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Broadway is perhaps the most well-known Street in New York. And also the longest is 38 km long cutting through the island of Manhattan. Originally a highway straight as an arrow had been planned, obstinate Dutch Alderman back, then didn’t allow trees to be cut down or whole buildings to be destroyed.

It’s so Broadway became a bit more Jackie Snaking its way along. Those who think the whole road is surrounded by theaters are mistaken, the world famous Broadway itself is only the section between 42nd and 66th. The nicest example of the young Munoz architectural style is a city hall. The Neo Gothic style is represented by the Trinity Church Samples of post-civil war architecture can be seen around Union Square, but Art Nouveau and modernism are also represented.

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Let’s go Central Park the lungs of Manhattan. The area of the totally rectangular-shaped Park is 340 hectare. It extends for kilometers between 59th and 110th Street City leaders have been playing with the idea for years of having a place in the middle of the increasingly crowded Manhattan Island. Suitable for rest and relaxation with green fresh air in green to ECI. The plan of Frederick Olmsted and Calvert Finally came true but 1870, The amount of work it took to clear, the area from rocks is artificial legs were created plants were set statues erected. It’s to build As well as sports grounds and open air stage, and eateries the employees its surrounding office building like to spend their lunch time in the park.

Munching on a sandwich, hot dog or donut. Even today mounted policemen look after the order and safety of the park. One day isn’t enough to see the collection at the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s even superficially. On the two floors of the northern. Annex works of American artists at the 17th and 19th centuries are exhibit the Primitive tribal objects, that can be seen on the opposite side of the cupboard inner Courtyard Originated from New Guinea, and were bought by the young Rock. I donated the majority of the Egyptian collection to the United States in 1968, when the Aswan dam was the extraordinary building which is the Guggenheim Museum is Frank Lloyd Wright’s Most well-known creation. It is an organic Creation in one big space extended to one floor Set the planner Opened in 1984.

Central Park on Map of New York City

Central Park on Map of New York City

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