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This post with Frederica, and she is gonna show me the best of Florence, on our walking tour. I’ve heard about the Ponte Vecchio, but I don’t really know anything about it. Is this, why is it so famous? This is the most ancient bridge of Florence. The only one one that survived the floods, World War Two, and for him, Benvenuto Cellini, the goldsmith. Then the bridge is ideally dedicated to him. We’re in Piazza della Signoria, and this place is incredible. I’m just surrounded by all these statues. All the statues are important from the political point of view here.

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But in particular, David, and Perseus by Benvenuto Cellini are the highlights of this square. We’ve just arrived in Porcellino Market, and I’m assuming, Porcellino means pig, is that right? Yes. And I’m assuming it’s for this statue behind me, which seems to be extremely popular. This is how it works. With one hand you have to rub his nose, with the other one, you need to put the coin in his mouth. The coin will go down, and you will be very lucky nearby. All the money that drops in here goes to charity. So this looks like a church, is that. Yeah, this is a church now.

It’d Orsanmichele, now it’s very famous for the beautiful statues, you have all around the building. Everyone comes to Florence to see the Duomo. And on the Duomo there is the big red dome that you see from outside. What I didn’t realize is there’s actually two domes. There’s the outside red one, and there’s the inside one that’s all painted and beautiful. The great part of this tour is that you can skip the line with all the major attractions. We can just go straight in. Now after these beautiful treasures, are you ready for a delicious gourmet gelato? Ooh, I am, yeah. It’s the end of our tour and it’s been amazing. You live in a wonderful city, and thank you for taking me around. Thank you.

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