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Some impressions before starting my tour. Time + Tide Miavana is possibly the most exclusive resort on the planet. Time + Tide Miavana can only be reached by helicopter. The resort uses its own privately owned Robinson R66 helicopters for transfers. Miavana also operates heli flights from/to Diego Suarez airport, which tpke appund. Flight time from Nosy Be to the resort is one hoi. The landscapes enroute are stunning. The property is located on a remote island, off the north east coast of Madagascar. Time + Tide Miavana comes into view.

The sensational island offers clear waters, pristine beaches, and untouched wilderness. The helipad is a short buggy ride from the reso. All guests get their own golf cart to get around the expansive resoi. Let’s tour Time + Tide Miavana’s main pavilion. The magnificent beachfront public area is referred to as the ‘village’ or1. The village is located at the heart of the resort It houses a stylish dining room, bar, and stunning swimming pool. The 4 m (13 ft) high walls are complemented by pergolas & palm-leaf. The piazza features imposing stone walls and gates. The 4 m (13 ft) high walls are complemented by pergolas.

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The piazza’s central stage is an open-air lounge. Seemingly floating on a clear-blue water pond, this lounge doubles as a dining area. Miavana features an incredible decor & architecture. The resort is designed by Johannesburg-based architects Silvio Rech & Lesley Carstens. Rech and Carstens have also designed other hotels . This includes top Botswana camps (Jao & Mombo) and iconic North Island Seychelles. Rech and Carstens have also designed other hotels. For Miavana, Rech & Carstens choose for an airy design. The result is a rare blend of barefoot beach luxury and mid-century modernism. The minimalist elegance is counterbalanced by a few sprinkles of turquoise. The decor features neutral tones of ivory and light brown.

Time + Tide Miavana’s design reflects an island vibe. The natural elements of water, sand and air merge elegantly with the resort’s interior. This is the resort’s sole restaurant. Most meals are served al fresco though (weather permitting). The resort has its own in house expert sommelier Sommelier will hand select the perfect wine to pair with any dish. Time + Tide Miavana is an all-inclusive resort. Rates include all meals, select wines, top shelf spirits, & standard bar drinks. Other extras are included in the rate as well. This includes private butler service and select island activities.

Miavana is located on the island of Nosy Ankao The island is the largest of five islands in Madagascar’s Ankao archipelago. It offers turquoise Indian Ocean waters, pristine beaches, and untouched. Nosy Ankao is pure paradise. It offers turquoise Indian Ocean waters, pristine beaches, and untouch. The island’s one small village lost its entire population In the 1980s, they ate turtle meat which was poisoned by seasonal algae. in me iy«us, they ate turtle meat which was poisoned by seasonal algae. In the 1990s the island was used by ‘pirates’. Drug lords made use of the island’s remote setting as a way to avoid police. Police eventually cleared the island of criminals Today, the mysterious island is home to the world’s most exclusive resort.

I museum (shown here). heritage of the island & Madagascar. Miavana’s piazza features a small museum . It holds a beautiful collection that celebrates the heritage of the island &. The museum is called ‘Cabinet de Curiosites. I’ll have a look inside this private museum at the end of this post. Miavana means ‘to reconcile’. The resort – which took four years to be built – opened in 2017. Have you ever stayed at Time + Tide Miavana?. If so, what was your experience? Leave a comment. One side of the piazza features a bar. The bar, which mimics a ruined fort, comes with a rooftop terrace. Miavana is managed by Time + Tide.

This ultra-luxe company operates amazing properties in Zambia & Madagascar. One of Time + Tide’s founders was Norman Carr. Carr (1912-1997) was a leading British wildlife figure. Carr started his career as a ranger in Zambia. He opened the park to the public and used fees to protect the wildlife & communities. Carr is widely regarded as the pioneer of walking safa. He also paved the way for conservation tourism, working hand in hand with locals. Time + Tide Miavana is owned by Thierry Dalais. Mr Dalais is a Johannesburg born financier from an old French-Mauritian family. Mr Dalais has known Madagascar all his life. He was also the original owner of North Island in the Seychelles . North Island is one of the world’s most exclusive. It was the honeymoon spot of Prince William and Kate Middleton in 2011. North Island is one of the world’s most exclusive resorts.

Miavana has a lot of North Island Seychelles in its DNA. It has the same owner and was designed by the same team as North Island. Miavana also shares the same values as Nort. As on North Island, sustainability is at the core of Miavana. Miavana also shares the same values as North Island. The property runs entirely on solar and generator power Only local and eco-friendly materials were used to build it. A portion of the rate is used to help the local community. Several homes are upgraded with fresh water, flush toilets & showers. Environmental protection is central to Miavana’s mission. This comprises restoration of the island’s natural vegetation by planting 70,000 palm trees. Top 10 travel lists, reviews of hotels & flights, contests, news and tips.

