It is day four in Vegas, and we are now going on our hike to Devil’s Rock Kenya. I think.

I made up the name but, I’ll figure it out we realize Red Rock Canyon 30 minutes outside of Vegas, and that’s correct, and that’s wrong as this is my chance to save money on car insurance tell me how I can save money arrived here at the Red Rocks, and they are gorgeous that’s all. I have to say about two years ago.

I think now my mom. And I went hiking in Moab, and Moab’s in Utah, and it’s also very well-known for Red Rock like this. I wasn’t blogging back then.

So I didn’t have it any footage to show. But it was an amazing trip. So I think when Oh God a big beetle yeah crush it okay he’s playing dead, I’ll go is he gonna spray something at me he literally jumped on his back scale that wall nice jump alright guys after hiking about three hours we finally made it here up here may have seemed way more intense that it is we just came down the hill, and now we’re showing up here lame jump in if you look at the rocks you can actually see that they’re all layered layer by layer as years have pressed down sediment like a ready rock that literally looks like someone removed like the cork in a bottle of wine just dropped it here let’s read they even come from do dropping there when you continue to scale the rocks, and it’s really easy to climb the factory they’re pretty much like a natural staircase the way they’re all leveled up makes for a good climb after all these over-the-top American meal.


I could use a bit of a workout this is great yeah these aren’t spiderwebs actually they’re caterpillars. Because they make a little silk nest before they hatch their eggs oh look at all the caterpillars in there we have just about reached the peak okay so. We’ve reached the peak pretty much which is right here the only way to get through seems to be between here do.

I do it alright you can drive. So I’ve managed to get myself up here. But this side is just too smooth.

And I’ve had to admit defeat well we have made it to the furthest lookout point that we have time for today. So we have to started we parked over there walk down here explored the cave walked back up climbed around here came all the way over here through here now we’re here, and don’t fall down there welcome to Red Rock Canyon look how happy is a little wagon tail on to the next one hike through White Rock the hike all together is gonna take about two, and a half hours, and there’s apparently a natural spring that runs through here. So it’s known for getting wired wired like wildlife going through here to get water to survive.

Because they’re in the desert we got some baby cacti you get sharp the end point is just a bunch of red rock. But through a little bit more we got a better look what’s down there it’s pretty windy up here does it like blogs all the wind through that hopefully that sounds not too bad. Because the wind is quite strong here we’re back at our car, and we’re gonna head back to our place hey guys status update.

I am kind of burnt the Sun well. I put sunblock all over my back my shoulder is my collarbone but I forgot my face.

So that’s what you get whatever it’s not too bad. I just got off a Skype call with a company, and they do travel insurance, and they help people by insuring their equipment when they travel. And I’m gonna have you know enough stuff on me that.

I do want to look into having my stuff insured. Because it would be a bit of a setback pretty devastating if. I ever have my stuff stolen or lost whatever.

So I’m gonna look into that before. I leave for Bangkok in let’s see nine days now nine days till. I leave.

So it’s coming up really soon if you guys have been hanging in there since you saw me quit my job since you saw me mow my lawn. I’m sure some of you guys are thinking okay. I enjoy your blogs but.

I’m tired of seeing you mow your lawn things are gonna get really interesting. I’m really really excited to be heading back to Asia, and things. I can guarantee you will get spicy.

I don’t know. If I’m gonna keep that at it. I just finished editing my blog for the night, and tomorrow morning we’re going straight to the Grand Canyon.

So tomorrow’s gonna be a really big day we leave at 6:00 in the morning, and it’s a four-hour drive to get there. So we want to be there before noon we’ll get breakfast, and all that before getting there, and it’s gonna be a lot of fun. I’ve never been to the Grand Canyon it’s one of the seven wonders of the world when you’re on there’s Skype date with Bay.

I miss you. So panasonic has now sent my gh4, and today I ordered an ND filter Gorillapod. So I can have a tripod, and two backup batteries.

And I don’t know if. I mentioned this earlier. But GoPro is also sending me a brand new gopro hero4 black.

Because although. I shot my entire last trip on hero4 silver, and it did an amazing job. I want to be able to shoot 4k, and slow-motion, and the fourth black is the only one that really can accommodate that all right uploaded a blog, and have it scheduled for tomorrow at 7:30 a.

M. So it feels good to have that done, and over with. I’m going to bed.

I just got off skype flora, and tomorrow’s an early early morning see you in tomorrow’s blog for day 5 in Vegas good night guys.

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