Only 24 hours ago we were like on the opposite side of the world in Estonia, and now we’re here in Tennessee. So some of you guys probably wondering why are you in Tennessee well the answer to that question is we want to show you guys one of the cultural hubs of America a lot of you may not know this.

But Tennessee is a very vibrant place it’s actually like the home base to a lot of very talented musicians including Elvis himself. So we’ll be showing you all sorts of stuff like that, and we’re here with Greyhound we’re gonna be working with them to show you guys how easy it is to use Greyhound to get around from city to city welcome to our room we have just arrived, and like always a bit of a surprise when you open your door to your hotel room, and you don’t see the bed then we come down this hallway. I think.

I’m gonna end the blog here. Because there’s really not a whole lot more to say tomorrow’s gonna be really good. I’m gonna connect these two blogs.

So see you tomorrow. I did just got so much better guys.

I was doing a little research on what we do in seed today it’s a hearty bit late it’s like 10 but I just found the coolest thing it’s literally two blocks away from where we are it’s called the Peabody Hotel you’re gonna see in just a second what are we up to now lar we’re goin can. I tell them no you don’t spill the beans again anyways guys.

So we’re in Memphis this is our first day here. We’ve got a lot of really cool stuff planned for today everything from like showing you the roots of music that came out of the u.s.

We’re going down the wrong Street we want to show you guys some of the cuisine. And I’m we’re about to show you something real crazy right now this here is Main Street in Memphis it’s not too cool that like. I’m wearing a jean jacket right now yeah it’s like 10 degrees say it wasn’t like Estonia it’s a little warmer.

I’m trying to remember what country were in. But honestly my mind is just it’s leaving me right now. I’m trying to remember what country we’re visiting right that’s right America very subtle sorry guys.

We’ve arrived at the Peabody Hotel now it’s not just any hotel the expectations are very high right now. So there’s a red carpet over here for some local celebrities we’re not going to drop anything oh my gosh here it is guys the red carpet guys there’s a full crowd in here today like the lobby is packed. I was definitely expecting there to be a few more ducks but.


I’m not. I’m not disappointed well guys. I don’t know what can top five ducks coming out of an elevator going down a red carpet, and going swimming in a hotel fountain.

But we’re gonna find a way to top that today we are taking you guys to one of the most iconic places in the history of music all right. So we’re going to grace yeah wicked ready Abby yeah let’s do it this is where a rock, and roll star yeah that’s where Elvis what we wouldn’t call it rock, and roll now yeah we caught rockabilly so. We’ve just been dropped off by another set of uber drivers the best thing that happened in the car yes.

I guess there was a head nod truck was making noise it basically says. We’ve got going off, and they started last with each other they’re like it down like jokingly. But uh, and then they’re like be careful it’s like just that’s the honest if the honest truth you do have to be careful in these areas.

But people have told us like there is like so much security here. So like you know just don’t be stupid don’t go out at 4:00 in the morning, and walk down alleyways just like you wouldn’t anywhere else in the world welcome to stacks the Museum of American soul music.

So we just watched a 20 minute post kind of giving a bit of the history on staff this recording studio right here has some of the biggest hits that were recorded here in the 70s the 60s, and the 50s they brought together white people black people in a time of extreme division, and it basically brought out the best of people it took most of its roots from blues music, and gospel music coming together, and it was basically a way for people to express their emotions through the pain the sorrows, and happiness of life on a movie these sounds were all recorded from in there coming directly from an instrument it was then fed into the control board one of the artists is in there anyways dispense of the control board, and from there someone would be messing with the sliders kind of changing the volume levels the echo, and from there it would go on to the recording. So onto the tape or the CD, and that’s how the actual final sound was captured in 74 they actually closed they went under. But one of the things that was written was that despite being technologically not as advanced as some other recording studios they had something that could not be imitated in that spirit, and basically just that’s due to the wealth of entertainers, and musicians that live around in this area Justin Timberlake is from here.

I got in itself you know case closed. I actually played the trumpet in high school. But there was a catch my teacher told me the only way.

I would pass the class was if. I promised not to come to the final concert these are just some of the massive hits they hide here over the years no there is blush on the inside of the door like this is giving me serious inspiration for my next vehicle right here like yeah you may be cool pulling up in your BMW 3-series. But if you pull up in that like it’s game over ladies come back to me come back, and we’ll hold you Lori you know they always say no all crossroads lead to the gift shop All Right see you later Stax Museum we’re heading out from Soulsville we’re heading back into Memphis we’re gonna show you guys the most iconic restaurant arguably the most iconic restaurant in all of Memphis this year is the world-famous Gus’s chicken this is.

So cool. I feel like. I’m in like a really old-school diner area we’re gonna be ordering some delicious fried chicken first of all.

I love fried chicken. But like. I can’t say.

I’ve ever been to a real authentic fried chicken place fun fact. I actually almost moved to Tennessee this was like seven years ago now my dad was offered a job it was related to the automotive industry, and when that automotive industry collapsed that job basically fell through. And So we ended up staying in BC which.

I’m very glad we did. But nonetheless life could have carried us all the way to Tennessee, and it almost did it would have changed the entire outcome of my life like when I met Abby.

I wouldn’t be blogging there’s a 99.9% chance of that hey little homie you know what the doctor prescribed scraps from doctor c1 Dr Pepper day keeps the doctor away the rod look at this guy. So I got two legs macaroni cheese baked beans.

I’m just going to town on this it is no good guys like it does live up to the hype the fried chicken is delicious. But like. I think even more delicious in the fried chicken is the macaroni for me it tastes like really nice homemade macaroni, and cheese this is what America is all about, and the dessert has arrived deep fried pickles Abby’s favorite just about on the sixth floor of a car park.

I wanted to give you guys a nice view of the city guys isn’t it. I give you filled streets of live music going on the blues soul music it’s just met a really animated homeless person. And I was like you mind if.

I take your photo this is the photo. I got. I was asking though he’s rock, and roll is the symbol for it this or this why not both no.

I know what like you like what’s the difference we were at Beale Street like four hours ago we went back to the hotel room this is what it looks like by night now for the life of me. And I can’t figure out why all of Memphis has been like dead quiet like there’s people starting to show up a little bit but I don’t know.

I thought it’d be way busier. So nonetheless Beale Street this is where people go out for clubbing partying bars restaurants, and we’re gonna get some food. So I’m trying to get pretty hungry a weekend thank you.

So much – this is fine take a break Abby. And I just got back from Beale Street, and it’s absolutely incredible today at Stax Museum they were talking about the wealth of talent in the musicians around this area, and we just saw that for ourselves tonight. I mean like we’re just at some random restaurant, and all of a sudden like five of the most talented musicians.

I’ve ever heard of just playing in front of us. So that was really cool that’s like what Tennessee is all about, and we’ll see more of that in our next stop we’re actually going to Nashville after this. But tomorrow we have one more day here in Memphis, and yeah that’s the end of the block for today guys.

So thanks for reading guys please leave it a big thumbs up it means a whole lot more than you think, and let’s get lost again tomorrow.

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