How to Turn your Passion into a Successful Business Get Paid for Passion

I’m like very nervous.

But we’re good on the program we have Kristen the back representing case inspiring story everyone. So this right here is how I make my income.

I’m a daily travel blogger on egg posts for my blog, and generally they take me around the world. I like to travel to beautiful hot places with my beautiful girlfriend. But sometimes we end up in gold yeah, and dark places like this Vidya.

So a little bit about my background. I’m a 23 year old from Vancouver Canada. I’m a business graduate student.

And I started making posts. Because I did my last semester a school on exchange. So one of the cool things about my exchange was that.

I went to Bangkok Thailand. And I thought to myself Bangkok some pretty unusual place is really not a whole lot of people who are going there. So I picked up a GoPro.

And I thought to myself. I’m going to record this. I want to be able to share this with friends with family, and most of all.

I want to record this. So that when I’m old, and doing boring things.

I can look back on Sundays, and remember you know what it was like to be 22 or 21 at the time, and just being a Bangkok. So I started recording every day. I was no film background no post background.

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I’m just you know filming cutting making really really basic posts. But it was awesome. I really enjoyed it, and it was a hobby.

And So I did for about eight months, and after it was all said, and done. I had to go back home my trip was come to an end. I had about 2,000, and 3,000 subscribers at the time it was very very very modest, and.

But it was really cool. Because I saw. I had like a community you know there was 200 people that pretty much watched every single post, and they interacted.

And I got the feeling of what it would like to share with them. And I really enjoyed it it was time to be a grown-up. I went home started working at an accounting firm called Aaron city on you guys might know it.

I was there, and within about a week of starting. I was like why do. I constantly keep thinking back to the days of Thailand like shouldn’t.

I be over it should travel be out of my system. But it wasn’t. I was like constantly wanting to get back to Thailand be on a scooter just relaxing by a tropical island, and about three months into the job.

I just simply made the decision that. I had to go back to it. I couldn’t delay it any further.

And So I quit my job, and this has become my full-time job. I made that decision in January. So that kind of gives you an idea how.

I got to where. I am today, and that’s how. I’ve been able to turn my passion into in driving business.

And So I want to start with my first point, and my first point is you need to understand the burn rate. So you don’t need to be a numbers person to be successful in business. But you do need to understand money.

And So what my first steps were to identify how could. I hurt okay earning income as a youtuber. And So identified a few ways the first was out revenue.

So every time you see that annoying 30-second ad before a post yeah well. I’m getting 60% of the revenue earned on that post or that little pop-up. And So it’s not much money for one view.

But when you get a lot of views it does that up. And So that was one way. I knew that.

I could do affiliate link Inc. So for Amazon if. I share my products with you, and you buy their.

I get money if. I license out a post to a company. I get money, and if.

I work with a brand do a brand endorsement a product placement. I get money. So it’s like it was great that.

I was able to find different ways. I could diversify, and create multiple revenue streams. But just as important as figuring out your revenue streams is figuring out your expenses, and when.

I quit my job. I had very little money in the bank. I had about three, and a half thousand dollars um.

So after. I bought my one-way ticket to Thailand. I had three thousand US dollars to somehow turn it into a successful business.

So that’s not a whole lot of money. But what. I did was.

I found the next big expense which was my camera here. I knew. I needed a good camera in order to be successful on my blog to make high-quality content.

And So how do. I get rid of my camera expense well. I start asking people for free camera gear you’d be surprised at what you could do if you just ask not only that.

I asked but I communicated the passion. So I was very fortunate Panasonic not only believed in you know my content.

But they believed in the passion. And So panasonic has given me a camera that. I use to this day that in itself eliminated like a mm long expense.

So my necks expense was living, and what better way to reduce your living expense than to move somewhere. I like Thailand. And So just like that three, and a half thousand dollars u.

S. became ten to fifteen thousand dollars in buying power just like that. I was three to four times richer when.

I had very little, and knew. I needed that money to make it into a successful business. So that is how.

I substantially produce my burn rate increase my buying power, and one of the ways that. I was able to turn my passion into a business successful business, and the second thing is this is something everyone speaker here will hit on, and it’s just that’s you to work your ass off nobody else work towards your dreams other than you. I know.

I most a lot of photos of Abby. And I hanging out by a beautiful tropical places. But despite having this appearance of always being chilling out, and relaxing you know you don’t see the 3:30 3:30 a.

M. nights where we’re working visiting building up the business, and sending out emails, and editing. So there’s a lot of work that goes on behind the scenes, and that’s just the reality of any successful entrepreneur you’re going to work your ass off.

But the cool thing is we live in an era where everything is accessible at our fingertips you can watch a post, and learn how to make music you can read an article, and get introduction to astrophysics everything is accessible, and that’s just it that’s exactly how we here today. Because I decided to watch a bunch of tutorials on my blog, and learn how to edit posts, and that’s gotten me to where. I am today.

And I’m very very proud to say that. I am a youtuber. I love this job.

So this is another point. I want to leave you with the key definitely not to read another inspirational book, and he is not to listen to me speak here the key is to simply go out there, and do it yourself get started now create that successful business just like. I did.

I had no idea what the heck. I was doing but I fully invested myself in that thing I blog all my energy into it, and it’s brought me.

So many great things. I cannot believe that. I’m standing here today.

And I get the opportunity to hang out with all of you guys my third point is this you need to be passionate you need to be the one who believes that you will overcome the odds. I walked in here today. And I stood over this little placard on the ground, and it said 9 out of 10 businesses will fail.

And I thought to myself why the heck do people sign up for this if the odds are so against them it made me think well the reason. I did it was.

Because I truly believed that this is something that. I would do with or without the success. I was passionate about what my blog was about what.

I was doing, and about what it could do for me, and it’s this very passion that carries me through the highs through the lows, and the something with my blog is the lows are very apparent everyone knows when you’re in a low your views your shares your likes everything is quantifiable everyone can see it. And So when you hit those lows it’s really discouraging sometimes you just want to walk away from it, and just give up. But it’s the fact that.

I’m passionate for what. I’m doing that allows me to keep doing this one other thing. I wanted to expand on is the fact that you don’t have to be passionate about what you’re doing the guy who invented the port-a-potty he probably wasn’t passionate about bowel movements what he was fast about was the point the port-a-potty could do for him for his family, and that’s just it there’s days when I’d rather not be no editing I’d rather not be filming myself.

I’m just not feeling it that day but. I’m passionate about what my blog has done for me what it continues to do for me, and that’s what really encourages me to keep doing it even when I don’t feel like doing it.

So I want to leave you guys with one last thought find the thing that gets you excited find your passion, and put, and blog all of your energy into it. Because it’s pretty incredible to see what happens when you follow your passion thank you very much Oh.

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