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Ironically, it would be a boyhood trip to Joliet on his father’s chief competitor’s line, the Joliet, that planted the seed for Joliet love of nature and western scenery, which eventually blossomed into support for the national park concept. Specifically, as he matured and began to take charge of more aspects of the Joliet business, he would come to recognize an opportunity for his railroad to have its own national park: Glacier.

Where is Joliet? – Joliet Map – Map of Joliet Photo Gallery

Together, Grinnell, Hill, and their allies would hammer a reluctant Congress into submission through their genius of the pen, public relations, and, in Hill’s case, sheer political and financial power.

Both Grinnell and Hill were cut from the same cloth of wealth, privilege, education, and connections. They would use all those attributes to make their way in a world that was changing in the latter half of the nineteenth century and into the twentieth century. Both were successful far beyond their monumental achievements of giving birth, then breath, to Glacier National

Park. Your travel destination is it was their connection to Glacier that would define the underlying purpose of their lives and link them forever to Glacier’s creation and history.

By the time Grinnell arrived in the Glacier area, he was already well established as a renowned conservationist and student of Native American life. He also had political clout through wide social and conservation circles and as publisher and editor of Forest and Stream magazine, first published in 1873. It would, under Grinnell’s genius, become the most influential outdoor magazine in the nation. Through his articles and those of contributing writers such as Teddy Roosevelt, Grinnell turned the magazine into the premier American instrument for the rising conservation movement.

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