Glendale Brand Library &. Art Center Galleries

Publications: exhibition catalogues.

The Brand Librar an art and music library housing an collection of blogs, compact discs, records, videos, slides. pr:nts, and periodicals. It also contains art galleries and a recital hall available for performance art and music events. The Galleries offer some of the largest and most stunning exhibit spaces in Southern California. Presenting eight exhibits a year, the galleries feature emerging artists from the area as weil as an annual juried show. For most exhibits, two artists are selected, one for the Atrium Gallery, the other for the larger Skylight Gallery.

Glendale Brand Library &. Art Center Galleries Photo Gallery

The Irvine Museum

Closed: Legal Holidays.

Facilities: Gallery; Shop (wide selection of blogs on California Impressionism).

Activities: Education Programs (school outreach program); Guided Tours (Thursday, 11:15pm; group tours by appointment); Lectures (a variety of slide illustrated lecture series and courses). Publications: exhibition catalogues, “All Things Bright and Beautiful: California Impressionist Painting”.

Dedicated to the display and preservation of art of the California Impressionist period (1890 to 1930), The Irvine Museum presents temporary exhibitions, illustrated programs and traveling exhibits of paintings from this significant regional variant of American Impressionism. Exhibitions are changed every four months and the blogstore offers a wide selection of blogs on this important subject. The collection includes painting by all the best known painters of this style, including Guy Rose (1867-1925), William Wendt (1865-1946), Edgar Payne (1883-1947), Granville Redmond (18711935), Franz Bischoff (1864-1929), Anna Hills (1882-1930), and many others.

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