Hey to the world hello world this is day two at villa Kwanzaa hello upon JA how are you thank you man it’s been. So long yeah it’s been too long the reason we know poncho is when we were in Baldy laughs that was probably what a year, and a half ago now poncho showed us around.

And I have to say he is hands-down the best tour guide. I’ve ever had guys if you come into Baldy Baldy customized tours Oh it’s today’s new one after four days of having no phone the addiction is back we are set up, and ready to roll in dollars, and you’ve got four gigabytes of data. I mean.

I go back home. And I cost me like $80 a month all right Abby how did the feel. I know we’re back on our phone feels good all right.

So we have arrived. And I need to put on a sarong. And So it’s a sign of respect right to cover your legs yeah to comfort your leg, and tie your mind yeah okay let’s suppose to tie your mind.

So that you are when you are entering the temple you focus on the god not going not thinking of any other piece looking good the tomb here yeah okay. So he was buried here yet burns, and Dave they said it. So they put it there ashes here yeah, and then it has their family, and also concubines yeah.

So King has like probably four concubines oh, and they’re buried here as well yeah. So this here is the entrance to GU moon Cowie yeah beginning oh wait when I think of Bali this is what.

I think of beautiful lush green palm trees rice terraces. So beautiful here this is ubud. So close that, and very nice people exactly this is like a hue of green that you’ve never seen before it is so beautiful feel like. I’m going through Tomb Raider or like Indiana Jones this was built 11 centuries ago to pay respect for the Kings, and his family ah. So each of the concubines got their own little pillar well that’s a little bit very nice of him Wow.

I hope that’s how. I’m left behind when I when it’s my time are you going to build a giant monument in the side of a mountain yeah.

So if you didn’t catch that poncho just said that each of these resembles one of the important figures in the Kings life. So wife the sons the Prime Minister as well this place right now is whoa whoa oh my. I just stepped in the mud like big-time anyways this is why you travel with the knowledgeable guide.


Because they will take you to the best places they’ll give you the information. I mean there’s literally nothing pontius does not know about Bali he is the Bali expert. I’m expecting to meet Mowgli down here as.

I go through the jungle. I told them. I meet them at the waterfall.

I don’t know where the waterfall is but. I’m hoping it’s this way. Because I literally in the jungle following this path out there their ray is this clean for drinking.

So we just spent way too huh in the rice terraces like that was like Instagram post goals. And I got overwhelmed. I was like.

I need the drone. I need slow motion. I need my 45 millimeter 1.

8 lens. I’m like just going all in the only thing. I didn’t have with my Steadicam which again would have been really amazing but.

I’ve already gone overboard one of the really cool things the Balinese people do is that their beds are set up. So their heads are facing towards the mountains which is like the center of Bali, and the feet will always be facing towards, and see if you live in the south of Bali then your head will be facing towards the north if you live in the north of Bali then your head will be facing towards the self anything that’s the close down in when you trying on the looks line. So anything here they would try it, and interesting yeah in the head, and close to the hanging right over there is a active volcano, and it’s gone off according to poncho.

But what five times in the past century interviews 502 that is it right this is amazing viewpoint. So as you can see on the mountain there where that’s all blackened like singed, and burnt looking that’s where the lava ran down. So we are having lunch here, and right across the street that right there is Mount.

But water it’s pretty beautiful that looks. So good this is exactly what. I was feeling.

So those are guru does the bird creature with a massive wingspan, and just down there some incredible rice terraces. I really prefer the one we had today. Because we had it to ourselves, and we didn’t have to deal with too many vendors, and people trying to sell you stuff which it’s bound to happen if you come to Bali there’s a lot of people selling things this is our second last stop of the day right now we are heading to a waterfall that.

I’m not even gonna try to reproduce taken not gone get taken in the gun oh yeah you got a pee to pay Dara right you got a pee to pay it sounded way cooler when I said it. But you got to pay to pee.

So now you got a predicament you got a good toilet over here that well you can defecate for the same price as peeing that’s great. But over here you got a good toilet as well, and this one’s only 2,000 did it live up to expectations here’s a good toilet like it look like a toilet that would be like a villa boom shower too. So we couldn’t pay to shower those rocks all that’s value yeah it will actually go the good thing.

I gonna go Wow look at all that water falling just had a little photo shoot back there. And I totally did it like cousin moth is. So slippery, and it’s all over the rock Abby was like move back there move back there.

And I like took one step, and like that’s what happened all right you going to go for a swim who’s that handsome man in your glasses when you travel with Pancho you get a nice cool towel after every activity, and it smells good look at the sky Wow. I think we missed the sunset. But we got some beautiful sky yarn Abby.

And I spent a little too long at the waterfall. And We’ve missed the sunset. But doesn’t matter we are getting the full experience today today it’s been like a perfect day in Bali poncho thank you.

So much for showing us around. So where are we right now oh yeah it’s deep but. I’m bait jimbaran bay yeah perfect.

And So we’re uh sounds good is there any son left the moment of truth we have missed the sunset. But look at this guys these are some of the most beautiful colors. I’ve ever seen in my entire life Abby look at you have you seen a sensor like this before.

I actually don’t think. I’ve seen such a wide variety of colors like spanning from orange to purple tube light blue to pink this is insane. I seriously feel like.

I’m in a dream right now you guys called me over saying the most with the most beautiful all the time. I think this is probably the most beautiful. I’ve ever seen though.

I’m gonna drop it. I’m gonna. I’m going to take the criticism, I’ll take the hate.

I’m going to just be out there, and say. I think this is most beautiful Suns that. I’ve ever missed.

But seeing like after you. I think. I’m going to title it.

I think. I’m in a title that this must be a dream or. I’m dream like one of the to see that one little speck right there Lauren.

I think it’s an asteroid about to hit earth. But like if you’re just about to be hit, and like n this is a pretty good spot to be what do you say okay. I don’t want to go now.

But like. But like if you had to go. I probably want to be at home if you had the gun you got him looking like a not a mariachi band.

But the Indonesian equivalent, and an asteroid or only having a silver Halloween when the Earth’s detonated by meteorite whatever be kids yeah is that our soup amazing meal amazing view thank you so much to pancha pancha has been the reason. We’ve been able to do everything that.

We’ve done today he has literally given us the perfect day in Bali now. I don’t know how often he does the exact tour he gave us today. But if you wanted to like have an extensive look at Bali have like all the bells, and whistles in the tour.

I would request the one that we had today like. I was really like. I don’t think.

I would have change the thing you have to check out Pancho when you come to Bali that’s all. I can say thank you so much pancha it’s been an amazing day.

But welcome home the kunja is of the villas so much stuff. So many photos, and posts, and amazing moments.

But right now. I would not want to be anywhere else than right here. I’m ready to go to bed it’s like 9:00 but.

I feel like it’s like 1:00 in the morning. I’m just really impeached totally pooped. So get the room to ourselves.

We’ve got a nice romantic getaway, and just Oh what excuse me is this the cleaning lady hey how are you gonna weigh all day anyways the blog has to end here it’s getting way too long you guys can go see it on her blog don’t ask how it was just how about you alright guys have a gonna let’s get lost again tomorrow fun of the day yay.

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