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In previous entries, I have discussed the joys of taking a road trip across the breadth of breath-taking Italy. While this was an incredible experience, I could not resist the idea of traversing this unique nation on foot, taking a cross-country trip along the rails from the mountainous peaks of Lake Garda to the bustling streets of Naples.

With this in mind, I thought I would share some of my experiences and offer tips for anyone else who is lucky enough to enjoy such a journey in the future. These include: –

1. Start in the North of Italy and Fly into Venice

I decided to start my journey in the northern hub of Lake Garda, which is home to some incredible sights and adventure activities. Canyoning in the Lake Garda mountains was particularly enjoyable, while I would also recommend rock climbing across the North Garda Cliffs in the lush green lands of Trentino.

Travelling to Lake Garda can be exhausting, however, but I would recommend taking a flight out to Venice before travelling by train further North. It is also sensible to travel as light as possible and take a single cabin case per person, although this can be challenging when you are planning to be abroad for two weeks or more.

To achieve this, check out the interactive luggage tool Case 2 Fit. I stumbled across this almost by accident, but it is extremely effective as it enables you to check whether your cabin case will fit a specific airline. The brain-child of Case Luggage and Accessories, it enables you to take as much as possible without compromising on your ability to travel light.

2. Start in the North of Italy and Fly into Venice

Upon leaving Lake Garda, I made my way to Venice for a few days and in doing so I almost missed out of Italy’s great secrets. This is the quaint and beautiful town of Verona, famous for its open-air opera houses and innate sense of culture.

A particular highlight for me was a visit to the famous balcony where Juliet stood as Romeo declared his love for her in Shakespeare’s most famous play. Located on the beautiful Via Cappello, the house embodies 13th century Italian architecture at its finest and is worth the visit for anyone with a love of buildings and structures.

I would implore you not to miss out on a day trip to Verona, especially if you are travelling in a couple!

3. Use Pompeii as a base for the South of Italy

I continued my journey through Florence and Rome, before arriving for a three-night stay in Pompeii. My aim was to see the famous ruins at Pompeii and Herculaneum, while also taking in the imposing magnificence of Mount Vesuvius.

I managed to see these magnificent sights in the course of one wonderful day, however, so I spent the next two days using Pompeii as a base to see a host of other sights in the South of the country. This included a trip along the southern coastline and towering sea cliffs of Sorrento, in addition to the stunning blue waters and island surrounds of Ischia and Capri.

You should also check out the Bay of Naples, with all of these locations accessible from Pompeii through a single, Southern train line.

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