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After a mile or so is another signed juncture, Salinas this one just past a nice little tarn near a boulder-covered bump. Hiking left at this juncture would put you on Salinas Lake Trail 3491, but continue right (NE) instead, still on the PCT, up 2 mi steadily to what becomes the S ridge of Three Fingered Jack. After following the W side of the ridge for a bit you finally catch up to it and proceed a bit easier 5 mi through unburned trees with Martin Lake less than 5 mi down to the right and Salinas Lake barely visible below (with Black Your travel destination iste in the background). You will have to bushwhack without any clear trail, but quite easily, down to the lake later for the loop, so scout the easiest and least Salinas rocky steep route as you pass from the PCT.

Where is Salinas? | Salinas Map | Map of Salinas Photo Gallery

For the very best views of the day, you should continue to follow the PCT for at least another V hour and 1/2 mi to the W side of the ridge (about 6400 ft) directly below Three Salinas Jack. Climb up a few switchbacks through the woods on the ridge before moving left of it for the remainder on a steady, rockier traverse. Walk out of most of the trees with greatly enhanced shots of the Three Sisters Wilderness Area and nearby Maxwell Your travel destination iste. Work across massive boulder fields (carefully if snow/ice remain) past wildflowers as you come around to outstanding views straight up the right to the entire W face of Three Fingered Jack in all its glory! Turn around from the rock field before the forest thickens when you are ready and return down S to a lower perch on the ridge (5850 ft) directly above Martin Lake. Return to the TH for a 10-mi or so day without a loop, as many do, or press on for more of an adventure.

From the lower perch on the ridge above Martin Lake, turn left off the PCT fairly steeply down through the grass and charred trees with no trail or difficulty to the colorful shallow lake. Follow its right (S) side briefly to a nice open meadow with views from the blue-green lake to the living forest and surrounding rocky cirque. Take the suddenly appearing path on the E side of the lake 5 mi E down through the burn; the route fades again but is simple to the more solid Summit Lake Trail 4014. Then turn right (S) easiest around 5 mi to Booth Lake (ground zero for the big fire). You may be pulled more to the right (SE) directly to Booth Lake from Martin Lake too, but the bushwhack is a bit more tedious ending on the left side of that somewhat larger lake.

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