Got a great thing in good morning guys we are now off to do what could be arguably the most beautiful road trip in the world we’re doing the icefield parkway which is the road going from Jasper – BAM straight through the Rocky Mountain nothing.

But untouched beautiful nature what is going on you love European Ocean point there hope there’s more of them what that’s like European place what is going on the word is coming down icefield parkway, and we probably just passed 12 to 15 horse Cayenne like brand new cars yes we’re identical. And I can only guess that they’re going for a photo shoot somewhere. But it looks.

So epic on this beautiful driveway just like no other car in sight, and then you just have 50 forces are buying. So so cool go Jeff is taking us to a secret spot on the side of the road what are we looking at Abby what are we looking at okay the mountain that’s deaf of the car that’s Deb yeah none, and there’s more mountains down this, I’ll be the first to admit this is not ideal shooting conditions the entire sky is basically the same color as the mountains, and the snow there’s not a whole lot of contrast other than the treeline you may not know this. But Canadians love the gamble, and it’s not gambling in the traditional sense it’s done with coffees this is called Tim Hortons, and you roll up the rim on your coffee using your teeth, and this chance that you can win a prize today is a very big day for me.

I have proudly won a free coffee. So just like that today is off to a great start okay this thing’s is like sword right in next to Mike it is huge, and it’s coming right up to me. I would not want to fight something ah why are you.

So big what if you think your trademark is if you have one well. I guess we’ll look on best known for is being sued now we’re outside oh yeah. So we just saw a guy in the parking lot with his German Shepherd, and he’s got like basically a toboggan loaded with bags, and supplies he’s going down this path almost all the way to BC he’s going to be in here for three weeks deriving off nature what like it how does it even possible not my cup of tea but.

I take my shoes off to him Wow look at that. I’m falling for this waterfall is it like kind of Lake Louise color with superglue yeah. I don’t want to be pessimistic but.


I would love to have had a clear sky to see all this incredible mountain range left, and right, and you can actually see that in some areas go see the treetops are basically just barely showing that’s. Because of avalanches that come down. So this roadway actually is closed during certain days of the year when there’s high avalanche risk, and if not has been the case we literally would have had to have gone back to Edmonton then from Edmonton Calgary is from Calgary all the way to Banff would have turned a three hour drive into a nine hour drive luckily that wasn’t the case here today but.

Because the weather warming up actually leads more avalanches you can snow gets heavy starts melting, and yeah it was a bit of a high-risk time. But the road is still open we’re going to be heroes today this man needs help let’s save him whew one thing today help somebody out on second thought he’s pretty far out there hello have a good day just kidding help is on its way Ranger Jeff hello how are you even stuck you for half an hour brutal hell does odds kwikki we’re back up when you see someone in need you pull over go team go we got him unstuck. But unfortunately we can’t beat them to drive on him you can no you can give a man a fish.

But if you teach a man to fish till the goalkeeper. But when you give a man a fish he’ll eat for a day teach a man to fish all right up ahead here you can see there was a big forest fire, and that was last year on a summers ago would we have just arrived in downtown Lake Louise if you can call it that it’s very very small area right there is the Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise behind me you’ve got Canada’s national sport well actually technically it’s lacrosse. But officially unofficially it’s hockey, and right now.

We’ve got a bit of a talkie being played. I sculpt sure doesn’t building you already actually made of ice Wow. I would like to introduce you to my new crib welcome to lost LeBlanc’s ice Chateau that the data now if you want to know the history on it well it goes back about 300 years my father he got out a chisel, and he fought off the polar bear, and once he got the territory once the prevail finally stop trying to attack him he began to build the surface many people have tried to conquer my 5:04 Chris.

But everybody has failed, and that is why Chateau glossier still stands here today this is all 100% accurate facts ok goodbye ask me what. I’m doing Rick you ready gang John. I’m only wondering what’s going to happen when it gets above zero, and this thing starts to crumble like are they going to let people get under the arches like the whole castle following the beautiful engineering wonder my fazil he’s very very good with ice, and his hand balance gives lots of things he also build a track can you please let me show you the thermo delay do take a photo hi okay hey Sam yeah very nice day hi don’t do it Oh.

So we’re going to get some food brother like a light snack, and definitely a hot chocolate. So is nice to come inside after a bit of cool air, and take in some hot cocoa marshmallows we got a mocha. So that means like half all chocolate have coffee, and now like you got some marshmallows in your hot chocolate.

So that’s what. I envisioned when I come in from a cold place, and they’re like no sorry.

And So I made a little sad face. And So she brought me this bowl full of marshmallows in my favorite face it says little, and it’s very Canadian basically cheese curd, and fries, and gravy. So right there is an animal crossing bridge from that side.

So that side of the highway they can use this little thing without being roadkill which is great it’s just arrived here at the ski resort where we’re going to be staying for a couple of nights this is Sunshine Village. And I don’t know what it is like. I might be crazy but.

I’m 90% certain. I’ve been here before it might have been as a young kid basically the entrance to the resort looks identical to some where. I’ve been before.

So either. I’m going crazy or having a flashback yes. I suppose we thank you for all the help you’ve been, and see you tomorrow morning yeah who’s gonna hold us to our deadlines in our timeline we’re not gonna be on time for anything without you just be true Phil be a Jeff for now yeah ready to go up even some point in their coming away it could be like one little final fantasy things it’s like if your last gift to get off this is our last chance don’t worry.

I got us let’s go what are you doing we can just go to the devil to get there this is why we have none of us. So when I can hand out we have arrived at the top of the hill, and there’s a nice little flurry up here whoo.

So for everybody okay we go up to early everyone back on Pacific Coast Alonso onward we rise to the top what what’s the recipe for you please close. I’m gone no, and for gnarnia, and for at last a sleep in three days. I think everyone went home for the long weekend oh wow anyone out there.

I need wife on this is how the original settlers felt after walking a good hundred meters. I think. I see.

So this here is our beautiful abode that right there that’s our incredible view this place is super super cozy. I feel like. I’m nestled in a log cabin it’s absolutely awesome really cool experience to be up on top of the mountain -, and right now we’re heading downstairs to the restaurant which is actually inside of here it’s called Eagle Nest, and what’s really cool is that we’re actually meeting with the other influences who are on this exact same campaign for travel Alberta has partnered with not only Abby.

And I But also George Benson, and his girlfriend, and hopscotch the globe also known as Kirsten Sara, and her husband. So really excited to meet them it’ll be the first time meeting George.

And I actually met Kirsten in Toronto probably a few months ago. So let’s go say hi let’s go check it out all right. So I didn’t really do any blogging over dinner you’re going to beat these guys tomorrow.

So we’ll see everyone come on all right guys. So amazing amazing dinner we had something is never-ending we shared a religious crowd we had baked brie we sure to stir-fry though it’s deep tenderloin yeah beef tenderloin Wow too much food. So yeah you guys will meet the rest of the crew tomorrow in the meantime Abby.

And I are going to go craft some edit. And I’m going to end the blog just about here let’s get lost again tomorrow, and Oh.

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