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Hey, and there’s lamb then there was one that you guys have left me then is editing the blog. So that you can get one up tonight.

So fix bed we as a meat, and lamb are heading through Tom’s a Lake Holly home they stop like really good spot just outside of Siem Reap to catch the sunset. So that’s how we are ending day two in Siem Reap, and really really excited to check out what should be a beautiful sunset member recruiting villages right now. And I’m already see houses on stilts we actually just went by a lotus farm which looks really really pretty of those love to flown the drone there but.

I’m really excited to see what till my stop looks like about 30 minutes outside of Siem Reap, and so. We’ve got. I got about another 15 minutes.

Because. I just paid 40 US dollars is getting me a private boat here. So if you have any we much much cheaper.

But it’s all good. So we’re boarding the boat just down here look at this yeah Canada yeah how do you Kristin yes are you my guide yeah ah nice to meet you what the name just in yes good all right on to the yellow one yeah thank you this is my private mode apparently off we go hopefully stop. I’m excited, and my guide fun seems like a real ton of fun this is the biggest lake in Southeast Asia yeah Wow.

So right now we are on ton my stop. I just had one of my most spectacular drone flight ever this was so much grander than.

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I expected in my mind. I was thinking aw it can be kind of dinky like a few little houses on stilts this is an entire community living on like a boat basically everyone has these very very simple floating systems it’s very very picturesque. So so glad.

I came here it was worth it in every single sense this is something out of this world, and the sunset is completely unobstructed. I’m getting nothing about my money’s worth here this is worth every single penny Hoff’s comes, and goes when they stop, and do the boat tour it’s so so cool ton was telling me that essentially this is entirely a fishing village the problem is fish have been overfished, and the population is degrees therefore it’s getting harder, and harder to sustain this community, and they don’t exactly make good money.

So it’s hard for them to move into the main, and to adapt to the Cambodian society you’ll to mention that a lot of people living here don’t want to live you necessarily. So a lot of them do want to move to the mainland. But they don’t necessarily have that flexibility at this point.

Because of money. So one of the good things about these tours is that it actually reinvests a lot of money back into communities like this or. So I hope.

So on a very surface level it looks beautiful but I can see how this probably isn’t the dream life for everyone. So this is without a doubt going down as one of the coolest things.

I’ve done in my entire time here in Cambodia, and the night is off to an amazing start with this sunset the sunset is spectacular the best thing about the Cambodian sunsets that. I’ve seen. So far is that there’s often some sort of like a weird haze like cloud cover that goes on.

But it’s very thin, and what it does to the Sun is it actually makes it like basically cover the entire sky with redness, and right now even the brown water almost looks like a fluorescent blue with an orange bouncing off of it it’s way too nice the best thing. I’ve ever seen they took like a Toyota Corolla steering wheel, and hooked it up to the boat. So apparently.

I’m going to try riding the boat yeah one it was the gap now they driving for a new captain where do you want to go trick that’s local today we just got dropped off at an area where people can come, and get food they can get snack basically a beautiful sauce lots of sunset. I’ve even been told there’s a few for a few things here they can like hold a snake or try crocodile they actually eat crocodile, and snaking spillage, and yeah you can try the hole here oh my gosh this is like me who do, and that’s the live one oh that’s okay that one’s crocodile me, and that snake me almost like a beef jerky. So that is how long these snakes can get here that’s a little scary.

But if the Python at least not a Cobra this is a little tiny alligator it is hectic Oh catfish fungus all this makes it thick fish oh wow there are just a giant pen of crocodiles what Carolee say it’s unexpected. Because I literally didn’t expect anything from this place. But it’s not expected.

I paid $40 definitely not cheap but I got my own boat. And I got to meet good, and honestly just had the best time we have a proof.

I think it makes sense to get your own private hope there’s one stop on this tour that we actually skipped by my choice there is a orphanage just off the right there all right over there up the orphanage. And I read online that basically if you go to the orphanage they’re going to try to peer pressure you into donating through my rice facilities or whatever else, and another thing that’s a bad thing this could very well be a village that needs a lot of your help. But for me I’d rather donate my own ways.

