How to Travel in KOH KHAM THAILAND

Hey guys it is our second day here in Colma this morning we went for a swim in these londe resorts incredible infinity pool by far the best view in all of Comox this morning we’re starting off our day by driving about five minutes from the resort down to this pier, and we’re going to be taking a boat across to a small little island where do. I buy ticket restaurant fairly we have to buy our tickets beforehand 350 a pop.

So kind of expensive just to go on a little 2 min a ride. But they call it an island cleaning fee. So next up cool calm Oh what no way how long did that take just a few minutes you’re pretty good you got all these in one spot there’s three fish in there very good which one’s your favorite theater the only thing.

I’m here on the same species by just different colors Wow where are you from Cebu malapascua. We’ve been there it’s beautiful yeah if we saw the thresher shark yeah they’re beautiful you gotta check it out see you later. So I was just like blown away.

Because normally you talk to the people when they of course the time people generally don’t speak English too well, and then this guy in fluent English just respond. And I’m like wow taking back a little bit like where you from here’s. I from the Philippines from malapascua which is where Abby.

And I went diving with the thresher shark Oh which mellow pop. So kind of reminded me of this it’s like really beautiful blue water this honest. I keep referring to Commack as something that reminds me of the Philippines.

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Because it’s just such a nice quiet cutoff island with just impeccable beauty this may be one of the most beautiful places. I’ve ever seen your life is things your life. I see where the cleaning fee is going.

Because what like this Beach is pristine we’re in heaven when I get to a place, and it blows me away the first thing. I do set up the drone, and go for a flight.

Because especially in these environments you never know how long it will take to the weather changes. Because it only takes a few clouds, and a bit of wind, and all of a sudden you lose that beautiful lighting. So let’s go for a flight, and show you guys what cool calm was it we started off her day by reading all the my blog posts, and tweets that have been made about the United Airline situation sad, and it’s like it’s so unbelievably bad. But the outcome is brilliant like the memes that are being made out of this it’s so fun, and safe to say.

We’ve had some pretty bad airline experiences nothing quite as bad as being ripped out of receipts. But we Abby one time had to like hunt down her her luggage for an entire week while we were in the Dominican Abby literally didn’t get it until the moment we were leaving the airport. So for the first like few days she was wearing my baggy t-shirts she was wearing my shorts out of beach resort that was horrible.

But right now we’re walking around the island a little bit, and it looks like they’re actually developing some pretty high-end resorts here on this incredible little island, and down there you can see probably about ten different units. I even flew my drone over there, and saw like this massive mansion right on the cliffside when mine living here my goals not to have one home where. I you know live 90% of the time my goal is to have a couple of homes like one in Vancouver where.

I can see family friends, and you know spend the nice summery months there, and then have a home somewhere like. I don’t know maybe Thailand maybe the Philippines maybe Bali somewhere where. I could just get away do might work keep making post content just like this.

Because that is ultimately my business it’s to be in these beautiful tropical places share these incredible islands being stuck to Vancouver makes it difficult to do that. So I’ve mentioned it before in live streams, and a few other places that. I’m really considering moving to an Asian country.

And I think that could be something. I do you know maybe a couple months from now we’ll see check out these incredible homes. I should totally title this blog AB, and Josh Cody you guys here your topic commander wishes you calibration Paradise.

I’m addicted to your osha know that you got a pool right there, and right in front of you one of the most spectacular views you could possibly ever get my only question is where do. I sign there’s about four different groups of couples right now, and they’re all around this island doing photo shoots like this is Instagram couples Island is the informal name that it goes by, and you can see why for good reason do you bring this up today. I know where the creative geniuses that decided to pretend we own this mansion this is great ass ass crazy.

So it’s obviously important. But like still we’re going to find out when this is finished, and then we’re going to stay here no matter what is actually the most beautiful piece of land like, and just being in koma koma has already separated from the world. But then you have this little island, and it’s even more separated from the world, and it’s just pure it is beautiful just like her all right amigos it’s time for a cerveza thank you relax taking the tropical vibes.

I’m no actor that is primarily in accent the last boats here we got here at 1:30 we got to leave at 4:30 it’s way too soon. I know the beach didn’t seem. So relaxing when your travel blog or nothing’s relaxing for like literally three hours we tried to find places to take photos we got great photos it is it’s full here we go you guys are looking for good music Griffith welcome to Commack my name is Bill all beers just in here in Commack.

I know bitchy even a little situation. I think we might have left the gue turkey on the island we did yeah well the story is always trust Krishna. Because you’ve got everything you may not have clothing.

So this will River dropped up our laundry the problem is Songkran starts tomorrow. So people start going off work, and as a scientist you put your bag here. But there’s no one’s up pick up our laundry this is a problem alright.

So we are just dock at Ilan de resort, and right now we’re going to get some cocktails watch the sunset we don’t actually get the official sunset the Sun sets over that side of the ridge. But we get an incredible show in the sky link the sky is going to turn into a nice purple color tonight it’s just a beautiful clear sky night. And I’m excited to just relax here, and call it the end to our trip to Commack if you guys are come into Commack though.

I have to say this hotel here is called Elan de resort this is one of my top recommendations it’s in that middle to slightly more expensive nth. But still very affordable, and if it’s one of those every now, and then you splurge, and stay in a nice place this is the one to stay in. I’m in love with his Island Commack is somewhere that.

I hope to come back to. I think that Commack coke would, and now we need to go see coach on it won’t happen on this trip but I do want to one day see Koh Chang that is another really big island.

And I believe it’s the one right over there that’s the one we see there as coach on. So yeah all in all it has been an amazing trip let’s get some cocktails..

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