Monastero Santa Rosa Amalfi Coast Italy

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Monastero Santa Rosa Amalfi Coast Italy

Monastero Santa Rosa is a PHENOMENAL hotel

The property – one of my all time favorites – is dramatically poised over the Amalfi Coast

The hotel is housed in a former 17th-century monastery. A few impressions before starting my tour of this extraordinary and ultra luxurious hotel. The magnificent hotel is perchec. It’s located in the sleepy fishing village of Conca De. Monastero Santa Rosa hovers between sea and sky Its rock base evokes the robe of a king. The historic property cascades down the hill. Four levels of lush gardens feature lush landscaping and a fabulous infinity pool. Infinity pools don’t come more dramatic than here.

I take a dip in the pool – easily the most stunning one along the coast – later in this post. Despite its massive size, the hotel has only 20 rooms. As shown later in this post, the rooms and suites rank among the most beautiful in the. Monastero Santa Rosa is not part of a hotel chain. IMHO, it would be a perfect match as an Aman hotel (I wonder why it isn’t an Aman). Tour of the hotel’s lobby and communal areas. The hotel entrance is marked by a discreet tiled sign. A beautifully restored fresco of Maria and Jesus greets the guests. The property is located adjacent to a small chd. The church’s interior is currently being renovated (shown later in this post?

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The hotel is housed in a 17th-century monastery. It has been affectionately and respectfully restored into an extraordinary boutique hotel. The hotel lacks a formal lobby. The reception & concierge area is located in a salon of the former monastery. Upon arrival, guests are whisked away to a terrace. Here, you get a full view of the hotel’s splendor, the terraced gardens and the blue sea. The 17th century property has an amazing history. The monastery came to life through the ambition of Sister Rosa Pandolfi. Sister Rosa Pandolfi was a descendant of a rich family. She funded the monastery’s construction on the most dramatic promontory of Conca dei Marini.

The convent was completed in 1681. The monastery was dedicated to the glorious St. Rose of Lima. The sisters became renowned for their aforementioned baking skills and their apothecary. The nuns contributed to the local community. In the 1800s, the nuns were removed from their home. Following the laws of eviction, the convent was handed over to the municipality. This small prayer room reminds us of the hotel’s history. The monastery’s original atmosphere remains ever present. In the 1900s, the building was purchased by a hotelier. Recognizing the histone value, Mr Marcussi transformed the convent into a hotel in 1924. The Caterina family ran the hotel for three generations. However, after the death of the Caterina family, the property was closed and fell apart.

Fortunately, This is beautiful. The turning point for the property came in 2000. USA citizen Bianca Sharma sighted the imposing building while on vacation at Amalfi. Instantly captivated, Bianca bought the property. She led a decade-long process of restoring the monastery into an ultra-luxe hotel. Hotel Monastero Santa Rosa (re)opened in 2012. The first guests were Prince Albert and Princess Charlene from Monaco. The hotel achieved instant world-wide fame. Guests come here for the superlative views, decor, gardens, gastronomy and. This is the hotel’s so-called ‘sunset terrace’. This zen-space is located at the end of the corridor on the hotel’s highest. The terrace offers a full panorama on three sides. The incredible views stretch from Amalfi to Positano.

The sunset terrace features a bright decor. The colourful cushioned lounges echo the kaleidoscope of colors along . Let’s have another look from the welcome balcony. I keep repeating myself but the sensational views are simply breathtaking. Let’s have another look from the welcome. I keep repeating myself but the sensational views are simply breast. Monastero Santa Rosa has only 20 rooms and suites Each room is named for an herb that the nuns used in making their medicines. I stayed in this SPECTACULAR suite during my visit Room category: sea view deluxe open space suite (also called the ‘laurus’ suite). This suite is the only one of its kind in the hotel. Once a nun’s refectory, the open-plan room reflects and preserves its heritage. This suite is the only one of its kind in the hotel Once a nun’s refectory, the open-plan room reflects and preserves its herit.

The suite features a spacious, separate living, Its elegant ambiance is graced by timeless Italian antiques and vaulted . The interior was created by a local Neopolitan designer. Although the suite is lavishly furnished, the focus remains on the stunning vistas. This is one of the best hotel beds I have ever slept in The green-and-gold, antique-framed king-size bed features a remarkable design ‘. The green-and-gold, antique-framed king-size bed features a remarkable design. The bathroom features dark wood and Jerusalem stone. It comes with a separate walk-in shower and soaking tub for relaxing baths. The bedroom has ample closet space. A stylish closet partition separates the bedroom from the living room. I instantly fell in love with this suite.

Some more impressions of this stunning accommodation I cannot help myself. Let’s explore now the monastery’s lower floors. These feature the restaurant, bar, gardens, spa, outdoor fitness, and pool area. Cocktails are made from fruits & herbs from the gardens. The hotel’s signature cocktail is the Red Basil Daiquiri. Monastero Santa Rosa features a stunning spa. The nuns of the former monastery made fragranced lotions, healing creams and balms. The Italian heritage. The so-called ‘Thermal. of bathing is well represent. Suite’ consists of a collection of interconnects.

The Thermal Suite features a rock sauna and hydro pool. There’s also a crushed ice fountain to refresh between thermal bathing. The steam room is set in a domed aromatic salon. Access to all the spa facilities is complementary to in house guests. The spa has a stunning double-height vaulted Tepidarium. The Tepidarium includes pomegranate infused foot spas & heated mosaic loungers. This is the spa’s. The stunning double height . This is the spa’s most exceptional treatment room. The stunning double height vaulted space has a surface of more than . It is more like a ‘private spa within a spa’.

It features its own steam room, double wet & dry treatment couches, and garden terrace. Let’s continue the tour of the property. The gardens are a semi-tropical paradise in the tradition of grand palatial Italian villas. The gardens are a masterpiece of landscape design They descend from the bar and spa through a series of multilevel casciaro terraces. The gardens offer sweeping panoramic views. From every angle, a new perspective of the Amalfi Coast and Bay of Salerno is revealed. The gardens are superbly manicured and maintained. The terraces are gracefully connected by interwoven stairways and free-flowing passage. The heavenly scents create a fragrant paradise. Each terrace presents stylish, comfortable areas to relax and soak the day away.

Time for a dip in the vanished-edge infinity pool. Unquestionably, this pool is the most dramatic and precipitous of the entire Amalfi Coast. The pool is sculpted into the hotel’s rock-base cliff. The fresh water infinity pool blends into the sea, disappearing between the horizons. Pool-side lunch. Chicken sandwich and pasta carbonara. Chef Bob’s insatiable love affair with food is reflected in the exquisite dishes on the menu. Breakfast is served on the pergola shaded dining Terrace. Breakfast can also be served in the comfort of your room on silver trays.

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