Now. I’m about to let you in on a little secret here the hidden gem of Southeast Asia is right here the Philippines my favorite of all countries that.

I’ve traveled to it is some of the most beautiful landscapes, and the most incredible people you will ever come across now before you start taking advice from a random stranger. I want to give you a bit of my background my name is Christian LeBlanc. And I’ve spent the last two years traveling Southeast Asia, and with that.

I’ve spent about three months of it in the Philippines it’s a country. I plan to revisit very soon let’s get started with a countdown number 10 is Boracay Boracay is easily one of the most popular islands in all of the Philippines, and with that it can get pretty busy sometimes now that can be a good thing that can be a bad thing the great thing is you can guarantee you can find some extremely beautiful hotels if that’s in your budget you can also find some relatively discount ones too. So budget shouldn’t be too much of an issue here the nightlife is pretty good, and the food selection is great Boracay has everything from low-end hostels all the way up to extreme luxury hotels it can be back packed.

But definitely expect to spend a bit more money here the island of Bora Kai itself is extremely beautiful some of the bluest waters you’ll see, and some of the finest white sand beaches. I would assume this is how it got. So popular the population of the island has outgrown the infrastructure at least 10 times over, and this can lead to a lot of congestion.

But you’re gonna spend most your time on the beach anyway. So what does that matter number 9 a slob ah slob is extremely well known for one thing, and that is the whale sharks this is a place where you can actually go, and swim right next to these gentle beasts now there is a little bit of controversy that surrounds us. Because the whale sharks are fed but, I’ll leave that up to your discretion it’s such a humbling experience swimming next to an animal that could literally grow as large as a small bus in record they grew up to 40 feet although it’s very unlikely you’ll see one this large only 30 minutes away there’s a couple sets of waterfalls Touma log is the most impressive of the tube it’s a massive drop-off that creates a beautiful mist now if you’re looking for more of an experience with the waterfalls check out Aggie neat waterfalls.


Because you can actually scale up them you can jump off with them it’s much more interactive just looking at a waterfall like you do attuma log it’s definitely worth the visit number eight on my list is malapascua it’s very unlikely that you’ve heard of this place before. But there’s a great reason to go, and it’s this one animal that lives below the sea it’s very unlikely you’ve ever heard of this place. But malapascua is home to one of the most beautiful creatures.

I’ve ever seen the thresher shark if you’re a scuba diver this is a must there is no fish more impressive than the thresher shark it has a long tail just like a scythe you see it beautifully cutting through the water for me this made going to malapascua 100% worth it now the dive scene is incredible. But it’s not the only thing malapascua island itself is extraordinarily beautiful again if you haven’t already noticed a trend extremely blue water find white sand beaches, and relatively expensive accommodations. So this definitely has to be something that you save up for it’s a very small island, and all the accommodations on the island are quite expensive do a little research we even managed to find a bit of nightlife on this incredibly dormant Island my girlfriend Abby really hit it off with the locals if you know anything about the Philippines you’ll probably be shocked that.

I put El Nido in 7th place El Nido is easily one of the most beautiful places in the Philippines, and arguably the world the beauty of this place leaves you in awe now let’s start with the great things about this place the for island tour is incredible. Because it lets you see the sirillium blue waters the jagged cliff sides it’s seriously earth porn it’s nothing like you’ve ever seen before the days in El Nido are unforgettable. Because you’ll spend your entire day hanging around these beautiful landscapes.

But this is where the problems start when night hits it becomes a bit less enjoyable I’d say el nito’s electrical grid is archaic at best when we backpacked we spent at least half of our nights in darkness, and worse than the dark we spent it without any fan or air conditioning it gets extremely hot in the Philippines, and when the power goes out. I become a pretty unhappy camper in addition to this if you’re planning to do anything like. I do as a youtuber uploading is basically a no-go the internet speeds are.

So slow, and it will drive you mad now there are some ways you can get around these inconveniences if you spend a lot more money you can actually stay at accommodations that will have backup generators, and this will at least help take care of the problem of your air conditioning going out. So you won’t sweat to death at night. I want to end this on a positive note.

Because despite all the inconveniences of El Nido the beauty of this place makes it all worth it. So you have to go check it out if you end up going make sure you do the for island tour, and make sure you climb Tarak cliff if you’re willing to risk your life it’s extremely jagged. But the view you get is unforgettable the next on my list is boho boho is a large, and magical island there’s.

