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Off to another country what’s up guys we are on our way now to the secret location thank you one hour later we are now landing in Calgary, and it. So there’s this like random person on airdrop, and basically you can give them files while they declined my request.

And I tried to feed them a photo. I sent them a PNG of Drake sitting Victorian if you’re reading this you just got punished we’re now heading to Frankfurt Germany we are in Frankfurt yes massive airport our airplane got here late. Because the Austrian ski squad was on her flight.

And So they had to like stole all their skis below the deck after boarding was completed just like delayed as an hour we almost didn’t get this. I like we were the last ones to board basically like we just ran like two K maybe not two K. But with all these bags it feels like it will take us to our secret location guys check it out pink sky pink hair is how we’re being welcomed it’s a lot of pink this is five o’clock guys the days are so short right now gonna keep the cliffhanger organ it’s a Christmas Day miracle oh my gosh oh how are you there’s the ride we’re in Estonia guys which is a country I’d never ever plan to come to. I just didn’t even know anything about it. So I’m.

So excited to be here, and it’s nice, and chilly. I’m sheets a but I think it’s one degree right now this is like one of those things where we’re coming in with no expectations’ no idea of what we’re going to see.

But uh yeah we’re really comfy here. I guess. I should tell you why.

I’m here too the reason being. I’m actually speaking at a startup conference the event is called start-up it’s a play on words. Because it’s in Tartu.

Map of Estonia Photo Gallery

I’m one of the main stage speakers definitely brings a new set of pressures but. I’m really excited to take on that challenge, and Abby is actually hosting a workshop. I know.

I’m social media she made it to the hotel Travel days are tough. But when you get your hotel room mix it all worth it six, and a half hours late hello. So we’re an amazing breakfast buffet right now.

I’m very impressed this is an extravagant very nice yeah also comment down below if you’re Sonia know don’t really know. I need onehans to watch my posts. So this might not be trippy to you.

But right now it’s nine o’clock guys the Sun is just rising, and like when I looked out there it looked like a painting. Because it didn’t fit like what my mind thought would be outside hey you must be Robert.

So this is the camera setup, and this is Robert Robert what do you do on our radar radar yeah top 10 TV show is doing yeah ah cool. And I get to. I’m in for estonians all right oh wow wow this is a huge opportunity then okay guys it’s Lars turn listen are more popular in my blog right now you’re Christie right now Christian is.

I’m ready to go on an Arctic expedition or just you know go outside here in Estonia okay guys. I have to introduce you to two people this is hans, and kept that I have to say it like five times to get it but I think.

I said it okay right yeah you guys are showing us around Estonia yeah we’re showing like dill town at the moment. But afterwards we’re going to yes. I’m excited about the nature excited for me that’s like what.

I’m really into. So where are we going now other things no old town all right let’s check it out floor we got camera crews today yeah there’s a lot of personality here. I always love go in the old town to places.

Because you get so much more of the culture how old is Estonia do you know ya actually feelin turned a 100 years old today oh happy birthday Finland. So kata kita cut that okay.

So Kat Kat tada get them get them. So Kat dad actually studies in Finland yeah yeah years now. So Finland is just to the north of Estonia correct yeah yeah two hours way to ship.

So it’s really close yeah. I heard people from Finland come get alcohol here in Estonia it’s cheaper here in Estonia oh it looks like the entrance to a Catholic. I love this we have another guy here today to show us around in this dunya this is Frank Frank is one of the locals he’s a little quiet.

But he’s still a good guy sometimes silence speaks more than worth guys. So I can see speckles of snow coming down we could be in luck here. I would love to see some snow awhile in stone eeeh little mmm if you want to hear kind of like the basics of Estonia in ten minutes plus some fun facts like the fact that they have the highest amount of sports models per capita well check out the post link down below what’s your name Helen nice to meet you hon.

I’m Christiane. But this area why. I talk about this year.

