Oh. So this is my old house when.

I was like. I think. I left here when.

I was like seven years old. And I came back to this neighborhood maybe once when I was about 16.

But even now it’s just it’s so cool to come back, and see everything from like my old neighborhood the old streets where. I used to play as a kid.

I remember that’s used to be my best friend across the street where we used to collect worms this is. So cool. So I knocked to try to get permission.

But no one answered. So this is my old home like. I was saying, and this is at the corner of the driveway.

I remember leaving a loonie here, and my finger at my handprint look how small my hand was at the time oh my gosh that’s. So cool literally when I was a little child Roxy like.

So surreal for me great yeah it brings back. So many memories yeah sorry there’s a big loop, and it comes all the way around this is. So cool.


So we would come out of the cul-de-sac or the Crescent area, and we’d come, and take our bikes here. And I remember this light was probably like seven years old, and we get little caesars right there, and all of these stores have changed we didn’t have it two morons at the time, and there was a blockbuster somewhere like right there, and now we’re go get Little Caesars at my old pizza place yes today is nowhere near it it’s total it’s just raining this morning there is lightning coming down, and yeah. I don’t even know if we’re gonna be able to see the Falls very well just cuz it’s gonna be.

So cloudy, and Misty. But it’s actually blowing over a little bit just over there is the drop-off point hey guys. So the rain is picking up a little bit which is great.

I’m now going into turtle mode. So I’m putting my arms aside my poncho gotta go. So we’re here at the beginning of the falls, and it’s actually quite hard to see them.

Because there’s so much miss their eyes off it not to mention the entire sky is mist area then we head to Ottawa which is also in Ontario. But it’s further.

So this is the second largest waterfall as far as water volume goes in the world, and it is killer like it’s a horseshoe shape. So it goes all the way over there you might not be able to see if there’s. So misty, and down below is the Maid of the Mist there’s a boat where they take all these people with ponchos, and they get.

So so we’re heading out now we’re going to go back to welcome to my crib just kidding this is my little cousins room kind of creepy. But today we went for some wings, and dinner with my other aunt, and uncle. I’ve got a lot of family over here in Ontario, and now we’re gonna go for Dairy Queen my uncle the one we’re staying with is taking us to Dairy Queen we’re gonna get some blizzards.

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