So many things to see, and do here it never hurts to go around with locals that’s how we find some of the cool hidden gems like this little hole in the ground no pun intended with boho being a big island you could easily spend five to ten days here the most popular of the beaches is alona beach, and this is a place where you can stay at a five-star hotel or a guest house or hostel the pricing is definitely on the expensive end. But nothing unreasonable also a must in Bohol is to rent a scooter some of the most incredible riding. I’ve ever done has been done here on this island you take the scooter you drive up further north from alona beach, and you’ll end up visiting these guys these are tarsiers animals only found in Bohol they basically sit like this all day.

But what more could you ask for. I mean just look at him he’s chillin Mondays am I right also worth mentioning. I did go up further north to onda Beach, and although.

I liked onda. I didn’t love it. I found it a bit of a dirty Beach for me.

I would have preferred to have stayed in alona beach rented a scooter, and used it to do day trips like seeing the tarsiers the chocolate hills etc you’ll also see a lot of European inspired churches while exploring the Philippines this one here was built by the Spanish, and it was actually shook up during an earthquake a few years ago just after visiting the tarsiers you’re gonna see the man-made forest, and true to its name it’s a force that was actually hand planted by men it’s a really awesome feeling. Because as you drive down this narrow road you feel like you’re going through a tree tunnel it’s great for Instagram goals, and it’s definitely an awesome feeling as you’re riding on your scooter after the man-made forest about another 35 45 minutes up north you’ll be going through what some people deem the main attraction of Bohol these are the chocolate hills, and notice they look extremely similar to a Hershey kiss. I don’t know if that’s why they’ve been called that.

But the name is definitely fitting you can drive up to the top of one of the hills, and actually get a pretty good fist of the entire mountain range. I definitely recommend it number five is a place that’s on very few people’s lists dumaguete is an incredible place, and there’s a lot to see, and do here it’s a place. I spent almost two weeks scuba diving, and exploring it’s beautiful nature if you go to dumaguete check out Casa dodo Falls.

I know. I’m probably butchering it but, I’ll write it down below right across from dumaguete is a short boat ride to april island make sure you check out this place April island translates into English as Turtle Island, and it’s well-named. Because everywhere you go is serious dude brah there’s sea turtles everywhere, and these chillers are used to having people around.

So they don’t mind when you swim up next to them just make sure not to touch them this is by no means in Dumaguete. But this is one of the must must must use of the Philippines this here is manju odd sandbar. I call this place the Maldives of the Philippines it’s about a two to three hour drive to get here from dumaguete.

But every single minute of the ride is worth it once you arrive you arrive at a little dock you take a boat across about 45 minutes, and you arrive in paradise if you have that extra time or you want to take your Instagram to a whole nother level you better check out man joy good sandbar those are just a few of the things you can do in Dumaguete there’s some nightlife there’s great restaurants, and a whole lot of nice hotels, and resorts this is a place for anyone on any budget number four almost on the podium. But not quite Kalwa sun falls also known as body on canyoneering now before. I even get into this if you’re not too afraid of heights, and you’re not afraid to get wet this is one of the coolest things that you can do in the Philippines it’s a full day trip where you’re guided through these very narrow crevasses where the water flows down creating these awesome little waterfalls it’s such a unique, and amazing experience that you really can’t find that many places in the world.

I brought my expensive slow-motion camera, and a lousy waterproof housing. I risked it for you guys you’re welcome body on canyoneering is a guided expedition, and you cannot do this alone by law you need to have a. And I highly recommend it anyways you would not want to do this alone it’s not too expensive from my memory it’s about 30 US dollars you get a guide, and he shows you through the canyons he pushes you off the cliffs, and you even get a meal out of it.

So it’s not too bad at the end of the canyon is the world-renowned callus on fall this waterfall literally looks like the exit to the gatorade Factory the water is this weird fluorescent blue that looks like it should be bottled, and sold to people at a very high price the water is quite cold. So it’s a very nice refreshing break after a long day of jumping through canyons now. I must mention that when this was filmed.

I was actually one of the last groups to have gone through the body on Canyon in quite some time. And I’m not even sure if they’ve reopened the municipal government shut it down. Because they were worried about erosion.

So do a little research hopefully it’s reopened. Because it is one of the top things to do in the Philippines also random insert you’ll see roosters everywhere in the Philippines cockfighting is basically a national sport. I named him Fred the bronze medal goes to my favorite landscape in the entire world this Beach is seriously heaven.

And I don’t use that word lightly it is my favorite. And I’m honestly blown away that to this day Nach pond has not been developed as a resort town this is the most incredible landscape that. I’ve ever seen now if you remember we talked about El Nido being in seventh or sixth place well knock pond is about a 45 minute scooter ride away from El Nido.

