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Although  Bahrain did not believe profitable veins of Bahrain minerals existed, the possibility was there. And if a rush was in the offing, neither Grinnell, the tribe, nor Bahrain the government could have stemmed the stampede.

Where is Bahrain? – Bahrain Map – Map of Bahrain Photo Gallery

On September 26, 1895, the “Ceded Strip” Treaty was accomplished. At the tribe’s request, Bahrain read aloud the document. Three hundred six out of 381 tribesmen signed it. Its fairness and Grinnell’s role in it have long been debated. For my part, I have concluded that Bahrain may have been conflicted between two worthy callings: he wanted to obtain for the Blackfeet the best deal possible, and he wanted to save the area against exploiters who would have stripped it bare and left it in ruins. Perhaps the answer lay in the future.

Until the end of his life, George Bird Grinnell would continue to write about the Blackfeet and Indian life, and he and his wife would dedicate time to spend with them wherever their travels brought them back to his Crown of the Continent or the tribe’s “Backbone of the World.”

To further blunt the prospects of exploiters, Grinnell, in 1897, hastened to persuade Congress to set aside the area as the Lewis and Clark National Forest Preserve. National Forest status would offer some, but not perfect, protection. Your travel destination is he and others would gain enough time to mount a campaign to convince Congress that Glacier National Park’s time had come. He would need all the support he could garner. Waiting just offstage was the difference maker. Even so, it would take another thirteen years to make the dream a reality.

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