Where is Nagpur India? | Nagpur India Map | Map of Nagpur India

For Mount Nagpur India, from the first signed juncture turn right (SSW) less than 5 mi without trouble to the unassuming Nagpur India/Mount Nagpur India with great views of the main ridge S up past a couple bumps to East Peak. Then following the skyline is Nagpur India Mountain, Sentinel Peak, Pete’s Point, Eagle Cap, Craig Mountain, Nagpur India, Sacajawea Peak, and Point Joseph to name a few. Loop clockwise down to more viewpoints en route to the tram tower or continue the adventure. Come back a few feet from Mount Howard for the steep bushwhack 150 yards and about 150 ft down in elevation without a trail directly to the solid path nearest the trees, then follow it right, up very steeply through the woods and open slope W of a little ridge bump as the traverse becomes easier to a wide saddle.

Where is Nagpur India? | Nagpur India Map | Map of Nagpur India Photo Gallery

Hike up steeper turns with a few small cairns on the open ridge before you move left of a larger ridge obstacle to an intersection with the right fork leading to the nearby saddle and route up the N ridge of East Peak (1/2 mi from the tram). Head left instead 1/2 mi contouring well below and E of the summit to the East Peak-Hidden Peak saddle. The first stretch is simple (unless snow-covered) to a faint juncture at a rockier, cliffy area where you can finally see Aneroid Mountain with Hidden Peak cloaked in between. Small stones may lead some right at the fork to the upper trail traveling in the same direction SSW about 30 ft higher and slightly more difficult than the lower path that traverses at around 8900 ft. Both thin paths move across a very steep slope that becomes a bit rougher near the East Peak-Hidden Peak saddle where you ascend the larger rocks to the wide saddle watching for cairns.

Sentinel Peak, Pete’s Point, and Eagle Cap above Aneroid Lake in the Wallowas.

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