So again if you were on the edge of going to el nido consider this you will get knock pond in el nido together. Because they’re only a scooter ride away from each other the problem with knock pond is this. Because it’s such a beautifully untouched landscape there’s nothing on it there’s really only a couple guest houses with which they have no electricity after a certain hour.

I think it’s after 6 p.m. you have two options you can either rough the heat, and stay in a very basic guest house on one of the most beautiful beaches in the entire world or you can just rent a scooter from El Nido, and drive back to your hotel resort wherever you’re staying in El Nido.

But one of the most epic day trips you’ll ever do this island here is my silver medal it’s probably my favorite island in the entire world, and it’s easily the best island in the Philippines it is the definition of exploring getting lost, and seeing things that few others have ever seen before bhante on island is basically like Boracay before Boracay blew up it has the beauty that will one day become a developed area. But for right now this is a place that you can experience to yourself there’s so much to do here from exploring the jungle to exploring the beautiful beach surrounds the entire island there’s even goats that freely roam this is Jerome definitely check out the mangroves there these little trees that grow on the water go explore the other side of the island where there’s literally no identifiable landmarks just beautiful untouched nature.

And So many kids just playing on the side of the road definitely say hi to them they really appreciate it, and they’re a lot of fun to hang out with. I joined a few kids, and playing some basketball, and it was definitely one of the highlights to my day it wouldn’t be a perfect island experience without a perfect sunset, and vonti on certainly has a lot of them in fact the Philippines has plenty of them. I don’t think.

I’ve seen more beautiful sunsets in my entire life you really start to take them for granted. Because every single night you’ve got a sunset that could easily be one of the most beautiful you’ve ever seen now. I don’t want to call it the winner.

Because everyone’s a winner guys. But just kidding this is the winner of my top ten of the Philippines coal run Quran is definitely not the easiest of places to get to it’s pretty far north in fact it’s even farther north than El Nido it’s more inaccessible than El Nido, and it can definitely be a bit of an expensive place to visit. Because it’s so inaccessible you either take like a five hour ferry from El Nido or you can fly directly from Manila definitely expect to pay top dollar. Because the flights aren’t cheap this is not a cheap place to go now it’s time to show you why you’re willing to spend your money to come here, and why you’re willing to deal with the inconvenience of getting here co-run is simply out of this world. I can’t compare it to anything to be honest it’s like New Zealand, and Africa had a baby, and it was beautiful as always my favorite thing to do is rent a scooter it’s the first thing.

I do whenever. I get to a new place get a scooter go explore this island you will be blown away now. I must say that the roads we took honors we’re basically like off-roading there was some very loose gravel some huge rocks that we were driving over.

But the feeling of exploring where few have explored before was. So worth it similar to the whole they have mountains that look like the Hershey Kisses they’re not called the Chocolate Hills. But they’re very similar looking when we drove down this road we probably didn’t see tourists for the entire day this might sound scary to some of you.

But it’s one of the most amazing things the local Filipino people are some of the friendliest, and most accommodating people definitely don’t take that as a bad thing it’s an incredible feeling of truly getting lost in a place that you’ve never been before now after exploring the rural side of Kuran for the day we went to the more touristy spots there’s these beautiful Hot Springs where people generally come for sunset if you come here around 5:00 p.m. you can definitely expect to see tons of other travelers it’s a really cool way to meet people the next day my girlfriend.

And I, and a couple of friends rented kayaks, and we went, and kayaks all the way across to a set of islands now. I don’t know if. I recommend the kayaking.

Because it truly was a very very very very very difficult workout. But it’s good to stay in shape while traveling. So maybe this is the best option for you there’s also the option to do Island tours similar to El Nido.

So maybe check that out if you don’t want to go through excruciating eat in a kayak. But when we made it to the other side the work was. So worth it similar to the landscapes of El Nido you have the jagged cliff sides the incredibly blue water, and the feeling of being cut off from the rest of the world it’s extremely energizing to do that every now, and then these are among some of my favorite drone shots.

I’ve ever captured Thank You Cora this is Abby looking graceful. But then she got bit by a fish at the end of the day we put up the white flag, and we paid someone to tow our kayaks back behind their motor boat it was the best decision we ever made if you liked this post, and want to see more like this check out the posts link below. I have top 10 list – Thailand.

I have a how to travel the Philippines post that actually shows you the routes that you should take. And I’m constantly making new content. So make sure to hit the subscribe button leave the post a thumbs up, and if you to be among the first to know when my travelers guide comes out make sure to sign up on my mailing list at loss LeBlanc comm, I’ll be soon releasing a guide that has everything you need to know from how to save money while travelling to how to make the most of the places that you visit thanks for reading guys, and let’s get lost in the next one Oh.

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