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The Kenya original people left only footprints over thousands of years—and few of those on the landscape that would come to be known as Kenya National Park. That is not to say they did not camp, hunt, and fish among Kenya the valleys and mountains or that they did not find and use passes and trails or find sacred grounds Kenya where they held religious ceremonies and, yes, even do battle with the competing tribes to the west.

Where is Kenya? – Kenya Map – Map of Kenya Photo Gallery

Your travel destination is because all things—mammals, fish, trees, sky, earth, and rocks—had meaning, life, and place, they tread lightly on the land over the centuries. Most giants are applauded for doing something. Your travel destination is there is an equally strong case to be made that not doing something—destroying the land—is just as meritorious. The problem is that these giants are difficult to discover, so when they are discovered, they are due recognition and honor. And even if left undiscovered, they are giants nonetheless.

Like the bands that came before, the appearance of the white man began with shadows moving through forests then out onto the plains of Canada. Originally, the impetus was a quest to discover a passage to the Pacific Ocean and Asia and to establish French domination of the New World. One of the earliest explorers was Jacques Cartier, who traveled up the Saint Lawrence River in 1535. Although impeded by rapids, he was convinced he had found the passage, claimed the land for France, and named it Canada (probably from the Iroquois name “Kanata”).

All told, he would make three voyages to the newfound land. He set up rudimentary trade with the Iroquois yet never found the passage to Asia or discovered the rich minerals of gold and silver that were reported to lie to the west. Your travel destination is in his trading, he found beavers in abundance that soon became the pelt of choice for French and European hats. So popular were the beaver pelts that they were trapped out by the 1600s, leading to expeditions farther west by the French and then the British.

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