Hey guys it is our second day here in Bali are you a morning person yeah that’s good yeah. I actually am waking up extremely early here. I don’t know what it is.

I things like the natural light that comes through the room look at this view we are at the Doosan villas here in seminyak bali, and this is where we’re staying for the next three nights. We’ve been here for a total of two nights, and we have one more to go. I mean there’s no denying that staying at a place like this is a bit costly.

But if you were to come here with three couples you could literally split the cost, and it would be similar to staying downtown in Toronto New York or Vancouver like, and staying at a very modest hotel at that, and instead of doing that you have a sprawling villa in Bali we’re gonna get out of this Villa we’re going to show you guys what it looks like outside of the gates of paradise Ashley do you guys remember Ashley Ashley, and and Mark, and Abby we all went to Bohol yeah welcome to the Hale stay chill drop the dab yeah all right. So what are we doing today. I think we’re gonna go Bali what else is there to do right now what’s the easiest thing we could possibly do without thinking about anything surfing.

I’ve never really served properly. I’ve only done it for like an hour – just before leaving Bali last time, and you know. I wanna surf a barrel grab some gnarly waves barrel.

I’m not Christian. I think doing yeah hit it gnarly. I’m gonna start by trying to stand on the board, and then oh then, I’ll hit the barrel that would they say hit the barrel yeah the barrel we’re gonna we’re gonna shred the knot now that’s that’s a snowboarding hang ten yeah Surf’s Up Oh the shuttle service is here hello sir sorry about the wait let’s do it glide cams are full action today alright guys.

So we have come a very short distance. But it took about 30 minutes maybe 45 minutes to get here traffic in Bali is ridiculous it’s like no one had the foresight to build a straight road traffic is mayhem a little this is how we learn you got to throw yourself into a challenge you know overcome it it’s inspiring all right Ashley let’s go. I’m not gonna drown they will try to stop you ya gotta believe in yourself is terrible on that do you have it’s my chance to surf a barrel living that surf a lot dead.


I got my girl she’s gonna block good. I did time to read the surf. I did it’s like five dollars Canadian are three, and half dollars for an hour it’s so cheap oh yeah that’s the one look at that just pull you with it alright thank you thank you so much let’s do some surfing yep Sam Soon. I asked him.

I was like how are the waves today he’s like they’re not very good they’re not big enough like well house my friends are chickened out. So he also told me like if you break you have to marry me um okay. So we have made it to the beach which is nice, and we got these chairs for 50,000 what is it yeah like Warbucks Americans Christian.

I think you should backwards romantic the ways are giant like nah down flat we say this is just Christians like poker right now red sign like holy night tower me can’t stop me now me back down that’s how you do it. I suck oh my gosh guys the only successful run of the day was the very first one. But Hayley got it on film.

So that’s all that matters now it is a tough sport, I’ll tell you that much, and like. I don’t really know how to get under the waves. Because like in order to catch a good wave you have to get like decently far out there, and every time a big wave would come it would take my board over my head, and like pull me back like you know 10 15 meters.

And So it’s just. So hard to get far out there 90% of the battle isn’t getting on your board it’s actually getting in the right place to ride the wave, and that’s something you know. I I have no experience.

I don’t even know like any tips. But it’s a lot of fun. I’m going to take a couple seconds to relax without getting thrashed by waves, and try to figure out where we are.

Because I know. I got pushed by the wave. I think.

I think we’re down here let’s we’re down there. I don’t know, and yeah this has been Shawn on the GoPro Hero 5. I have to say not having waterproof casing is a game changer for me like that’s not in itself is worth the upgrade, and then don’t she’s my first run of the day was my best, and Haley autofill.

I filmed it -. I was like surfing properly like. I can’t get out there the waves keep pushing me back it’s so hard they’re pummeling me. So hard. I’m gonna keep going though.

I’m not done this is not an easy sport oh my god. I went out there for round two. And I hope beating harder than.

I got beat up in round one. I’m losing this war. Because Ashley his gear bag you boy got the phantom 3 advanced this is my first ever drone the flying turkey for the long time fans sad sad memories right now.

I’m stuck with the useless turkey can barely work, and yeah, and uh the whole way it was a below yeah it was yeah Ashley you were there yeah you were there when it crashed. I just realized that. I was just flying aggressively, and hey hit a cliff go baby go yeah.

