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Institute of Spanish Studies, El Bachiller 13, 46010 Valencia (®96 36 96 168; www.spanish-studies. Com). Located in Valencia. Offers a range of courses in history, Spanish language, and literature.

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Students live with host families.

Don Quijote, PI. San Marcos 7, 37002 Salamanca (®923 26 88 60; www. Don- quijote. Org). Offers Spanish language courses for all levels in Barcelona, Granada, Madrid, Malaga, Salamanca, Seville, and Valencia. Jobs to finance the next leg of their travels. International English-language news papers, such as the International Herald Tribune ( Com), often list long- and short-term job opportunities in their classifieds sections.

Acquiring the appropriate work permits will be much easier for EU citizens than for others. Non-EU citizens planning to work in Europe must carefully research country-specific requirements and limitations before their departure.


Trabajos, (www.trabajos. Com). Provides job listings for all regions of Spain.


CIAL Centro de Linguas, Av. De Republica, 41-8° Esq. 1050-187 Lisbon (®217 940 448; www.cial. Pt). Portuguese language courses for all levels in Lisbon and Faro.


French-American Chamber of Commerce (FACC), International Career Development Programs, 1350 Ave. Of the Americas, 6th fl. New York, NY 10019, USA (s212-765- 4460). Offers Work In France programs, internships, teaching, and public works.

Agence Nationale Pour I'Emploi (ANPE), 4 impasse d'Antin, 75008 Paris (®01 43 59

62 63; www.anpe. Fr). National employment agency has offices throughout France. Com prehensive website with specific info on employment opportunities.

Centre d'lnformation et de Documentation Jeunesse (CIDJ), 101 quai Branly, 75740 Paris (®01 44 49 12 00; www.cidj.asso. Fr). An invaluable state-run youth center provides info on education, employment, and careers. English spoken. Jobs are posted on the bulletin boards outside. Open M, W, F 10am-6pm; Tu and Th 10am-7pm; Sa 9:30am-lpm.

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