Taj Lake Palace Hotel Udaipur, India

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Taj Lake Palace Hotel Udaipur, India

Taj Lake Palace is India’s most famous and iconic five star hotel

The Taj Lake Palace Hotel offers airport transfers. The drive from the airport to the hotel takes around 45 minutes. The arrive at the hotel’s welcome pavilion. The pavilion is located south of Udaipur’s biggest attraction, the City Palace. We arrive at the hotel’s welcome pavilion. offers a first glimpse of Taj Lake Palace on a tiny island in the middle of Lake Pichola. The views of the hotel along the way are spectacular. Taj Lake Palace seems like a marble fantasy floating magically on Lake Pichola.

LaKe Hanoi is an artificial freshwater laKe. Because of the magnificent hotel, it is one of India’s most popular sightseeing attractions. The lake was built in 1362 AD by a Banjara tribesman He used the lake to transport grain during the reign of Maharana Lakh. Arrival at Taj Lake Palace’s boat dock. Floating in tranquil luxury, the hotel is a world apart from the city’s hustle & bustle. In front of the hotel entrance is a terrace with marble floor. The terrace offers a great view of Udaipur, India’s most beautiful and romantic city . The terrace offers a great view of Udaipur, India’s most beautiful and romantic city . Udaipur is set amidst the Aravalli Ranges.

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The city was founded in 1553 by Maharana Udai Singh II as the new. Let’s explore the Taj Lake Palace’s public areas. The hotel’s elegant interiors retain much of the original palace charm. This is the hotel’s elegant lobby. Check-in and check-out is done here by the well trained hotel staff. The lobby features several sitting areas. There’s a shopping arcade on the side (which I’ll explore later in this post). The palace comprises several salons and courtyards. Connected by arched galleries, these spaces house lounges, bars, and restaurants.  Let’s delve into the history of Taj Lake Palace. The property is a former summer palace of the royal dynasty of Mewar. The palace was built between 1743 and 1746. Its construction was ordered by Maharana Jagat Singh II of the Mewar dynasty.

Maharana Jagat Singh II built the palace for his pleasure. He used the palace to reside with his ladies and to host parties full of opulence & mystery. The palace was initially called Jagniwas afterTtsfouijder. The successive Maharanas of Udaipur kept using this palace as their summer resort. In 1857, the palace was used as an asylum . During the first rebellion against British rule, several European families fled to. His staff destroyed all the town’s boats so that the rebels could not reach them. island.

By the early 20th century, time and weather had taken their toll on the water palace. In the 1950s, the palace was converted into a hotel. Initially, the hotel was managed by the members of the Mewar dynasty. In 1971, Taj Hotels took over management of the hotel. The palace was renovated and 75 extra rooms were added. Taj is one of the leading hotel brands in India — The brand is recognized for its warm & intuitive service and its palace hotels. The brand is recognized for its warm & intuitive service and its palace hotels. The group is also active in Bhutan, Maldives, South Africa, USA, and other countries. Today, Taj operates dozens of hotels in India. Taj Lake Palace gained massive popularity in th. The worldwide glory of the hotel was enhanced during Hollywood movies.

Taj Lake Palace gained massive popularity in fae. The hotel was featured in the Bond post Octopussy . In the movie, the palace is only populated by women. Since its feature in the Bond movie, the hotel has become an iconic attraction in India. Taj Lake Palace is very popular among the jetset. The property has hosted hundreds of dignitaries and celebrities over the years. In 2018, the hotel also hosted a famous weddi. Mukesh Ambani’s daughter Isha Ambani married real estate giant Anand . Oil-and-telecom tycoon Ambani is India’s richest. The week-long wedding was one of the world’s most expensive extravaganzas t. Taj Lake Palace has 65 sumptuously decorated rooms. There are also 18 grand suites, located in some of the oldest parts of the palace.

All rooms & suites have beautiful lake views. They all feature traditionally inspired regal Rajasthani furniture. I was upgraded to this amazing suite during my visit. Room category: Grand Royal Suite. This particular suite is called Mayur Mahal. Mayur Mahal is translated as Peacock Palace. There are several peacock paintings in the suite. The peacock is the national bird of India and a symbol of grace, joy, beauty, and love. The suite is very spacious. It features an entrance hall, sitting area, grand bedroom, and ensuite bathroom. Next to the bed is a cozy sitting area. A gorgeous swing bed hangs from the ceiling. The suite features colored glass window panels. They playfully change the mood in the room with the shifting sunrays.

The suite looks out over Lake Pichola and the hills. Another palace can be seen at the horizon (Jag Mandir or Garden Lake Palace). The suite exudes a regal ambience. It features marble floors, exotic carpets, and exquisite Rajasthani artwork. Tip: get free VIP perks when booking via Virtuoso. This includes a room upgrade, daily breakfast, and one lunch or dinner (link below post). Guests can stay for free at Taj Lake Palace Hotel This possibility is offered via the Taj Hotel Group’s loyalty program “InnerCircle”.

Guests earn InnerCircle points with stays at Taj Hotels. Those points can be redeemed for free stays at Taj Hotels, including Taj Lake Palace. The bathroom is equipped with:. Double vanity, Jacuzzi, and separate shower & toilet cubicles. The bathroom is stocked with high-end toiletries. The toiletries are daily replenished. The Jacuzzi overlooks the lake. Screens guarantee total privacy :-). Let’s explore the hotel’s leisure facilities. There’s a lovely (if a little small) outdoor courtyard pool, lined by sun loungers. I publish 3 newsletters per week about luxury travel. Top 10 travel lists, reviews of hotels & flights, contests, news and tips. Each Saturday, I publish a new YouTube post. It features either a hotel review or a flight trip report in Business or First Class.

The pool is surrounded by lovely lattice work arcades. They offer terrific views of Udaipur’s City Palace across Lake Pichola. Around the corner of the pool courtyard is a spa Called Java Spa, the facility offers a blend of classic and locally inspired therapy. Called Java Spa, the facility offers a blend of classic and locally inspired therapies. Let’s return to the reception area. Next to the lobby is a shopping arcade which mimics a traditional Indian b;. One of the hotel’s most beautiful areas is its roof. It features several terraces which offer sublime views of Lake Pichola and Uc. Taj Lake Palace offers round-the-clock butler service.

The butlers can arrange romantic private dinners on the roof or in the courtyards. Dining with a view of the City Palace is unforgettable. I’ll explore the City Palace – Udaipur’s most famous attraction – at the end of this post. The hotel offers a stunning view of the sunset. There are many beautiful spots on the roof and terrace to enjoy the sunset. Traditional dance is performed daily at sunset. There is some more entertainment to be enjoyed at the central courtyard (shown later). An incredible spectacle takes place just after sunset. Thousands and thousands of flying foxes (Indian giant bats) fly over the lake at dusk.

Beautifully lit, the palace hotel feels like a fantasy place straight out of a fairy tale. Local dance groups perform in me noires courtyard. It’s a great setting to start the evening and to enjoy a pre-dinner drink. Local dance groups perform in the hotel’s courtyard ‘. Let’s have dinner at the hotel’s Neel Kamal Restaurant. This fine dining venue serves authentic flavors of the royal cuisine of Udaipur. Our breakfast offering features a selection of cereals, juices and fruits from the cold display and items on order..


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