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Some people have an insatiable wanderlust. No matter how far they’ve travelled or how much of the world they’ve seen, they always have a hunger for more: for new sights, novel languages, and awe-inspiring landscapes.
Of course, not every wanderer has the budget to match their adventurous spirit, but this doesn’t mean that you have to scale back your aspirations of travelling wherever the road might take you.
With a caravan suitable for covering long distances, you can see more places than most people could even dream of. To help you prepare for your long distance journey, here are six invaluable pieces of kit to stock up on…

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1. A Portable Fridge
At the end of a long day on the road, few things are as relaxing as opening a can of cold beer, sitting under the stars, and savouring the taste. To help keep this and other essentials at an optimum temperature, we recommend adding a small portable fridge to your inventory.
2. Rooftop Storage
The problem with long distance caravanning is that you never have quite as much room as you would like to store everything you need, so investing in a cargo box is vital. Low profile to reduce drag and conserve your fuel economy, the right choice will also be long lasting, durable, and roomy inside.
3. A Down Blanket
Additionally, we suggest investing in a down blanket to help you keep cosy by the campfire on colder nights, or to place on your bed when the temperatures plummet and you don’t have any central heating to help you out. Choose one that’s robust, easy to store, and odour resistant.
4. Portable Speakers
For us, this is potentially the most important item on this list. A good road trip is nothing without the playlist to accompany it, and seen as most of us don’t fully appreciate music from around the world, make sure that you can take advantage of your smartphone, wire it up to these and deliver a superior audio performance to create the perfect ‘wild and free’ ambience.
5. A Generator
We also recommend a high quality and reliable generator like this Honda model on sale with SGS Engineering. Use it as your primary power source when you set up camp on an evening and keep everything running smoothly.
6. A Portable Shower
Finally, don’t forget to invest in a portable shower to help you stay clean and fresh smelling even in the wilderness. After long days inside a boiling hot caravan, few things will feel better than stepping under a torrent of warm water and washing away the dirt of the day.
The next time you decide to take a trip, stock up on these six essential pieces of kit, drive away, and know that you can escape the world for as long as you need to.

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