This is a day five of blogging Vancity, and today we’re going to be covering the lesser-known side of Vancouver we’re going to be showing you guys self Vancouver Chinatown, and East Vancouver all three of these neighborhoods have a lot of character a lot of personality they’ve got some beautiful sides they’ve got some rutger sides. But one thing’s for sure there’s a ton to see, and it’s not to show you guys.

I also forgot paper parking. So I need to go to my car we’re getting a brief on do. So good this is the definition of comfort food which is what Purdue is known for some macaroni, and cheese doesn’t pretty fondue my personal favorite.

I love chocolate fondue. And I love cheese fondue. So that was just a very small sample of what Berger has to offer.

But what’s really cool is this whole neighborhood is like. I don’t know. I’ve never really been here.

I might have driven past it but I just don’t remember it there’s like a beautiful Church right there there’s awesome little restaurants, and bars around here. So if you guys are coming through self vancouver like just before going over the bridge into downtown I would check out this whole area seems like there’s a lot of cool restaurants Oh alright guys we went about 10 minutes north, and we are now in Chinatown.

So just up here is East Hastings one of the roughest areas in all event Cooper, and the rest of this is Chinatown. So we’re gonna show you around welcome to Chinatown you’ll notice you’re in Chinatown. Because all the street lights are painted red you will also see a lot of Chinese architecture monuments statues.

So the statue here. I’ve it says let’s read this piece eternity fortune respect. And I can’t read Cantonese.

So I’m making that all up. But that’s a Chinese monument Shanghai alley, and there you are that is the Millennium gate, and right below it what up you came prepared yeah a too thick yeah welcome to the blog guys alright. So we met them at Pemberton that was like two three months ago now.

I’m like aiya me we’re Instagram models alright guys. So I’m starting to get modeling gigs. So they’re sort of Instagram, and now we’re like on you, and some posts about fashion, and yeah guess check it out definitely it’s all gonna be linked down below guys.


So you can take a look at what they’re doing Brandon, and Matt have VIP access to VFW Vancouver Fashion Week which is actually conveniently located here in Chinatown did you even know it was here. I did not even know let’s go check out the garden first up dr. Sun yat-sen park.

So I can be notoriously wrong in my facts. So you can fact check if you’d like but I believe that the Vancouver Chinatown is the second largest in all of North America yes go ahead, and call me out.

If I’m wrong the biggest is in San Francisco nice, and strong set on fire skin one two three oh just as soon as youtubers get together they always geek out over each other’s cameras. So I have to admit guys. I have not been here since a field trip in elementary school which would have been like 10 years ago now.

So for me. I’m exploring my own City right now, and you can see here there’s so much to be seen in Chinatown it just runs all the way down there she has been chosen.

I’m upset yeah that was rude comes up to Abby would you yeah didn’t want no one about it, and we’re trying to find it right now there’s this really novel thing that you have to come see if you’re in Chinatown maybe well maybe you don’t have to see it. But you’ll see it in the blog can you take my picture no you want your picture okay three two one Hey looks great. So this is the world’s narrowest building a Vancouver the world is that the world it’s the world yeah, and she was a you know what you then that’s something else is look hey again you know everybody’s gonna love your new you guys all gonna window a wash of the night you don’t maybe thank you.

So much what do you think that you live up to the hype like it you can’t even get in there it’s closed but I mean it’s here it is like extremely narrow world-famous building we search the top five things to see in Chinatown, and that was one of them that is the world’s narrowest building. I just saved you a bunch time probably not a whole lot more to see cool building.

So we have somehow made into a fashion show. I don’t we know we didn’t plan on that. So what are that really cool.

I’m wearing runners right rocks all good it’s okay she was posted over, and we didn’t yeah clearly b-boys Abby. And I have other things that we want to show you guys. So we’re not going to stick around here.

But nonetheless pretty cool here it is VFW what did you think it was a little slower than. I would have thought yeah. I’ve never been to one mm-hmm Matt, and Brandon are gonna stay there watch the whole show, and as for us we need to keep the show rolling lovebirds again.

I continued on there. But honestly you guys should really check out Matt, and Brandon they’re doing some really great things for men’s fashion they’ve got the Instagram the my blog game going, and they’re from Vancouver give him some love. I was actually pretty funny.

So Abby got asked for a photo for her outfit. But then the photographer didn’t ask for matter Brandon’s, and they were low-key hurt Vancouver is an extremely livable city it’s safe it’s clean, and aside from of being extremely expensive it’s basically got everything that you could possibly want oh, and it’s missing Sun a bit. But other than those two things it could be a little sunnier it could be a little cheaper.

But otherwise there’s not many better places in the entire world this is an incredible place to call home. I wanna Vancouver’s most iconic buildings yes this is my world science world okay this is. So that right there is science world, and there’s lots of science, and things that happen in this building there’s actually a IMAX theater right on top of it you can go watch fun science movies.

