It is about 6:00 in the morning it’s really how you doing you ready hey no we’re gonna move dude. I’m sorry you know. I feel like.

I didn’t sleep that long but I feel really really good that’s good that makes money all right guys. So we are leaving Villa number one, and we’re getting in here so.

We’ve arrived at the cinder porch, and that is our boat right there we’re taking that speed boat across the isola Express are you jet legs yeah the struggle is real all right guys we’re coming in hot on this haunted island it looks. So hominis rumor has it King Kong inhabited Island welcome operated Nusa Penida guys look at this water oh my gosh hello look at that water it is perfectly clear. I’m.

So excited right now cerulean really it means like that beautiful blue color it’s really in blue really. So the actual boat over was only like 35 – maybe 40 minutes pretty reasonable, and my battery’s about to die come on. So for about 75 cents you got this little tepee rolled up you got rice you got noodles some chicken bit of spices guys check it out we got a rally car.

So three people sit back here with our big bag cruising in style, and what’s the drivers in Monday’s 10-q his name’s Murray – yes – Marty no way. I am additive Top Gear top this might be a bad line our diner alright guys we have been going up this windy road now for about 45 minutes like nothing. But potholes where are we going – mother clinging clinging filling King point okay looking boy yes try to say that fast we’re here we made it it is.

So stuffy in here let me out rip holy damn this is next-level guys holding. So we are literally in the perfect place to test out the Mavic, I’ll show you guys how quick it is to set this bad boy up. So instead of carrying around annoying cumbersome remotes operation don’t losses Mavic on the first flight right there place is.


So beautiful in this drone the beautiful, and magnificent is you if they like a boy side right there daddy cam shots like. So quick, and like the cliff if you look here like you pull down that your dad like there’s no question about it. So so frustrating there’s something else right now except the most important things you can do no way tree, and it was freaking monkey little tiny baby monkeys ever shut up Curious George Sawyer literally has the Nat Geo set up he’s got like a to time converter on a 7 to 70 to 200 this is like basically doing a head shot of that monkey in the tree that was beautiful head shot that was beautiful.

I’m going closer. I hope they don’t attack me. I’m going closer.

I hope they don’t attack me. So this was like straight out of a movie Sawyer goes under the tree he looks around, and he’s like oh my gosh there’s hundreds of them, and within two seconds right there was like 10 of them, and they were chasing us. I sprinted.

I flip flop is back there. I don’t know if. I go get it.

I don’t know if. I go get it for the muscle my leg – fight or flight, and it was definitely flight for us. I thought one of us was gonna get like tackled by 15 monkeys ass dude the father monkey is like yeah he’s in attack stance oh they’re all making their noises oh he’s.

So scary – dude look at him oh he’s short low are you filming this you Cambridge to Boston this in world she’s a victim have come home the pathway to get to where we need to go is by the monkey tree dude have your Steadicam ready to jab or something like boom boom. I’m moving. I’m moving.

I’m just going him going. I can’t knew this bush okay so. We’ve moved to the next location, and it’s more beautiful in the last now.

So we always do is we spend. So long in one place, and then the negative ways you go do is way nicer. But my business.

But this is unrolling it’s. I think the most beautiful beach setting. I’ve ever been in ain’t the hide from the Sun.

I can already feel the Sun beating down my dead skin from getting burnt last times coming off it’s really pretty this is one of the most beautiful places. I’ve ever seen go ahead call me. I don’t care.

But it speaks for itself you just need to see the drone footage, and you might even be like you know what Christian this is the most beautiful place you’ve ever been. I don’t know it’s up there it’s in the top three competes with El Nido it competes with Quran this is like. I did not expect this today – statue in a mother blood he’s with the curl that sound forgot she just stitches ah yes you No a potentially.

So we were going on some next-level pothole erodes he’s leaving us goodbye now we have to fend for ourselves as The Hunger Games you guys there’s a sea turtle in the water. I see. I see a sea turtle judging it’s one of the most gazes place a place was yeah top three this whole island is just like fairytale, and we’re here.

Because of new stuff Anita travelers you guys want to check out Nusa Penida when you come to Bali. I highly recommend it it literally looks like a meteorite hit here there’s a massive crater with like this stone bridge with cerulean blue waters really in Gus being a key word today yeah look at this this looks like the surface of the Moon what is this no this is Instagram goals oh my gosh it’s like an emerald green dam. So it is actually not a hot spring this is just straight like sea water runoff not be more excited to get in there right now it’s boiling hot.

I’ve sweat buckets my shirt is damp we made it down look at this guy’s what the heck here we go we are swimming through the magical Lagoon oh my gosh it’s so beautiful here you can maybe make it out on the GoPro it’s pretty wide angle. But they’re doing a follow me to photo for their engagement photos this is the future guys revolutionary people redefining marriage gonna get really deep with you guys for one second here.

So I was just walking across right there there was about five tickets, and they literally just crossed the road. And I’m left here thinking why why did they cross the road comments if you know the answer that could be a prickly situation not. So surprising the cows are still there.

I would have thought they would have moved by now we have arrived at our final stop of the day we are here at Crystal Bay, and we’re going to be reading the sunset while getting some dinner. I know everyone’s getting a little angry right now because. We’ve not eaten much today.

And We’ve been really really on the go this is amazing. I have been the one showing us around Nusa Penida all day. And So if you guys are coming to Nusa Penida there’s two companies that DeGeorge, and I highly recommend you check out Nusa Penida table is to my foolish, and was happening that discover exactly if you want to do the exact same things we have done here today.

I highly recommend you get in touch with someone like ma de ma T has been an excellent guide he showed us around one of the most beautiful places. I’ve ever seen, and it is like. So close to Bali.

I’m surprised is not more people here thank you so much for an amazing day. I have traveled a lot.

And I’ve had a lot of great days traveling. But the thing that all my best days traveling have in common is that they’re spent with good people it’s been an amazing day, and we’re off to an amazing start here with the tour of Indonesia. We’ve been sitting over 30 minutes waiting for that set dinner.

I’ve watched three chickens go by. I thought about doing it myself she sang big time angry sorry guys sorry, I’ll love you tomorrow the Lighting’s beautiful but I want to end the blog here guys.

Because there’s just so much footage to sort through. But each, and every one of these people here are youtubers they’re linked down below you have to go check them out Josh Cody, and Sawyer actually have blogs from today.

So you know take an idea of their ways of filming they’re headed eh oh yeah check out their styles of editing everyone’s got like a unique thing they bring to the table. So you got to check out all the posts, and yeah comment down below who did you guys actually go watch, and what do you like about their style there’s something you can learn from every youtuber out there. And So whose style should.

I copy, and steal all right guys let’s get lost again tomorrow anymore hey quiet down over there no fun of the day.

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