticket, lets you get on and off the bus, across the city at any time in a day, how many ever times you wish. The bus covers all the attractions that are a given on any ideal vacation planner.

Most of the attractions off the strip as well as the Las Vegas Boulevard lie within walking distance of each other and are best explored on foot. This may, however, be a matter of concern in the summer months, when it is best to resort to the interconnecting footbridges, underground, and shuttles.

The monorail is another budget option yet not the best, owing to its limited connectivity. Other modes of transport to get around Las Vegas include taxis, bus, rented cars and even scooters.

Keeping these few things in mind is sure to bestow you with one cherishing Las Vegas sojourn!

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