I chose to forego the orphanage visit, and my boat driver gave me no problem about that at all, and enough the second time. So I’m not recommending you skip it but I skipped it.

And I’m happy. So are you happy leave the post thumbs up if you’re happy. I have absolutely had the best time here in Cambodia.

I mean going to be fully honest my favourites still lie with the Philippines island but I very much had a great time near Cambodia my travels up East Asia quite a bit my first time here. I had some mixed reviews this time it’s nothing.

But positives. I met the best people. I’ve had the most amazing experiences is.

So much fun traveling it with Ben, and Ronnie this is our final full day here in Cambodia we’re actually leaving tonight to go to Bangkok. So we got a flight ahead of ourselves. I got to get back.

So that. I don’t miss my flight. We’ve gotten in a little slow.

But let’s go – all right off we go what is it too much okay. I got a try making a hard pass on the right guys if you’re coming here make sure you request to, and he is amazing he’s a photographer he’s a hammie Mac, and he’s so so helpful thank you.

So much your help scheduling. I really appreciate it you’re the best seriously thank you hello how are you alright thank you very much Lim your hands are full but I appreciate your help today guys he’s linked down below if you need a guide here in Siem Reap Lam is your guy alright.

So Lam has dropped me off we’re back, and the guys here have been chillin here it’s maddening time to go to my second home one of my favorite cities in the entire world Bangkok let’s go there’s the rides we got to fit everything in here let’s do it ready let’s say my top three are this number three probably goes for the poor mountain. I truly love getting up there, and just experiencing conquering the mountain that almost killed us, and destroyed our bike our pride our drone everything it left us with nothing number two would be the floating market, and probably my number one definitely my number one hanging out at some stuff for three days just being in koh rong, and enjoying being on that tropical environment that’s definitely my number one out of all of cambodia whole rung is my number one pick. I’m a bit biased.

Because I love being in the islands definitely need to check out cold rock. So my face, and the driver right now right now we’re driving into oncoming traffic in the oncoming lane you know that song yeah. So very popular yeah very popular.

I was just singing the song. We’ve been hearing all over Cambodia like fully holy, and just basically goes like that knows the lyrics. And I think the driver look back it just laughs.

I guess. I better inform them all right guys has marked the end of Cambodia mile we have arrived in the Kingdom of Thailand, and we flew with a Thai smile they’re owned by high Airways. And I highly recommend it doctor you’re really good now you’re in Bangkok we love thank God landing at 7 – Bumi Airport can often be a bit of a nightmare you usually have to wait like 45 minutes to get through immigration you have to wait another half hour for a taxi luckily there is no lineup yet – good.

I’ve waited as long as an hour just to get a taxi here before that could be kind of annoying after a long travel day three what’s your name me laughs whee laughs Oh baby we’re bottoming out my children poking oh dear are we going to make it Bend first time to Bangkok yo. I know. I’m going to like it already Depot one of the few high words.

I know is Lloyd Jett, and Lloyd J means 107 has to go to radio station here in Bangkok here in bangkok int’l degrees like have your taxi drivers went on some good tunes with 107 that’s the one there’s been an accident in Thailand you do not open your door when you’re in traffic. Because there’s always motorcycles going in between traffic, and someone open the door, and a motorbike took out the door horse alright guys. We’ve arrived at our hotel room nice location can’t really say the same about the room don’t always get the room that you wanted.

Because you’re just booking based off of photos, and it looks a lot nicer online but I didn’t really research extensively if. I had looked at reviews probably could have avoided this this is like a this was very much a quick booking thing you can feel it each spring in your back.

But other than that we’re going to we’re going to get past it doesn’t matter you’re going to end of log here guys leave the post big thumbs up hit subscribe let’s get lost again in Bangkok tomorrow.

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