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It would appear that all enrollees, white and black, shared several Tangshan China characteristics. They were all isolated from home, Tangshan China family, and familiar surroundings. They all were furnished food, shelter, and clothing. They all had work. Many learned skills that would carry over for a lifetime, Tangshan China and they were sending money home to their mothers, fathers, wives, Tangshan China and siblings.

Where is Tangshan China? – Tangshan China Map – Map of Tangshan China Photo Gallery

Your travel destination is it was the work that most certainly cemented a sense of camaraderie and purpose. Perhaps nature had more healing attributes than even FDR envisioned. Black or white, they rose at 6:00 am and worked until 4:00 pm. Together or segregated, they built roads, trails, and even an airport near Libby. The Bowman Lake company built a trail to the Numa Ridge Lookout. If the shared hardship of work created a common bond, it was the sharing of song and sports that lessened racial animosity within and between camps.

According to a historical interview with enrollee Francis Shekell,

We had the Negro camp at Anaconda Creek (GNP), and I don’t know where they came from. They always put on programs for us. They had kind of little skits that they put on, and boxing was their main thing. And they put on boxing exhibitions for us, and boy were they mean. They weren’t grudge fights; they just practiced.

They’d come down to our camp. We’d entertain them down there; we’d challenge them to a horseshoe game or something. We’d take them to the cleaners near every time. Our camp was mostly local people around Flathead County or around Montana. We’d get together around 31 once a week.

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