Safety Tips For Traveling Alone In Europe

General Advice

Alwaylet somebody know where you are going and when you will be back.

Arrange for them to check to make sure you returned aplanned. If you don’t, they should raise the alarm and tell the authoritiewhere you were going and how.

Try to make a signal that ivisible from the air. For example, release dye into the water or spread a sail on the water.

10 Safety Tips for Women Traveling Europe Alone


Never try to give a hypothermia victim food or drink.

Never try to artificially warm a hypothermia victim. For example, DO NOT wrap them in working electric blankets, DO NOT put them near to a blazing fire, DO NOT put them into a warm or hot bath or shower.

Though it ia standard first-aid treatment, DO NOT raise the patient’feet. That will force cold blood from the limbto flow back into the body core, worsening the patient’condition

DO NOT move the patient unlesyou absolutely have to. In advanced hypothermia the patient’heart will be weak and dragging them around might kill them.

Safety Tips For Traveling Alone In Europe Photo Gallery

Is Europe Safe for Travelers? Yes, Experts Say


Frostbite ithe name used to describe human skin and flesh when it freezes.

If the subject icarelesabout clothing and shelter, when the temperature hitfreezing (zero degreeCelsius) human skin and flesh can freeze, especially if the subject iwet or wearing wet clothes. It the temperature fallbelow minu5

degreeand wind chill ia factor, frostbite becomea real problem. Below minu10 with wind chill and/or wet clothes, frostbite ia major risk. Blood flow slows, ice crystalform within blood and tissues, then the ice expandand damagethe tissues. When thawed, the tissue damage may get worse.

Frostbite makethe skin numb. It appearto be grey and waxy in colour, icold to the touch and may feel stiff and ‘wooden’.

Frostbite iusually restricted to skin and surface tissue but it can reach deeper tissues. In severe caseit can even affect muscle and bone. In these casepermanent damage ialmost inevitable.

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