So water burn you took a little tumble there huh help me. I’m dying how you doing she got what’s an wedgie oh. I thought one like the glamorous side of surfing surfing in Bali shake goals it still feels.

So unnatural by my GoPro in the water without the case arm like. I keep having the second reaction of the oh crap like. I don’t have a waterproof on it’s actually like the most amazing convenience that in itself has made the hero 5 for me like.

I must have in the action cam Department, and it’s awesome. Because you can finally shoot with a slow-mo 4k camera, and have the back screen on it didn’t have that the hero forks. I didn’t have the back screen initial thoughts very impressed but.

I look forward to checking out the footage later tonight whoa oh wow spin it all around awesome day oh man the waves kind of wash off my sunscreens. I’m a little toasty do something hello yes yes thank you sir Doosan mm-hmm how is it do sir music this is how I want to go around Bali on the Batmobile that thing is so sick yo but I think. I got a little bit burnt.

So my sunscreen got washed away by the countless waves that knocked me over, and it was really cooking. But we’re back now at Villa de Sun gonna go wash off get rid of the salt get rid of the sand that’s between areas. I don’t want sand, and then we’re gonna go get some food.

Because I am really hungry it’s been all day since. We’ve had a good meal, and hello a lot of upkeep to keep a place this beautiful welcome home why do we even leave seriously ready yeah. I’m good.

I like her style okay that was great don’t you disappear don’t don’t do that, and don’t Lee dish we called room service about. I don’t know 45 minutes ago. And I just heard a knock at the door.

I think we might have locked them out hello oh um bar got pad thai Haley would you get basil chicken oh. I love basil chicken oh man this is good. So they’ve just delivered us some afternoon tea well in this case.

I got coffee, and it is currently golden hour. So we probably got about another hour until the Sun sets. I actually got a comment in a very recent post.

And I thought it was really cool comment. I wish. I remembered your name.

But if you’re reading this. I really appreciated it how’s your coffee that’s green tea they left a comment saying life is beautiful found it what a beautiful world we live in we’re doing some talks on Lara’s blog from across the pool it’s a way to talk hey you weren’t supposed to hear that that’s why. I’m on the other side of the pool doing my blog as a job has its own sets of challenges, and pressures want the second blog to be like these kind of moments like when Abby.

And I are just chatting, and talking, and like sharing that kind of stuff. Because like the travel blog like. I don’t.

I keep some of this in. But a lot of it is more like focused on the actual travel aspect the adventure, and that’s all great. I love sharing that kind of stuff.

But the second blog which. I know we keep saying we’re gonna do it it’s coming it’s gonna happen that’s where we’re going to be having like stuff like this it’ll be coming soon Wow look at the sky it’s cotton candy skies hues of pink, and purple. So somehow we ended up back in the villa, and this is what just showed up yeah we left to see the sunset we got frightened, and came back really welcomed to the dinner table family dinners yeah dinner dinner yeah it looks like.

I’m eating us with a better dasa bitch just with what this is the better douse image uh Haley say bye as a blog Haley yeah. I like my face is red as a tomato. I’m gonna be slipping, and slopping up making sure.

I got that SPF 50 on it’s only like 8 p.m. here right now which is great.

Because we are starting our day tomorrow at 3:30 in the morning. I’m not excited about that. But tomorrow is going to be an unbelievable day.

I can’t wait to share that with you guys, and show you guys the pure raw side of Bali least. I think it will be half connect guys, and let’s get lost again tomorrow.

We had a later checkout it’s like almost 1 o’clock here we did a tiny bit of like editing type stuff in the morning they filming for Abby, and now we’re heading to kuta which is where we were the first night, and then we’re gonna go rent a paddle boat or sorry a surfboard from the locals there’s tons of locals just selling surfboards by like hourly rates it’s like almost like four dollars now it’s really chattering oh my god.

I’m so excited they actually had the best McDonald’s here. I’ve ever had when we came to me last time like a week ago, and they actually have chilli sauce for your fries which is kind of unusual.

But it tastes really good we checked into the same place as last time the new arena hotel. So if you’re in kuta. I actually highly recommends place it’s called new arena Hotel well we paid 130 thousand which is like 13 US dollars.

So we are now heading to kuta beach we have very little time. We’ve only got about an hour, and a half to run two boards try out surfing see if we like it, and then we’re heading to Pancho’s which is further up north, and then tomorrow morning we go to Japan konichiwa missile says the currents. So strong look at that wave look at that way.

