Hey from Porto Princesa guys let’s go get breakfast. I want that car.

So bad there’s a breakfast buffet here at blue palawan, and now we’re gonna have actually the room we’re gonna get ready. Because before we go down Neto. I don’t know if they have ATMs there, and we need to get money out of an ATM they don’t according to learn.

And I want to try to get this post uploaded it got 50% while uploading overnight which. I’m actually really surprised at God that we’re gonna go to the mall try to find a coffee shop get the post up, and then we begin the trek til Neto which could take as much as seven hours back into the room which we have may extremely messy we take that car instead Rod’s the Robinsons lawyers looking enthusiastic as usual recently. I slugs maybe 7 hours which you know should be fully rested by sometime today.

I don’t know what it is. I think they’ve just been. So on-the-go that.

I feel like. I’m having a bit of a mini crash. But we’ll power through it every time you come through a mall there’s always a security person at the gate you walk through a metal detector they have little wands with metal detection on it they pretend to check you cuz it’s their job they have to look like they’re on their guard.

But as soon as your co westerner there lads all right. So my bag was like there’s like a drone there’s like three cameras in here he’s like got your good All Right see you later this is my last hope for upload speed let’s go. I am screwed, I’ll show you guys beautiful tricycle it’s just horrible in the whole area there’s no escaping it the hotel vault it’s just the area we’re in we’re gonna get a shuttle now going up tell me know where the Internet will probably be just started should one last little look around the resort is just about the end of our time here at blue palawan our blue pulau, and I never pronounce it correctly if you guys are in puerto princesa I definitely recommend this place it’s really nice as long as you’re not trying to upload a my blog post on the other hand if you have to upload my blog posts don’t come to puerto princesa at all there is no internet here in the entire city excuse me sir excuse me sir eight into the bathroom all right thank you so.


We’ve got 15 minutes here guys look at that view yes thank you sir we’re good to go all right we’re finally here five seven hours later. So we don’t have a hotel. But we’re gonna check out mom Olson.

I don’t know. I don’t think it’ll be glamorous. But we need a room this is nice just take a dark alleyway to get there exactly what.

I wanted after 7:00 all right don’t need Oh watch yourself you look like we could break kind of looks like there’s no power here what let’s go to ask welcome back tell Neto no running power, and we have a cat that comes with the room every day GZ you’re open he already comes yeah this is good hey see where some things recently where is the beetle it’s in the bed. I know then he’s going to fetch it well that was definitely no novotel we’re not staying there there’s a cockroach under the bed the cat went on the bed there’s no power. And So on peed in the toilet, and didn’t flush it.

So I didn’t blog for like the past four hours. Because well. I felt.

So uninspired to blog we arrived in El Nido, and didn’t have anywhere to stay we were walking around with both backpacks like this was like a flashback to the old days from Abby. And I were were bunch of backpackers this is the part. I hate about backpacking, and we were walking around trying to find a hotel you know basically getting shut down.

Because everything has no vacancy. I don’t know why it’s so busy here.

But it is pretty busy. And I have three things. I needed.

I needed air conditioning. I need a generator. Because now Neto the power is always dying.

So I needed not only generate a. But generator that powers the AC. And I needed Wi-Fi in the room because.

I’m trying to upload a post it’s killing me anyways. I finally found something to hit all three of these check marks it’s nothing special it’s not even worth showing it’s basically a hole in the wall. But it’s costing us 800 pesos el nido is not the place to go for budget backpacking.

I shouldn’t say that El Ninos not a place you’ll get a good deal you’re gonna get ripped off relative to what Filipino prices are el nido was very expensive, and you don’t get as much here if you put aside the Internet the mediocre hostels, and hotels you get one of the most beautiful landscapes in the entire world, and that’s what. I cannot wait to show you guys tomorrow now. I do have good news that the upload speed here is point zero zero – which literally is snail’s pace you can’t get much slower you can’t really get any slower than that.

But my post will be out in three hours. Because it was 80% when I brought it here.

So guys. I’m fighting for. I’m really trying to get posts up.

But that’s just the way she goes have a good night guys let’s explore you know tomorrow, and let’s get lost again tomorrow fun of the day something.

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