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There’s my little camera system my mule alright guys.

So we have rented three. So I’m gonna have voice cracks throughout the day my voice is leaving me today. I don’t know why.

We’ve rented three scooters, and we are currently headed to a very very special place Josh doing his crazy abandoned research has found us in abandoned theme park just about an hour, and a half outside of Utah. So we’re going to Sonora now dude your helmet. I like it ready exploring with studs alright guys.

So we’re going to them abandoned places today with a pretty awesome crew you guys definitely already know this is this is fun for Louis yo Louis when did you get to Bali 3 days good oh yeah we’re gonna go check out an abandoned amusement park shoutouts Joshy sent us the wrong location. So we got to go another 20 minutes. So I thought.

I had it bad look at this backpack the NatGeo backpack backpack yeah no kidding you can introduce yourself yo my name is you honey from Estonia it’s pretend let’s have some fun whoa no way dude. I need that there’s a security. So Josh gave me a quick briefing on what the story is basically this was developed in the 90s it had a soft opening like in 2000, and then

I guess there was like some business dispute. And So they didn’t actually follow through, and opening up, and now it’s just been left vacant, and like it was supposed to be like a pretty impressive amusement park like. I think there’s like a crocodile pit there’s actually no rise to.

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Because they didn’t get that far they didn’t actually bring in the rods. But everything else is like pre-built, and nothing became of it. So we’re gonna go explore we got a match today Sam yo welcome to the blogged in yeah yeah yeah man it’s another Sam Sam squared you’ve ever lost yeah in London flying a drone aside the journey time Louie fell down a hole there’s.

So much personality here. Because the abandoned structures have been decorated by local artisans or whoever decides to come in here with a bit of spray paint, and a little bit of inspiration. So right here is this massive metal structure, and this is actually what we saw from the road like we saw this like two kilometers away as we were coming down.

And I would assume this was probably like the pinnacle of the park this is the high points, and maybe it’s like an auditorium of some sort now it’s just an abandoned structure haunted. So there’s actually broken glass all over the ground here. We’ve got to be careful to make sure to wear the right shoes went exploring abandoned places right behind me.

I can hear waves crashing the ocean is just behind us here got Abby she called me out here major props Abby a wild Sam has been spotted do the artwork the artwork here is just. So impressive like right behind you you’re being watched dude. I found the most interesting piece correct me.

If I’m wrong but. I’m pretty sure that’s a dead picture of Bill Murray look at this place what do you think Abby. I look super into it yeah you film the abandoned this would be like an amazing level you know those like escape rooms like this could be an escape room or those post games where you have to like break out of the room by like solving riddles, and puzzles kind of reminds me this haunted Asylum can you do a Steadicam Oh all right.

So up this abandoned staircase climb onto this ledge Abby already did it you basically have to hold onto there yeah look don’t fall down there if this blog is entitled we ended up in the hospital well then you know we made it so. We’ve now come to the second chamber the second section of the park, and this is another massive building. But just nothing.

But walls beautifully decorated with all sorts of street art you can actually see into the rafters there alright so. We’ve actually lost the group at this point. I don’t know where they went.

Because this place is pretty massive, and really creepy the staircase is like sloped sideways like let’s go check this out oh gosh thanks spook yeah we got you go we planned that for like five minutes hey. We’ve been discussing shots how we can cut this to make it look like. I was the spooky monster.

I’m losing my voice. So he was booked he froze that’s like his camouflage he’s like. I’m against the wall you can no longer see me it’s the wall all right guys we just came down this trail at the end of the trail is a hole to another dimension, and look at this yo what okay this is actually be the thumbnail right here this right here is my favorite piece of art out of all of them it’s.

So cool you’ve got this lady here you just like deep piercing eyes, and right there you’ve got an eye on one hand, and eye on the other hand she sees everything she’s like a typical girlfriend always reading you me yeah this is a pretty cool painting kind of looks like. I’ve got to me Epcot yeah. I’ve cottoned Disney World, and this kind of looks like the Indiana Jones Adventure ride yeah.

So so epic all right there are lots of mosquitoes here. So we’re gonna keep it quick here. I’m getting bit left right in the center what well it just moved in the bush something in them there’s something in these bushes Bandon building you can see the beams here just resting everything’s falling apart.

