It is cold this morning there’s frost everywhere not snow. But for us okay this a little bit of snow all day all night all day all night all day all night all day. I drove her hi there gotta get the sausage McMuffin with egg, and a combo yep the pond is actually frozen over.

I didn’t think that happened this year that’s. So cool every year there’s people who come, and play ice hockey out here. But again.

I just didn’t think it’d be cold enough all right. I’ve just arrived at the strip mall where my gym is, and staying true to my goals. I’m gonna run 5k today let’s get it.

I’m gonna leave my camera here cuz. I’m not gonna be that guy who brings a camera, and record himself in the gym. I will see you guys, and probably about an hour, and a half, and though it does not take me an hour, and a half to run 5k.

I’m noticing this really sharp pain while not noticing. I’ve had it for a while between my my rib cage. And I’m pretty positive that what caused it was.

I don’t know if you guys saw the elephant blog when Abby. And I went to the elephant jungle Sanctuary well. I got stuck between two elephants.

And I remember just like feeling like. I had never been hit. So hard in my life like the air was knocked right out of me, and ever since that’s happened like.

I’ve had like a kind of casual pain that’s gone on between my ribs, and it has not gone away since. So basically what. I’m trying to say is.


I have an elephant related injury not very common right now. I am borrowing my mom’s band to take the Christmas tree to the graveyard just shove it in this van seen it’s day of beatings. I used to take this thing camping, and like trust me it’s seen a lot worse.

I can tell you one thing this car has never smelled. So good you really can’t beat a mom van. I mean it’s perfect for picking up birches see what.

I did there birches it’s kinda tree, and there it goes another year, and a massive graveyard of fir trees sad sight it is absolutely stunning here. I cannot wait to get the drone up Oh laura is just on our way to meet me. And I just got some of the most beautiful drone shots.

I’ve ever seen in my life. I’m gonna take a break, and go back to my car just to heat up my hands are going absolutely numb. But look at the sky this is just one of those days why you rationalize putting up with all the rain we got Vancouver just gets poured on.

But every now, and then we get just an incredible day like this, and it truly is one of the most beautiful places in the world. I highly recommend Vancouver to anyone who wants to see some of nature’s finest things like beautiful forests mountains wildlife it’s incredible here ok here comes the slowest person in the world we were supposed to be here like an hour ago, and she’s finally here. So we are not currently on good terms this is so beautiful my assistant finally showed up finally have some to carry around my drone well. I do all my blogging this is absolutely stunning one of the finer sights not talking about the view when I was flying my drone as usual.

I got tons, and tons of questions, and people were coming over to see what was on the iPhone screen. Because you can see what the drone sees using the iPhone here, and everyone would stand like you know a couple feet away from me, and all the sudden. I had three four people around me, and the ice started to crack you could hear all this cracking going on, and luckily no one went through the ice well one guy did but.

I wasn’t around we are walking to find a nice place to do my QA. I’ve left all the snapchats unopened. And I’m going to find a nice spot where we can film the screen when.

I open them that way you can actually see the person asking the question what they’re asking, and from there. I will respond to the best of my ability. And I’m just hoping there’s no dick pics please don’t send dick pics if you send them send them to Abby beyond this gate lies adventure.

So we are venturing off where no one has ever been set those people over there there’s many people who have been here today okay go. So right as. I’m doing my Q&A.

I have come across a heron, and these are some really really big birds. I’m sure it’s going to take off pretty soon here here Hey look at the wingspan on that thing holy, and the Sun is now setting, and this is the beautiful sky we’re left with. I just picked her up we’re gonna go get some sushi at the place that was close like two days ago when we tried sushi Mori it’s delicious yum all Umoja mom this is my favorite place for sushi in all of White Rock thank you yeah this is where you would say don’t Attica domo arigato mr.

Roboto Domo Domo can. I sit okay. So when leaving you’re saying goodbye or thank you.

I guess in a Japanese restaurant you would say domo arigato gozaimasu yeah that’s right cool fine block domo arigato it means thank you domo arigato gozaimasu means thank you very much that’s a bit more polite anyways this is the end of the blog for tonight. I’m going to go back to Abby’s edit, and then go back to my house to upload. So I’m gonna have a bit of a late night tonight.

But that’s what comes with the job see you guys tomorrow.

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