So if you guys like science make sure to give this post a thumbs up keep going straight look at the mountain range that is. So beautiful. So right now we’re in East Vancouver, and we’re going to a place that.

I’ve been arguably the most excited to see all day today no matter how hard. I try welcome to cartels this is the place to get Donuts in Vancouver what’s up guys what is totems known for uh we’re known for doing fresh donuts every day as much as possible our ingredients are locally sourced organic coffee oh my god it’s the Earl Grey the whiskey bacon or some of those popular ones which keep taking once Errol gray literally just a real great seed kind of thing yeah the doughnut itself the dough is infused with Earl Grey tea, and it’s got a troll Greg glaze, and then rose petals from wow. I think there’s like there’s a backstory right behind the cart M thing like it was a dream yeah.

So our owner Jordan he was working as a teacher in Korea, and in the middle of the night he had this dream that he owed a fancy donut shop, and the name of it in the dream was car towns, and he had the red boxes, and people were like cutting them with knives, and forth. So Jordan actually went to the same school as. I did.

So I actually have seen him speak he told that story about him having basically an incredible dream, and his dream turned into a reality which is now cart M donut tree. So we’re gonna have to try some of these high-end donuts, and we’ll report back to you in a sec judge how to buy the all gray, and true to its name it tastes exactly like you’d want an Earl Grey donut to taste like. I really like that this is the one.

I’m most excited to try bacon donut a match made in heaven. So we’re finishing our donuts, and then right across from us this is Nathaniel day of gun Nathaniel is also like a legit photographer slash postgrapher, and like he was just telling us like there’s like it’s too expensive to rent the studio in Vancouver. And So you’ll find other creatives just by going like coffee shops that have a plug forces you out of your office yeah it’s great way to meet people that’s how we just met.

So it’s pretty wicked yeah nice to meet you. And I miss meet you guys too we didn’t actually have a plan for dinner. So we asked Nathan fie knew anything around if the next place that we’re going to is no good then we’ll blame Nathan.

But otherwise. I’m going to take the credit for my next recommendation which is foundation here it is. So Khartoum’s is right there right there, and this is foundation to anything that’s gonna change there it is guys a nice vegan pasta.

I’m Holden – everyone good – everything that’s ever be a little bit of Fetty WAP with true notice actually not vegan at all well no it’s Michels wrong not it no it well hello vegetarian. I teriyaki subtle difference. But nothing looks.

So good you yeah really good meal you can see that blue outline over there that is BC place all lit up at night this is my kind of pickup truck look at that pick things up in style. So this is BC place here from across all right guys our final destination of blogging van city this here is the Olympic Village, and during the 2010 Winter Olympics it was built up. So all the athletes could stay here, and then once you limp it’s over they ended up selling them, and it’s a really cool spot Vancouver it’s really nice like some of the most it’s very expensive it’s expensive it’s some of the newest buildings in all Vancouver coffee shops apartments, and this is where we’re going this giant red building right they have all of the beers hooked up on tap.

So that it goes straight to the bar what what are you doing here Roger he’s the dude that popped a wheelie in crash oh yeah Roger to come to go at the craft beer market. I’ve actually never been here before take a look at all the tops we have 150 new jobs 137 beer 5 red wines by wives three sliders couple of kombucha teas money in the bank. So we just boarded a flight of years that are German, and Belgian inspired great wave of wanted eggs we animal over.

So that one’s the best one it’s like a peach cream isn’t it good okay. I don’t like it at all it’s so weird it’s like Guinness it’s very yeah basically if it’s less light, and brave routines all right.

So they brought us a new taste kit, and these are all extremely fruity from like strawberry pomegranate apricot see you later man thanks so much yeah we never spent any time in Olympic Village. So Bob said live here one day look how big that bird is so Roger treated us to an amazing tasting of all these awesome two years, and the crazy thing is we met Roger at Pemberton Music Fest live blog that if you guys will see the blogs there way back about three months ago, and we just like immediately hit it off like he’s such an easy to get along with kind of guys that’s cool. Because like you obviously meet other youtubers you become friends with. But it’s also cool how you can meet people who are like subscribe to you on my blog, and you might not even do to youtube that time, and you become like actual real-life friends with Evan.

So we’re just saying that’s very cool my blog can connect people from all around the world. So that is it for blogging Vancity round five we really hope you guys are done reading it yeah definitely it’s been a lot of work a lot of extra effort put into these blogs but I think the quality showed for itself.

And I want to know what did you guys think of it do you like seeing Vancouver or any city that you would like us to take the series to next calm it down below leave a thumbs up, and let’s get lost again tomorrow you guys tomorrow is a huge day for me you’ll see, and now it’s time to show you her ugly sister meet rank oeuvre these dreams.

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