I’m not Christian look at that look at the wave these are crazy waves, and Abby. And I are going to attempt to learn surfing here someone told me that the waves are the biggest they’ve been in three years. I guess there’s like a some sort of a tide that’s come in.

I have no idea. But sounds like beginners learning positions okay this one this one oh look at that let me. I own this such a strong Riptide like.

I mean. I’m being absolutely pulled out to see. I’m a good swimmer.

So not. So bad but I can see how someone could get hurt over here Abby surfing.

So proud. I was amazing. I feel good sure Abby’s had a couple good wave rides a lot of good Falls.

I had one ride which was pretty weak the wave wasn’t very strong, and then. I’ve had a few Falls yeah not easy not easy Oh No. So close nursing are lutely one of the lifeguards just stole my board.

I guess someone got hurt it’s really confused though cuz. I see someone running at me that can. I have your board.

And I didn’t know why. I didn’t explain emergency or anything they just grabbed it, and there’s my board all right we’re sending Abby out to the experience experience zone for the Rough Riders it was actually awesome that’s been like one of my favorite things to do. I would definitely come back to Bali, and just surf here gute ah it’s so fun my last surf was definitely not last week it really helped stuff to take my word for it. I rode away, and it probably lasted about five seconds it was really really cool look at Abby there’s like the waves are so big.

But there’s actually counter waves. So the big waves will come in, and then it waves will start going out to sea as well too late yeah it looks like the Bellagio they all collide, and they make a like a fountain almost it’s really cool but I absolutely love kuta if.

I could stay here another couple days. I definitely would go to Japan goodbye Bali goodbye kuta you’ve been amazing to us. I will never forget this place.

I saw the most beautiful beaches were probably in Thailand in the Philippines. But I’d say cuto is actually the most fun beach. We’ve been to like.

I would come back here definitely any day any time Bali such an awesome vacation spot like. I could probably see myself coming out here. Because it’s got a combination of touristy it’s got the getaway.

So you can go to a food, and just like have a forest like get away from the city experience, and then you can come to boot off. I have like almost like a Hawaii Resort luxury getaway. So earlier one of the lifeguards ran up to me.

And I was in the water with my board he’s like. I need that. I was like wait who are you we just literally grabs my board like takes the strap off my leg inserts we see with it they’re dope.

I guess some guy was like needed help, and when he came back gave me my board backing like what happy sir Oh someone was drowning, and he just walks away. So casually yeah we didn’t know he was life creditors say goodbye goodbye Southeast Asian beaches you are the last Southeast Asian beach we will see off to a polar climate see you later we are off the punches please, and we have arrived that’s. So funny we were following punches on two punches place follow punches Sun woo the Sun.

So beautiful or oh my gosh. I need to see that closer we made it hey your son showed us how to get here – Oh Chad oh yeah this come on we’re back Indonesia oh. I was telling Abby.

I’m so sad today’s our last day here we could really use another week even just Somali buddy more in the island just rent a bike, and explore that, and see a bit off the matrix cuz we’re having a traditional Indonesian meal Abby. And I have been eating.

So many peanuts they have like the best homemade peanuts ever Pig marinated them, and oh. So good, and now we’re going to try some chicken fish, and vegetables more peanuts no go ahead keep them they’re warm up oh my gosh they’re war yep good morning is way too early it’s about 4:00 in the morning while shoots five now we left our place at 4:00, and now we have cleared customs. So in about an hour we catch a flight to kuala lumpur which is malaysia.

And We’ve got about a five hour layover there, and then after that we go to japan, and we’re going to be meeting with Abby’s older sister Katie, and her boyfriend Mark. So be really cool to see them. I haven’t seen them.

And I guess something like seven months now, and yeah it’d be nice to be reunited today is a big day for Abby. And I today is our four years four years ago we officially started dating it all started when I offered Lee asked her out by the beach on the set you know my rock she almost said no.

But then she known very well, and he was all son like you want my girlfriend. I was like oh okay no skiers that’s the story for another day anyways. I’m just telling Abby now that.

I’ve got hotter for four years, and no longer have a manufacturer’s warranty on her. And I’m stuck with her there’s a few defects were there but I guess, I’ll just have to you know try to smooth those out.

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