Each Saturday, I publish a new Youtube post. It features either a hotel review or a flight trip report in Business or First Class. The resort has 14 supremely luxurious beach villas. These all pool villas offer one, two and three bedrooms. The steel-framed villa features a low profile ext It is topped by conical towers clad in hand-cut stone. The villa features a light and contemporary decor. The interior fuses influence taken from Malagasy tradition with chic modern design. The design evokes castaway luxury at its finest. Colors bring a playful island vibe to the mid-century modern architecture.

This is the villa s elegant master bedroom. Its decor features hand dyed textiles, Malagasy wood and local stone. The room’s curtains are inspired by the ocean’s depths. They feature a deep aqua color, graduating down to lighter shades of blue and white. The room’s curtains are inspired. They feature a deep aqua color, graduating down. I by the ocean’s depths to lighter shades of blue and white. The villa is also naturally cooled during the day and at night by a sea brei. The king size bed is fitted with its own air-con unit. The villa is also naturally cooled during the day and at night by a sea breeze. The master bedroom has an open plan bathroom. It is equipped with a shower, daybed, his and her washbasins, and a soaking bathtub.

The bathroom gives way to an outdoor walled spaSe It features an outdoor shower (in addition to the indoor shower). This is the bedroom’s toilet. There’s also a second lavatory near the villa’s study room (shown later). The indoor shower is housed in a unique turreted space Local, hand cut stones with the color of seashells accent the walls. Local, hand cut stones with the color of seashells accent the walls. Terres d’Afrique toiletries are provided. These sustainably developed organic skincare products are uniquely African. Each villa has a study room. This space can be converted into a children’s bedroom.

The study room has an extra bathroom. It is equipped with one sink, a shower, toilet, and dressing area. Taco Villa also has a well-stocKed Kitchenette. This allows Miavana’s dedicated butler teams to prepare delicious in-villa dinners. The villa has an expansive white-washed deck. The deck features lounge and dining areas, as well as a private plunge pool. The villa is beyond sensational. It’s one of the most amazing villas I have ever stayed at. Miavana ranks among my favorite beach resorts. It’s on the same level as North Island (Seychelles) or Soneva (Maldives & Thailand). This stand-alone pavilion houses a second bedroom -I won’t show it, but it is similar in layout and design to the master bedroom.

Time + Tide Miavana calls Madagascar its home Madagascar is one of the most unique and biodiverse places on earth. Madagascar was once part of Gondwana. This supercontinent is thought to have formed 500 million years ago.. Madagascar split from Gondwana 90 million years ago. Shrouded in myth, the island has been on its own since then. Madagascar has evolved intc. It has an astonishing mix of fascinating wildlife. Madagascar has evolved into a unique destination It has an astonishing mix of fascinating wildlife and amazing landscapesI. The villa offers direct access to the beach. The entire island is fringed by a pristine sugar-white sandy beach. The water in front of the villas is shallow. It is safe for swimming and water activities. Nosy Ankao forms part of a marine space. Along with the adjacent mainland, it makes up the Loky Manambato Protected Area.

Let’s explore Miavana’s glorious powder-soft beach. Strolling along the untouched beach is a pure delight. The lagoon around the island is full of life. Guests can snorkel or dive the surrounding reef or venture out deep-sea fishing beyond it. Dolphin watching is possible from October to May. Humpback whales can be spotted between July and October. Four species of turtle are found in these waters. They can be seen nesting between May and mid-July. The villas are also well positioned to watch the sunset. Miavana’s great staff prepares sundowners and cocktails to match the ambiance.

Dinner is served in the main pavilion. Created to savor the seasons and delight the palate, every meal is a cell. Let’s explore Nosy Ankao island by q The island features stunning beaches, a local village, The island features stunning beaches, a local village, and an abandoned lighthouse. Guided treks in the island’s local forest are offered. The forest is home to the crowned lemur, Madagascar’s most iconic animal. Nosy Manampaho is a deserted island. It is fringed by coral reefs, a stunning beach and swaying palms. Miavana offers romantic picnics at Nosy Manampaho. The resort can even organize a sleepover under the stars on this stunning island. Let’s return to the resort. The ‘Cabinet de Curiosites’ is the resort’s equivalent of a museum, The Cabinet honors Madagascar’s legacy. It’s a collection of cultural artefacts and natural wonders from around Madagascar. Time to say goodbye.

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