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Hey guys it is my final day here in Thailand, and it’s been unbelievable. I’ve had.

So much fun here, and pretty cool. I just realized the warm white hostel has like this rooftop terrace area goodbye to this crazy, and beautiful city. I’m just going to meet Ronnie at this hotel now, and we are heading to Manila just checked out of the warm white Hospital guys.

I have been there for five days. And I give it a master seal approval you can tell a lot about a business by its owner. And I’ve gone to know Fernando over the past two weeks really, and just such a great genuine guy, and the staff work there are some of the most helpful you’ll ever find, and highly recommended if you guys are in the Bangkok coulson area before.

I leave Thailand there’s one thing. I had to do some of you may be wondering where did Matt go he’s got four months ahead of him through Southeast Asia think he’s going to Cambodia Laos Vietnam Malaysia, and his dad lives up north in Thailand. So he’s gonna spend quite a bit of time there on to the next chapter.

I think he’s still the best go son sir what up what up we are at 7:00 every airport Ronnie. And I are about to get on our flight to Manila, I’ll be in the Philippines for like 45 days Ronnie will be there for a week to two weeks reminder if you come to the Philippines make sure you get your return ticket house Rani didn’t do that. And So they actually are holding his ticket until he shows evidence that he’s going to be leaving the country needless to say if we were tight for time this would be a bit stressful but.

We’ve got plenty of time Ronnie’s going to book a ticket online, and we’re good to go towstee from Family Mart it’s no 7-eleven. But it’ll do breaks my heart another juggler giving up on his dreams if you’re a tourist you are eligible for a bat refund. I bought that Panasonic lens, and the GoPro session.

So I’m going to get refunded like $30 plastic tile. I’m give your people who are about to get on a flight, and they just decide they’re gonna take a break big time this is the price of being a drone enthusiast you look like a bit of a turtle. So he’s got his phantom in there he’s got laptop GoPro Sony camera all the good stuff we have cleared customs there’s this cool little figure going on over here it’s a depiction of the Battle of.

How to Travel in Thailand Photo Gallery

I have no idea it’s time to get paid excellent 25 bucks okay. I took this photo at Songkran. And I sent it to Matt, and look it’s been reposted in a page called hot some guys, and there’s how many followers 145 140,000.

So Ronnie, and Matt are on the hot sand guys just about three weeks in Thailand has come to a conclusion it’s been phenomenal you guys have been to Thailand it should be one of the top on your list it’s so amazing here going to Manila it’s about a three, and a half hour flight. I see what’s the deal with airline food.

So Philippines Airlines brings ice cream out. I’m sold there must be traffic in the artwork movin circling, and are finally coming down but I still cannot see a single thing we have arrived vanilla look everyone there is hope before after Wow Rani what would you look like just a little side note that uh you know results may vary per person it doesn’t always end up like this priorities.

So Manila does exist we were like circling up in the air for the longest time, and it’s so hazy you could not see the city. So I was like what the heck’s going on isn’t even a real city we finally came in, and once you actually saw the ground the housing is some of the most densely populated.

I’ve ever seen the houses were almost stacked on top of each other there was. So close you would have seen it in the post. But pretty excited to check out Manila.

I’ve never been here outside of the airport, and definitely a big city. I can’t be real that’s amazing. So this is Michael, and Geno, and we were just in this Avenue brewery Airport in Bangkok.

And I think only like an hour before that Geno had posted a photo on Instagram saying like thank you Christian for making the octave sky bar blog. Because it showed them where to go for a great drink, and here they were in line like an hour later after the Instagram that, and they’re actually going to be driving me, and Ronnie to our Best Western hotel tonight yeah have a boss her father yeah he’s got a little crush shut up so. We’ve got the fried fish got soup fried pork big crap like we had a full-on traditional Filipino meal, and if we would have had if it was this thing for Michael it you know thank you guys.

So much they showed us the local gems here in Manila, and yeah could be anymore think it’s not beagle the vehicle yeah it’s a breath of meat Oh God what’s up guys we have just checked into her place at the Best Western La Coruna in Manila from what. I was told it’s kind of in the Manila Bay area we’re still trying to get our heads around Manila it’s such a big city driving here was chaotic like the traffic is like nothing. I’ve seen other than Ho Chi Minh City feels good to be here Bangkok was.

So much fun. But it was comfortable, and now. I’m in Manila kind of thrown back on my feet.

I literally have no idea where. I am no idea what’s going on, and it’s a crazy chaotic place you guys will see pretty soon tonight we’re going to relax a little bit. I’m gonna add it a bit get a post up, and tonight we’re gonna go check out Munoz nightlife all right guys it’s really big day for me the first time in a while that.

I’m gonna be able to wear something other than my at us. I’m gonna put it on some real shoes today the big ones they’re called jeepneys, and that’s how the locals get around actually they basically just pile people on into the back of it it’s super cheap. I think last time.

I took one it’s cost me like $1 to go like half an hour. So we’re just trying to take money of the ATM it didn’t work. But there was literally a full family sleeping outside of that ATM, and within two minutes of trying to get money out.

I was there 504 kids asking for money it’s rough. I need to be very careful where. I’m taking my camera out.

I don’t want to attract the most attention all my family all my wife children grandchildren sleeping brother only me here alright thank you very much thank you very much the amazing story yeah thank you very much keep up the good work enjoy tonight’s that will probably be the highlight of my night just talking to that taxi driver. So he was explaining to us how the taxi model works basically they don’t own the cars they rent them on a daily basis, and they pay roughly with gas included about 2700 Filipino pesos which is like almost 780 US dollars a day probably. I think that’s close to what it is that’s a lot of money especially for someone who’s not making much.

Because the cost is. So high he’ll drive 24 hours, and then after 24 hours his partner will take over in drive 24 hours, and then they rotate 24 24 24. So he works three days a week he hasn’t one day off a week he actually sends home money to his family every week he sends back more money.

And So he’s putting his five kids through school right now, and paying for his wife who is living in a province, and he explained that he only sees his family once a month like these people have it. So hard, and yet they’re so grateful they just see the best out of everything.

I have to say there’s a reason. I’m back in the Philippines. I asked him as well if you ever wanted to build things, and he’s like you know like.

I’m 53 now, and he kind of saw that as like almost too old to leave the Philippines he said. But you know if God willing. I was just kind of blown away by it, and he was explaining that he would never want his kids to be in Manila even if he could afford it.

Because it’s not a great place for kids to grow up, and he explained how in the province its kids go to the church every day, and they’re becoming very involved with the music at the church, and they’re born-again Christians. And I just thought such an amazing story Wow not made my night. So we are definitely in the rich part of Manila now the last Club was shitty we’re going to another one we’re going to Valkyrie now might not be that good, and honestly it’s like 2:30 right now.

So it’s good free late thank you alright guys. So we are now at belfry no crystal open what amazing a whole good alright guys we were just even the Valkyrie now, and literally the Sun is rising it’s almost 6:00 in the morning it’s been an extremely late night. But a lot of fun tomorrow is going to be another great day in Manila.

So, I’ll see you guys tomorrow until then every night. I get the Sun gets on the get some extra deck is the sunrise on the bus a road oh no II knew ok 400 no we made the fries bro do you have 5000 this Drive come. I dress come come.

I Drive easy come good buddy mr. come on it’s far from here ha ha ha we got you’re in traffic problem we pee we paid 200 to get here in traffic Oh friends Mabini come on more Hatton’s price Oh Kanna.

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