Stop in the morning – yeah how’s it go no it’s going great a total of eight days of traveling Alberta every single day was an incredible one. I want to thank Jeff Jeff you’ve been an amazing guide like we could not have gotten a better guide everything from like the knowledge the fact that he like gets sarcasm, and returns it constantly like such a perfect bit travel there to a level yeah he didn’t bring his apples though the other guy that office.

So that was one short time. I’m just yeah you did bring us walking everything’s been off you have to check out his Instagram its photo J Bartlett, I’ll have it right here check it out he’s name again, and then again we didn’t tell everyone to plug me with my name is Jeff Khanna no no no definitely not. I wouldn’t do that what are we going to do without Jeff day 2 alright, and the adventures begin just arrived here at yvr Airport we’re leaving Vancouver blinds in Calgary which is kind of funny we were there two days ago, and then from Calgary we’re going directly to some study got another musician giving up on their dream the same hey partner you guys ready this is amazing this is the future have you seen that movie wall-e we’re basically like everyone’s morbidly obese, and like wheels around throughs like underground city the exact same thing you have to be a while.

So full, and another musician giving up on their dream finally here usually one of the fastest pipes. I’ve ever been on. I felt like we didn’t even take off, and that’s.

Because we didn’t take off we’re still in Calgary. So we probably sat on the plane for like 30 40 minutes, and then the captain was like. We’ve got a technical issue one of the gas pumps wasn’t working, and you know you kind of need gas in your planes.

So now we need to go get on a new plane is to deal with refueling the plane going to a different gate getting on a different plane reloading Wow that was one of the fastest plates. I’ve ever taken. Because the flight never took off we’re still in Calgary we’re going for our third flight we didn’t know it.

But apparently we sign up for WestJet’s get to work where they showing us the fleet. And So far very impressed we’re on to our third plane now two of them didn’t work but. I’m sure the third would be great yes.

I would like to see WestJet sleep check travel see the world thank you thank you you think they would have chosen a better photo for when you first get off the plane all right guys we finally made it definitely wasn’t the easiest process to get here the flight itself is fine once we finally took off. But we’re here, and Abby’s dad is actually picking us up right from the front of the airport let’s hope our luggage is here get on with our trip hey what is this we arrived in Goffstown iike. I really need to get out of my long sleeve in my jeans.

Because it’s probably about 30 degrees a little hotter. So Laurens dad has been here now for at least a month. And So he’s gotten to know if use the local digs you really recommend some coffee place.


And I didn’t already know Costa Rica’s very well-known for their coffee. So let’s go check it out it smells. So good in you wha cinnamon hazelnut at home.

I tell you they really don’t make cars like they used to back in my day a couple of surf ports welcome to the Casa this is where we’re going to be staying for the next leg this is Abby’s dad’s place they’ve just recently got it it’s so beautiful it feels like your cottage in Ottawa except instead of Ottawa is like on a tropical beach okay what happens to via hammock it looks. So nice, and now it’s a spell apartment let’s go work out.

So Katie Abby sister has prepared a whole beach workout plan that we’re going to do every single day that we’re here, and by the end we’re going to look like Arnold Schwarzenegger motley flora we’re going to get friggin Pitt a dead drop in let’s ride the barrel, and get kid it’s located like that retreat oh my gosh it’s so hot holy oh my gosh it’s so hot going to be really bad.

But we just did like probably votes 100 squats maybe 50 lunches 30 push-ups 30 burpees good burn just like actually charcoal black man yes. So hard bring the towel. So we’re going to both assemble on this like a magic carpet we’re going to shake em your way pick it up right she’s.

So brave trade, I’ll take this, and, I’ll let these two take one sandal nice take one sandal or lesson you’re on Abby’s got our headphones in right now she’s learning Spanish what’s the app called they are using. I almost do only what’s the best page next to Wi-Fi somebody till device on the seat here mister iguana piggy piggy Azalea all right. So I was just inside doing some edit, and then I look out the window, and one of the most spectacular sunsets that. I’ve ever seen just went down. I didn’t make it outside in time by the time.

I was here it was basically halfway set. But that’s the memory. I keep for myself.

I guess, and right now there’s like all these school children walking down the beach. And I was like. I don’t know why they’re all coming out of nowhere turns out they’re releasing sea turtles.

So let’s go take a look. I’ve just handed out about two gloves every one obviously to protect the sea turtles from like sunscreen or natural oils, and the skin. So yes.

I am on a barge down there Otis there they go long guys that one’s upside down someone help them here comes the pickup all aboard you can see they all know which direction to go except it on this upside down stuck they’re going to save him come on little guy your dumb sister go no. I didn’t help at all okay he’s right back where he started that was pretty cool like now it’s sleazy unexpected oh. So you want some stuff that.

I don’t really like. I’ve ever experienced in like basically every animal in this area is a predator to baby sea turtles. So I was like don’t they have to be bad odd, and she’s like horrible the lady who’s in charge of the big releases he says one in a thousand sea turtles will actually make it past the juvenile stage the rest of them either you know don’t make the ocean get eat by predators or you know not very good odds.

But they said they also released hundreds of them every day which is awesome. So really cool way to end all tonight ready for what’s going to be an awesome week here in Costa Rica.

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