Places You Must Visit Before You Die

We’re looking at bodies of water that swimmers should avoid if they value their health and their lives. Kipu Falls, Hawaii, USA. This picturesque pool hidden in Hawaii is a place of stunning natural beauty and a popular spot for tourists who like to dive from the top of the waterfall. Doing so might be a fatal mistake, however, as more than a few have drowned in the mysterious falls. Nobody is sure why keeping Blue falls is so dangerous and theories range from an anguished water spirit to a bizarre Whirlpool phenomenon. But so many people have died there for unexplained reasons that the area is fenced off and visiting the falls is considered.

Trespassing, and there are campaigns to remove it from guidebooks and signposts to prevent further tragedies. Rio Tinto, Spain. While some dangerous places look deceptively inviting, there are others you wouldn’t want to go within a mile of Rio Tinto is one such place. It’s water stained red, but it’s more than just the color that’s off putting. It’s also extremely acidic, polluted by mining operations that began many years ago, though there are some theories that this toxic environment is naturally occurring. Its high iron content is mostly to blame for the rest color, and it’s now studied as an example of life in extreme conditions thought to be more similar to Europa and. Enceladus, the moons of Jupiter and Saturn than Earth. The Bolton Strid, Yorkshire, England.

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This narrow Creek in Yorkshire, England looks relatively harmless and is small enough that you can jump across it. But be warned, the rocks are slippery and if you fall in there’s a very, very high percent chance you’ll die. I think 100% this river stretches a perfect storm of deadly conditions. It has deceptively deep underwater crevices, powerful currents, and lots of sharp rocks. People find themselves dragged. Underneath the water and unable to escape, often knocked unconscious against the stones and never resurfacing. Warnings about this trade. Date back. For hundreds of years and include a tragic poem by William Wordsworth, Laguna Caliente, Costa Rica. In a photograph, this lake looks like a perfectly pleasant, hot spring. However, Laguna Caliente happens to be right in the crater of the active passive volcano in Costa Rica, making it both boiling hot and unbearably acidic. In fact, it might be the most acidic body of water on earth with a pH value lower than zero. It’s hard to even get close to the lake, let alone swim in it. But researchers are doing their best to study the unique conditions. This is because Laguna Caliente might help scientists understand how ancient life survived on Mars.

Hanakapiai Beach, Hawaii, USA and back to Hawaii, which normally would be a very good thing. But idyllic as it may appear, this stretch of sand bears the nickname, the deadliest beach. In the world, and with good reason. Firstly, just getting to the beach at all is a struggle with no Road access and only a tricky hiking trail to follow. Secondly, the CIA hanakapiai is a trap. Inexperienced swimmers will fall victim to the deadly rip tides which are hard to spot if you don’t know what you’re looking for, there’s a wooden sign as you approach with a tally chart showing the beaches death toll to scare away any prospective swimmers. Luckily, there are many other beaches in Hawaii that won’t try to kill you.

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