I mean up there you can actually see all the windows are totally smashed oh my gosh it’s a lit Oh hmm not that big. But big enough to scare the crap outta me look at it here there’s two of them too they were chasing each other. I thought for sure.

I was gonna die there. I may have been hanging out with 9 foot long Komodo lizards yesterday. But doesn’t take much to scare me this is like house in the woods like horror movie kind of thing well guys if you have a little inkling in you that wants to explore some abandoned things, and you’re coming to Bali this is an amazing one.

I’m literally being followed by 10 mosquitoes but I had to come, and show you guys this look hit right across there this grass field there’s some sort of like a boo know. I keep saying abandoned.

Because I don’t know any other words to describe it. But it’s just chilling there’s no one there these mosquitoes are relentless they’re on my arm. I’ve never been pursued like this by mosquitoes guys like right now.

I’ve got a flock of like 10 of them just trailing me or we got to get Eddie this place is huge film. I wonder if this was the theater Jumma flashlight is that ojz that’s crazy guys whoa you say anything to g7x you can probably see better reducing yeah you can Kenneth oh well you can’t do okay. So check out this theater the camera literally picks up better than my eyes can see.

But you can see here the structures set up for a theater mosquitos on my arm classic that’s where my curiosity ends goodbye a black room this is yeah guys this is actually not an abandoned amusement park this is a set that Cody, and Josh set up last night to fake this whole thing this is staged straight lighting technicians, and green-screen operator yeah it looks real it does yeah you’ve done a really good job convincing people that this is an abandoned amusement park we have to do when in reality yeah this is like the comet at Cody, and Josh get all the time is like the haters will be like fake your stuff is big hit Abby what do. I get a lot of haters saying people call me out. Because I always say this is my favorite place.

I even had someone recently saying in my Nusa Penida post that they unsubscribed. Because I said that that was also one of my favorite places which. I’m like okay whatever you can leave.

Because it truly was one of the most beautiful places. I’ve ever seen haters gonna hate potatoes gonna potat you know that’s just how it goes, and if you’re not getting hate you’re probably not doing something right Abby the Explorer she’s really into it she keeps talking about how much she’s enjoying it. I think it’s really cool too.

But Abby’s a Explorer at heart. I love it. I think it’s.

So much fun to rise to the occasion whoa you imagine the size of butterflies he must catch hello yeah Dora the Explorer. I had one of those too, and and don’t you’re catching dogs do them think don’t ask questions you don’t want answers guys check it right there is the ticketing booth. So this is where you would have paid to get your tickets as you came into the park of course oh hello lady how much for a ticket ten rupiah ten rupiah that’s like that’s a cent.

So we’re all going separate ways now Sam, and Sam have already left, and Louie’s heading back to Allah wah – it was good to see you man yeah definitely alright keep in touch hopefully we’ll see you in gili islands happy wicked. I just came up with a multi-billion dollar idea now. I’m not talking million talking billions here.

So Google Maps prioritizes based on distance, and the efficiency of getting there. But there’s no mapping system that makes the maps based on the smell what if you could search certain smells, and lost maps would bring you to that smell never thought about that now. I want you guys to keep this one to yourselves.

Because it’s my idea. And I don’t want this idea again no not yet not ready just a concept now we’re going to take ourselves the smelliest group home might take a little bit longer. But come on let’s go let’s go travel the world.

So that you can experience different kinds of Big Macs all right family back at the villa you know what it is. I might go for a swim that does look real nice now guys. I think.

I’m gonna in the blog here. Because honestly we’re just gonna go for dinner tonight we’re gonna meet up with the Sam’s, and the other crew that we met today, and we’re just gonna relax, and enjoy some good foods it is our very last day hanging out with Cody, and Josh it’s been an amazing past whatever it’s been ten days now 17-7 has been 17 days yeah in 17 oh my gosh. I can’t keep track of time 410 yeah time flies when you’re having fun.

But you guys have to check out their blogs they do a lot of really cool stuff especially if you like today’s blog you’re gonna love all the stuff that they’ve been doing for what. I mean you’ve been at it for now for here yeah yeah year, and a half. So a year, and a half is a huge database of abandon posts go check it out guys go subscribe show some love, and that’s it let’s get lost again tomorrow let’s go get them all guys tomorrow we’ll be taking them to the airport hello terrible customer service.

I want my money back um of the day you.

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