Because the black lines that we can see on the ground yeah houses used to be some old business with medieval houses before the 44 March puppies Wow this was all obliterated then. So that st. Nicholas’s Church basically it was totally obliterated in 1950 1944 when the russians had bombed this area all of this was filled with medieval houses yeah we have nothing left in the area, and then this is what it looked like after right straight after the bombing as well, and the last the third picture sort of we have.

So much history here that we’re trying to share with you guys. But we’re in a very big time crunch to get out of here. Because we have to head to another location quite soon.

So the church we just showed you was built in the 13th century. So I think that kind of gives you an idea how old some of the stuff is here, and right now we’re going through one of the medieval villages that was not bomb. So it still stands you guys this right here is the Christmas market look at that tree that is one big-ass tree my hands are falling having a hard time talking.

I’m not gonna announce it in words, and outlook was enunciated. I know my hand. I didn’t bring a glove horrible idea.

I’m losing the feelings in my hands for fill our coastal house. So it’s 600 years old for non-alcoholic hot wine whoo they have alcohol you have alcohol a hard one whoa okay no no chill no chill no in this square they put the first public Christmas tree in the world at 1441, and the Latvians try to steal credit hello darkness my old friend. I’ve come to talk with you again.

Because a vision softly creeping left its seeds while. I was sleeping this is. So ural feeling the square here yeah it’s really pretty you’re a triplet yeah that’s right.

And So your thing is my thing is nature, and nature photography here, and now also just like shooting people, and making posts with a post camera you guys can check it out online. But just search lost in ecstasy, and you’ll find his post alright guys. So this is our rental car right here look at this hey it closes.

We’ve got to do a little bit of moving around to get everything to fit here. But now we’re heading to where we going now, and we’re heading to fit that one it’s set go to remember pronounce it like they’re a pretty beautiful nature users excited. I say it’s like tight in here.

I mean like what the heck how are people fitting in here kind of tight how you guys doing back how’s the attitude oh my gosh guys so. We’ve driven about an hour it’s a lot colder here it’s also the sun’s going down. I know.

But at least. I feel like. I’m in Estonia this is kind of how.

I pictured it a bit whiter. But it’s time to put on like three more jackets all right. So right now.

I’m going to changing sauna. Because what we’re about to do involves being outside look at this guy right here hello hi oh are you a husky you know. I’m a blue.

I write a beautiful dodge this is Ricky he’s from Finland, and he’s coming with us on our tour yeah okay okay. So this is the Estonian starter kit headlamp 15 layers, and a good spirit yeah ready for this okay oh this is. So cool guys this is called a kick sled hi guys girls doing, and snowmen yeah oh that thing right there.

I like them a lot when there’s no snow super icy dangerous yeah no fair. I want to Turkey trying to hold my blog camera while doing this is not going to be a possibility. So it’s going away for now you’re in last place now that we’re done with our ski sleds what are we doing now are we’re gonna play disc golf in the dark what’s disco Oh disc golf earth yeah cool, and then one of them is lit up, and then we throw them at something sure it’s only on the blog little hard do it for Estonia yes.

So is that this game we just played is that popular here in Estonia yeah it’s the getting warm warm around a bad it only feels like – born here score let’s go are we going now now we were hating to quit one hour later here comes warmth gonna assume that’s the women. Because as far as. I remember ah.

I think they’re a little bit worried about theft here they’re on to you Abby. I got some duck Bon Appetit just keep swimming spend some some time soon. I found ya there you are just got back from the spa water side of the hotel, and they’ve got like this full-on like waterpark like.

I didn’t bring my camera. But there was like a wave pool going to bed now guys cuz tomorrow morning’s another super full day like we’re running. So hard when we’re here in Estonia like.

I don’t know where we’re gonna fit the time into edit stuff, and like get the work done. I’m going to be speaking at that event in like two days. And I having started preparing what.

I’m going to say. So somewhere in the midst of all this craziness. I got to figure that out.

But anyways guys it’s time to go to bed for us. Because we are still a little jet-lagged. But tomorrow we should be good if you made it this far in the post please give it a big thumbs up, and guys have a good night let’s get lost again tomorrow.

I smile. I’ve come in to talk with you.

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