It’s not too late to come all right we got the gym to ourselves no one else wants to put in the work they just want the body ready to go we’re doing a big day trip to the sandbar everyone’s waiting on you by Abby oh my gosh the turtles are out on the turtle deck turtle oh oh you just hopped off there’s still one left though come on Fred Oh pretty little heads out to go when the lights was off we had to stay with puzzles 20 at the Biba cubed 50s husband summertime city lights shut down my town knock down after school matters like.

I’m needing a sniper right now can look up parking like that cut with my life well run run run mama say come home before the street lights do ice cream on my front porch in my new folk boy, and my a ones too reading my happy block whole neighborhood hit the Dickey side going oh ma the stars of my pocket dream. And I’m making my bow they sound like every place. I could fly it’s good like every summertime policy dream about all the places.

I could go, and every one of a fish. So go still chasing time made it what do you think Jamie will. I be the first person to document this place by drone the first-ever drone flight here in the sandbar land ahoy hot women, and sandwiches when were can you ask for this is the sandbar.

So there’s this one little spit of land basically like a tiny island, and it has beautiful beautiful sand. And So all the locals will take out their motor boats drive up the Ottawa River, and come here. So on days like today today weekend day Saturday.

So it’s a little busy today there are quite a few people it is the party hangout today there’s been oh my god what is that it’s the Loch Ness monster you’re the most graceful mermaid in the world my fazil yawns is entirely bill is private property madam come back what are you doing Canada must be whole day have you about 30 degrees today it is a beautiful sunny day just a few clouds in the sky, and we’re going to be hanging on here for at least another hour you’re going to stay more than 350 run run run almost like. I’m home before the street lights – ice cream on my front porch on my nose oh boy, and my ear ones – reading my happy black my own neighborhood hit the dippy. So I go, and now Michaels stars in my pocket drinking.

I’m making my you sound like every place. I could fly. I feel like every summer.

I’m so jealous it’s so fast totally crap 90 miles an hour today we’re gonna do what no man has ever done Lisa we’re gonna fly the drone in the Ottawa River sandbar this is a big moment for Ottawa heaven don’t shoot me down cuz.

I need as. I see heaven oh shoot me down heaven you all aboard goodbye sandbar let’s go yeah sorry yeah how was it good it is good to be back from eppela that was a close call. I almost just went in we had to hit in Reverse.

Because there’s like really shallow rocks there run run run almost like. I’m home before the street lights do. I scream.

I’m off approaching my no football, and my a ones too reading my happy black my own neighborhood hit the titty. So I going oh my clothes stars in my pocket um. I’m making my go cuz.

I like every place. I go. I could fly this feel like every summer policy Jim about all the places.

I could go, and every one of a fit Oh still tasting. So I’m going to attempt a backflip. I’m really really bad at them.

But you guys can witness it in slow motion laughs in slow motion Abby you’re in charge of filming us heaven don’t shoot me down do one thing a day that scares me Abby what’s your one thing today. I’m gonna post to Instagram someone 24-hour period heaven don’t shoot me down back at the house hey Abby Abby say something. So I didn’t want it in it.

So we ride back we’re gonna go get some showers. And I don’t want to be in this blog um okay almost stupid buttons they’re so hard to do we are just about ready to head out the last time.

I had to iron a shirt was when I was living downtown getting ready for my work everyday. I don’t miss those days at all oh my gosh is that mine is this my squish hmm a couple of squishes heading out on the town what’s up guys.

So for you to blog take over the highlight though anyways we’re on the way stop why did you know we’re on the way to my aunt’s 50th wedding anniversary there’s the elders back there chuckling back it’s actually s two detours. But like yeah dp2 just kidding yeah not very nice visuals at that wonderful TS tours will have it linked down below there also ball loggers. I’m the older more mature they have a really nation well over 65 jokin.

So I include educational content often yeah your cheese looks. So white Katie University well Ross Geller Ross Geller is but I didn’t get the reference you don’t already follow me inside can smell your dad must have oh my gosh is that a castle the castle what oh.

I almost got took out by a door you’re mad at me right you look really hot when you get mad though get mad at me Abby hit me with a dirty look holy this is where we’re eating tonight oh damn my fazil he owns his restaurant he started it about 16 years ago through hard work. Because he developed the entire restaurant from the American motor to the entitlement awkward party scenario first of all we don’t know where to sit. So like you know that awkward situation where you waiting for someone to sit down first.

So that you know where to sit well we’re dealing with that right now final class use this place things are getting awkward people are trying to find the cheats it’s a floating table thing there’s ghosts ghosts are present all right mark. And I being the rejects. We’ve been moved to the side table.

I am by no means a wine connoisseur. But we got a Malbec from Argentina, and it is. So so good in the settle where you in Argentina yeah you were oh yeah Buenos Aires yeah.

I saw the blog where you guys got steak looks. So good thank you. I just dropped off my soup hot water, and lemon blogmas day 16 us this looks like a fine fine meal this is mine baby back ribs with some scalp potatoes mark got.

I don’t know what that is. But look at his halibut see sea bass oh my gosh, and that looks. So good.

I’m so full. But that was like one of the better meals.

I’ve had. And We’ve hit that point good luck hanger hook yeah that was an amazing meal oh we’re leaving the Weston, and we’re now heading to the Crazy Horse one of the biggest bars in Ottawa Dennis is the biggest fire in Ottawa what’s up you guys we just made it back to the cottage, and it’s time to go to bed if you made it this far in the post please give it a big thumbs up, and let’s get lost again tomorrow fun of the day.

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