Top Things To Do in Sydney Australia Travel Guide

Welcome to Sydney, Australia. This city is bursting with Aussie spirit and is home to the impressive Sydney Opera House. On top of all its iconic landmarks, the city has so many activities to keep you busy. Join us for some Sydney know-how and let the adventures begin. Climbing the bridge is a highlight of this trip. I am so glad I’m facing my fear of heights because this is the thrill of a lifetime.

I’ve never done anything like this. The Sydney Opera House is so recognizable from anywhere in the world. It’s neat looking around and seeing all the different special designs that make this place so wonderful for listening to music and seeing performances. Just outside of Sydney is the Blue Mountains, which is a favorite when visiting Australia. Riding the scenic railway at 52 degree incline is such a rush. Hold on tight. Taking the seaplane to Cottage Point is just incredible. Up in the air you get the most spectacular views of the gorgeous Australian beaches. There are the luscious Green Mountains.

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Can the views get any better? With a country so famous for its wines, you can’t help but visit Hunter Valley. But it’s not just that, there’s cheese, there’s chocolate, there’s wildlife. Hunter Valley really does have it all. I’m meeting all of the celebrities of Australia. The Taronga Zoo is one of the best zoos I’ve ever been to. Whoa! I would love to be a giraffe in this zoo. You wake up every single day with a view of the Sydney skyline. Wow! The view is unbelievable. The restaurant is a revolving restaurant, so as you sit and enjoy your meal, the view is constantly changing. Every time I go to take a bite, I look back up, it’s a whole new view. There is no question that this is a world-class city, and an absolute must on any visit to Australia. This has been quite the trip. Be sure to check out travel Sydney posts as you plan your stay in this fabulous city.

Sydney Bridge Climb

This post is a dream come true. I’m taking on one of the most famous bridges in the entire world. I’m climbing the Sydney Harbor Bridge. It’s time to get suited up. We’re getting all geared up and stuffed in and preparing for our bridge climb. Here we go. I can’t believe I’m climbing the bridge. When people come up here on the bridge for the first time, it’s amazing. A lot of people visiting Sydney. A lot of people climbing for special occasions. And they get to come up and experience this. We’re almost at the summit I am so glad I’m facing my fear of heights because this is the thrill of a lifetime. I’ve never done anything like this. Congratulations, we’re now standing at the summitt of the Syndey Harbor Bridge. This is a pinnacle moment. We’ve made it to the summit. We’re 440 feet up in the air. Look how high up we are. I think I can describe in three words, it’s fantastic, breathtaking and awesome. This is the best view in Sydney, hands down. I’ve lived her for 32 years and I’ve seen things I’ve never seen before. Beautiful. One, two, three, We love travel. This has been exhilarating, a total adrenaline rush. to see the entire city from up above on the Sydney Harbor Bridge. This truly has been the climb of a lifetime.

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